Factory Air: 1973 International 1110 Short Bed

This old pickup listed on craigslist in Galt, California appears to be a very original survivor. This could have been lovingly cared for and been repainted at some time or it could have been a barn find, but there’s no word in the ad. If it was repainted, they don’t seem to have painted over any rust. What is provided in the ad is a long list of repairs, rebuilds, and new parts. The seller describes his truck as unusual, perhaps because it is a 1110 or perhaps because it is so well optioned. The 1110 model has a solid I-beam front suspension like heavier duty models instead of the independent front suspension with torsion-bars in the 1100 pickup. The heavy duty suspension combined with the luxury options does seem odd.The short bed step side makes it more popular with most folks.

The inside looks very original. The seat is not the plain vinyl seat you’d expect to see but appears to be cloth. It is a very well optioned truck so perhaps that upholstery could be original. Someone has done a good job of matching the duck tape to the upholstery.

This is likely an International 304 CID V8. It is a well-optioned truck, so it could have anything up to a 392 CID. A few of these pickups even came with a 401 CID AMC V8. The new radiator appears to be aluminum. Along with the working AC, there’s also power steering and power brakes.

The bed looks well used but in surprisingly good condition with no dents. If this truck was resprayed it was done awhile ago and appears to have been done well.

If this truck is truly original it’s an amazing survivor. I would just clean up the surface rust on the hood and repair the rust around the windshield and drive it as it is. With all the work that’s been done, there shouldn’t be too many mechanical issues. The seat can be repaired well enough to be usable if not perfect. I hope whoever buys this truck keeps it just as it is. It’s not too far away from me, so if anyone is truly interested I’ll be glad to drop by and take pictures of anything you’d like to see.


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  1. Dave Wright

    To my old eyes……the carb looks like a 4 bbl. it is probably a 345. 304’s were less common in these newer trucks and they never put a 4 bbl on a 304. With all the options, I would expect a 345. Cloth seats were the norm but other upholstery was available. Great little truck. Automatic trans……..dual fuel tanks.

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  2. Frank Riggs

    I owned a ’73 Travalall with the 392. Very heavy duty, very well engineered and very well made………but thirsty. Did a lot of travel and camping in the upper Midwest. Still miss that old gal.

  3. Joe Haska

    I want this truck! It is just too cool! It could stop traffic with a few little tweeks, and be a fantastic driver. I don’t think I have ever seen one this nice.

  4. Dusty Stalz

    My dad had a ’70 1200 with the 345 2 barrel. Fleet side 2wd. That was a great truck. This ones nice as well.

    • Dave Wright

      345’s came with either a 2bbl or a 4bbl. All 392’s had 4bbls.

  5. Rock On Member

    I don’t see any feathers on the seat. I think that he patched it up with duct tape!

  6. RichS

    I live in Galt if anyone is serious about this truck. I wish it could come home with me.

  7. Pat Housel

    Line sheet says 345 ci

    • Dave Wright

      Line setting sheets are gold…….you have to have one with an IHC

  8. jwinters

    its called duct tape not duck tape.

  9. Howard A Member

    While I generally poo-poo the IH V8, good pickup or school bus motor, but didn’t cut it in a dump truck, I would absolutely love to have this truck. ’75 was the last year for pickups, but the Scout, I believe, soldiered on until 1980, when all light truck production was ended. I think, IH was the best truck made, ( not the toughest, Mack has THAT distinction), and these pickups were every bit as good as their larger units, but the public didn’t see it that way, and I bet one IH was sold, for every 100 Ford, GM, or Dodge trucks,, probably, because of a failing, shoddy dealer network. Be advised, unless you’ve driven something with a straight front axle recently, you may be disappointed. There’s a reason truck makers went with IFS, perhaps IH’s (pickups) biggest downfall. Great find.

    • duaney

      IHC light trucks up to one tons all received IFS in 1974.

  10. Danny

    “Duck” tape is a brand name. It is duct tape because it is used on air conditioning ducts.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Danny, funny, in all my years using duct tape, I don’t think I ever used it on an a/c or heater duct.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Not a good idea to actually use it on ducts. It dries up too easily.

  11. Tim

    Nice looking truck. Not a lot to do on it.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a vehicle with at least three different tires on it- can’t tell if there was a fourth!

  12. PaulG

    Nice unusual truck. Ad states original paint…

  13. Dan Farrell

    I had a 60’s travelall with 304 & granny 4 speed. I got 19 mpg on at trip from L.A. to Tahoe back when gas was gas.

  14. BeeMoe

    Nice truck, though I wouldn’t say that the step side was the most common then or the most desirable now.
    That rust under the windshield is at a weld seam and is very common. It’s also troubling. Rust perforation there allows water to get under the windshield rubber and into the cab, behind the dash and down to the floor. I’d want to see under the dash and that nice floor mat.

  15. Jim Morris

    So, if your a tall HVAC contractor, you have to duck to put the Duck duct tape on the ducts, right?

  16. DM DeLuka

    My father-in-law drove IHC binder trucks up to 1972 model 1110 ’til they quit working the jobs, not the truck. Great truck to just redo upholstery & repair rust, drive as it looks.

  17. chad

    “…used on ducts…”
    not any more
    Jim & Danny
    we got better stuff now

  18. Arthur Lepp

    Correction on the engine variant’s described by Barn Finds. I’ve been with an International Dealership for 37 years. The Trucks ceased production in 1976, in 1977 International developed their own new 404 or 446 Heavy duty engines. These were only used in the new S series heavy duty trucks/buses. They were never meant or used in the pickup or Scout line up. I’ve been to a museum in Auburn, Indiana in the late 80’s and saw a prototype of an all new fiberglass bodied Scout that never went into production. The plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana that built the pickup and Scout line-up was eventually mothballed. I might not have the exact timelines correct, but on the engine information I know I am correct.

  19. Kevin

    International made some stout pickups back in the day, and for a time, even held the #3 spot in sales. This body style, which began in 69, was the final nail in the coffin, and International’s last gasp in the light truck market. The bodies were flimsy, and the looks were less than enchanting. But who knows, they too, may find a place in the world of classics.

  20. Jubjub

    Saw this one for sale a while back. And I like it…a lot. If I lived at my potential, it’d be in my garage.

    These cabs were anything but flimsy. The doors shut with the quality of a Porsche or Mercedes.

    Average eyes always considered these ugly, but they’re quite elegant and the styling just gets better as time goes by. No uglier than the contemporaries from the big three except maybe the ’72 up Dodges.

  21. Matt P

    I’ve always wanted to take an older IH truck and do an engine swap to a DT466. I think that would be one sweet setup!

  22. Utes

    The option sheet says it’s a 345 V8.

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