EXCLUSIVE: Massive MG Barn Find Stash!

Reader Larry B’s warehouse liquidation continues! Today, he’s listing his stash of MGAs and MGBs. We featured his collection way back in 2014, you can read Jesse’s article on what might be the largest MG Barn Find ever here! In total, Larry has 28 MGs plus 15 storage racks full of parts. This collection is located in Larry’s warehouse in Quincy, Illinois and he’s asking $40,000 for all 28 cars and the entire MG parts collection!

From Larry – These cars and parts have been stored in a warehouse for more than 45 years. Quite a while ago, these were here on Barn Finds. There is a very large assortment of original MGA bumpers, front and rear fenders, hoods, trunk lids, engines, transmissions, rear ends, dashes, gauges, top irons, doors, glass, wire wheels, etc. The car’s bodies vary, with some being very straight to others needing complete restorations. 

Please Note: Some of the cars have clean titles while some of them do not have a title and can only be offered with a bill of sale. Whoever might purchase these, we can help with the loading of both the cars and the parts as we have a forklift available

Honestly, I’m trying to figure out how to come up with the money to buy and transport all these cars to Idaho! Not only would it be amazing to say you own what could be the single largest MG collection out there, but you would always have a cool project to work on. It seems like this really could be a great business opportunity for anyone that loves MGs and wants to specialize in them. You can find more photos of this hoard here on Fotki.

If you have any questions about these cars or would like to make Larry an offer, you can message him via the form below! So, if you were to buy this stash, what would you do with it? Would you start an MG business or would you build the cars for your own personal use? Think, you could have an MG for almost every day of the month!

  • Asking Price: $40,000
  • Location: Quincy, Illinois 62301
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Larry

    For another 10k, I will throw in a nice straight and solid 1960 MGA Roadster and a mostly restored 1962 MGA MK II Coupe with a completely rebuilt 1622 engine. By the way, yesterday I sold the 1939 MGVA Tickford Right Hand Drive 3 postion Cabriolet. She is headed back to England.

  2. OhU8one2

    If only I could come up with the 40G’s, I would be all in on this deal. Although I don’t see any TwinCam MGA’s, and they all look like roadsters. A few coupes and “B” GT’s would sweeten the deal.

    • Larry

      There are (2) MGA Coupes and (2) MGB GT Coupes

  3. Ken Smith

    Looks like a good buy to me – If only I had the space to store them and was about 40 years younger!

  4. Bob Cabaniss

    Any right side drive MGA’s in the lot?

    • Larry

      This last Thursday, I sold a 1939 MGVA Tickford Right Hand Drive 3-Position Cabriolet.

  5. Green

    I bet you my uncle probably worked on most of these cars.See he use to be an MG dealer in New York back in the day when the MG hey day back in the 60 and70s man what a treasure.I wish that I had the money I would buy them all and bring down south and rebuild everyone of them drive every car and just love them as the great little sports cars.glwts.peace

  6. Lbpa18

    Wow. All 28 for the price of one used Porsche. Really does sound like a good deal. Transport would add quite a bit but the potential strikes me as huge. Good luck.

  7. TimM

    Seems like a good deal!! I’m sure with 28 cars there’s enough parts and pieces to get at least a half dozen runners!! If not that it could be a big MG e-bay sale for people looking for the right parts for there ride!!

  8. Houquet johan

    Hello ,
    I am from belgium And on my holiday in SAN fransisco in 1997 i hav seen the same storage of Mg s in a industrie aria warehouse . I dont remember where .

    • Larry

      They are in a climate controlled one block long warehouse in Quincy, IL 62301

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Cool – he must realize he might not “get to them” .

  10. Tom Deutsch

    Tried contacting you to see about purchasing a car

    • Larry

      Tom, I am now online. I was out of town for the weekend

      • Tom Deutsch

        Sending a note, thanks

  11. John B.

    Finally, a guy who knows how to store future collectibles. Unlike people who store them outside for prolonged periods, Larry has IMO “nailed it”.

  12. CJ

    Several lifetimes of projects for the lucky buyer. There are a few other non-MG cars in the older warehouse pictures…are they part of the sale…Noticed an Edsal…

    • Larry

      They are not a part of the MG sale, but there are other vehicles that are for sale

  13. Larry

    Additional photos can be seen at http://collectorcars.fotki.com

  14. Tom

    I don’t see many MGs at that site, never heard back from you either.

  15. Larry

    Tom-Scroll down and you will find over 250 photos of the MG’s. Call me at 573-541-1970

  16. Tom

    Nope, there’s one MGA out of all the cars listed no matter where you look or how far down your school. By the way-all of the other links such as about me etc. are broken as well.

    Oh well.

    • Larry

      Thats weird because I can see all of them and so can 21 other people. I would email you the photos but that would take about 20 emails so you could see all the photos

  17. Larry

    Then email me at collectorcarsandparts@yahoo.com You can also go back to the top of this ad and click on “here on fotki”

  18. Larry

    Price has been lowered down to $37,500 for everything


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