EXCLUSIVE: 1987 Chevrolet Suburban

When Reader Steve E saw this Suburban at an insurance auction last fall, he decided he just had to save it. Yes, it had damage, didn’t run and came with a salvage title, but it just looked so cool to let it go to the scrapper. So he bid on it and ended up winning it. He’s since done all the work to get it back on the road, fixed the body damage and has been driving it, but he’s decided to move it along. It’s located in Eugene, Oregon and Steve is asking $2,300.

Getting this 2-wheel drive Suburban back on the road took some work. The 5.0 V8 wasn’t running when he bought it, but with a new distributor, plugs, cap and rotor, and a new in-tank fuel pump he was able to get it to start right up. It’s now running smooth and quietly with no leaks or drips showing up on his driveway. The brakes, lights, wipers, and heater all work as they should, but the AC needs work. All the AC components are present with the belt on the pump but it doesn’t produce any cold air.

Tuning it up and getting running was probably the simple part of this project. The body had suffered damage to the passenger side, so Steve found a used fender and repainted it with the correct 1987 striping to get the front looking better. There is still damage on the back half, but it shouldn’t keep you from driving and enjoying this truck. If you are so inclined, you could fix the rest of the body damage and have this rig looking like new again!

Here is a closer look at the damage. Given how sharp that crease is, you’ll probably have to cut the panel out and replace it (at least that’s likely the easiest option). These rigs still show up in our local junkyards, so you could probably find replacement doors and sheet metal to fix this one.

The odometer is showing 8,800, but Steve is confident that it’s covered 108k miles. The interior looks to be in decent shape given its age and mileage. Steve notes that there is a minor split seam on the driver’s seat, but it looks good from here. He states that the rest of the interior looks really good. There’s a small crack in the dash where the radio speaker is, the headliner is missing and the rubber floor mats are showing their age but usable. It appears to be usable as is, but a headliner and new rubber mats would make this a place the whole family can enjoy.

Steve believes much of the paint is some original but there are thin spots and a few spots appear to have been redone. He believes there was some work done to the driver’s rear quarter and has been clear coated. The back is still wearing Valley View Ranch on the back, which is a cool touch.

Before you put many miles on it, you may want to install some new tires, as the ones that are currently installed are getting old. It also could use one of the tips on the dual exhaust. It’s otherwise ready to be enjoyed. Steve is including touch up paint in both red and beige, as well as new trim for the right rear wheel well. He has the title in hand and a bill of sale. So, if you’ve love to cruise around in this Suburban, be sure to contact Steve via the form below!

  • Asking Price: $2,300
  • Location: Coburg, Oregon
  • Title Status: Salvage

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    Wow a 5.0 in a Suburban, who knew? Looks to me like this would be the ultimate work truck. Haul your tools, lumber or paint, and $2300 seems like a gift to me.
    Still surprised at the engine size. I have had 4 Suburbans, mine were all big blocks. My current 2001, has the 8.1 and gets 9mpg. Maybe the 5.0 would get better?
    Regardless, I think this work horse is a bargain

    • Andre Joly

      Believe it or not in the square body ‘burbs (and earlier generations) the straight 6 was available.

  2. CapNemo

    I agree, at that price it would be a heck of a good work truck! Best of luck with it!

  3. Andre Joly

    Very reasonable price for a super reliable truck. Whether a work truck, hauler, or a toy to drive while you work on it there’s a ton of value. Nice buy for someone.

  4. Brett

    I would never buy a Suburban with a 302 and since when did GM ever make a 302? I thought they made 305’s and 350 V-8’s as well as a 250 inline 6. I had a 1982 short wheelbase truck with the same paint job and a 305. That engine was a dog with no power. I did, however, have a 76 Chevelle Malibu Classic with a 305 and that car ran really good!

    • stevee

      The decal under the hood states 5.0 liter. Ford called their 302 a 5 l, Gm called both the 305 and the 307 a 5.0 l. So, it just depends on the year and the builder. I was just going with what the decal said.

  5. Karl

    Always loved suburbans the only problem with owning them is you always end up driving because everyone and their gear fits. I always bought 3/4 ton 4 WD with the BBC because I was always loaded with gear and or pulling something fairly heavy. Great vehicles but that size engine is a deal breaker for me, put 10k behind that engine and you would not even move down hill.

  6. stillrunners

    Buy it now…..nice truck for the money….


    I don’t see mention of a 302 anywhere Brett, but Chevy did make a 302. for the 69 Z28 Camaro and they were 290 hp. But all I see in reference to this Suburban is the 5.0 which is as you stated the 305 Cu in engine. Granted, they weren’t that popular of an engine, because they weren’t a powerhouse, but they were reliable, and inexpensive to maintain. Much like the 307 engines of the late 60’s, not popular with hot rodders, but still a solid engine
    Hope that helps.

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