EXCLUSIVE: Ready To Drive 1976 Triumph TR6

What Makes It Special? Classic British Roadster for Sale!!! Great running TR with many new parts and overdrive. Looking for the fun of a roadster to be enjoyed as a daily reliable driver? This is the one for you! Here is a list of everything that is new: Radiator, Water Pump, Timing Chain, Hoses, Belts, Spark Plugs, Coil, Fuel Pump, Weber Carbs, Brake Servo, Master Cylinder, Clutch, Starter, Brakes Pads, Rotors, Drums, Shocks, Tie Rods, Ball Joints, Engine Mounts, Monza Exhaust, Wiper Motor, Washer pump, Wiper Blades, Dash, Carpet, Door Panels, Rear Wiring Harness, Trunk Liner and Sound system. There are a couple of small rust spots, Frame is Solid!

Top good, would be my next project to replace. Extra parts

Looks great and very reliable.

Enjoy the ride and the compliments!!

Serious Inquiries Only!! Cash Only!!
Local pick up only. No shipping. Read Less

Body Condition: There are some rust bubbles and hairline paint cracks, but it’s original! The top is good but would be my next project to replace. Extra parts

Mechanical Condition: With all the new parts installed, it’s now a very solid runner. Looks great and very reliable. It’s ready for you to enjoy the ride and the compliments!!
Serious Inquiries only, please. Local pick up. No shipping.

  • Asking Price: $12,000
  • Location: Aurora, Illinois
  • Mileage: 93,000
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: FM61292U

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    There are a couple of weird things about this listing. The VIN provided is for a 1977 Spitfire and the bumpers on a 1976 TR6 should have the rubber bumper riders front and back.

  2. peter r

    Why do people say only local pick up? Do they really want to limit potential buyers to those within driving distance? Frankly once the cash is in the bank, what difference does it make if it is loaded on the buyer’s trailer or one belonging to the transport company?

  3. Howard A

    Dang, why didn’t I buy one 20 years ago for $3 grand when nobody wanted them. Looks like a nice car.

  4. Don

    They ARE a nice sportscar. Handle well, have great appeal, and that 6 cylinder has a really eager ‘pull’ to it. I own a 50,000 mile ’70 that lived it’s whole life in Southern California prior to 1980…. yes, I’ve owned it that long ! It has no rust because it’s never been run in winter or rain. Other than a bit of cowl shake that all British Roadsters exhibit, I have no issue with it being what it is: a light and sporty roadster with a tractor motor from two decades earlier. Even the quirky Lucas electrics have never left me stranded. These could be had with wire wheels and that is how mine was built and sold. I bought a set of steel wheels and caps and rings just to have, but have not put them on.

    For $12,000 this car may well be a bargain, even with it’s rust bubbles. Best wishes on a good sale !

  5. JMB#7

    Local pick-up simply because there are too many scammers out there. I sold a boat recently and it was ridiculous how many “distant buyers” acted interested and then ended up trying to to steal account # etc. Really wasted a lot of my time. Would be nice to see more pictures (but I am not a serious inquiry). I much prefer these Panasport style wheels over the wire wheels, for looks, for lighter weight, for performance, and for lower maintenance. Although they might serve a function, those rubber bumper thingies where uglier than anything, I would remove them as well.

  6. sluggo

    Maybe a better phrase is “Cash buyers, will assist YOUR shipper on loading, all other arrangements are buyers responsibility. Any other payments methods MUST clear bank before vehicle is released”. (Could add “In God we trust, all others pay cash”)
    There seems to be a lot of scammers who will send a legit company to do a pickup but sent a phony cashiers check or some sort of other sketchy payment scam.
    I wont give out my addy on stuff like this, But I know a guy who does and collects the phony checks and has them on the side of his fridge as trophies. Done this repeatedly and laughs at the scammers. What are they going to do? Call the police?
    One other option is if you have doubts, arrange for a meeting at the local sheriffs dept.
    I have sold to remote buyers before, but due diligence and CYA are the orders of the day. Some of the remote buyers were awesome to deal with so dont rule them out.
    I have a friend who bought a car from the Barnfinds staff a few years back, They seemed to think he was a scammer as he was actually working in the middle east at the time. It did (mostly) work out but they blew him off at first.

  7. peter r

    @Sluggo – I enjoy your writing on another site and appreciate your comments here.
    I usually both buy and sell remote so I am used to sending and receiving wire transfers which are money in the bank. So far, I’ve never had a problem. No concerns giving my banking information to someone who wants to buy one of my cars. The only thing he can do with that information is make a deposit and trust me to deliver. I always get a copy of the title before sending funds and it must show free of liens. Then I only send funds to an account with the same name as on the title. Not foolproof but has worked until now.

    I think sellers who refuse to do that leave out 95% or more of potential buyers.

    • sluggo

      thanks for the reply, Now I have to guess which other site! :) I too have an account setup to do international wire transfers, Sometimes bank security gets involved but so far so good. I used to use BofAmerica but they are terrible and should be shut down. TERRIBLE! So I do have a reputable bank I now deal with. I dont broker much anymore, But the threshold for the IRS is much lower these days so be careful out there! (Wink wink nod nod) I know another guy who was brokering vehicles for pay for an overseas dealer and he got in a audit and bind over it. Now days Paypal is reporting transactions as well, So, if a private seller or avid enthusiast, Use discretion, But I have worked with some really great people over the years in the US and international so, use caution, However overseas buyers can be a great experience so I agree with you. Dont limit your options. plus the wonders of the internet means you have a much broader audience and I cant that enough many people who have helped me out as well. (I have some obscure vehicle interests and many times the best resources are outside the US so quid pro quo! – Plus good karma!)
      ****** Ill add this, on parts deals, NEVER lie on customs forms and be careful on declared values. They NOW track this stuff and the fines and penalties are severe.
      But there is some tricks that are legal to use.


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