Factory Sunroof! 1974 Dodge Dart Sport

The fourth generation of the Dodge Dart (1967-76) was its longest run and the most successful sales-wise. Demand picked up in 1971 when Dodge introduced the Demon (later called the Dart Sport), their version of the fastback Plymouth Duster. Other than the front clip and taillights, the cars were essentially the same. This 1974 Dart Sport is a bit unusual as it was built for export and has a manually operating factory sunroof. Located in Oregon, Wisconsin, this Dodge is available here on craigslist for $7,500.

Plymouth found they had an immediate hit when the Duster debuted in 1970. While it was a Valiant from the cowl forward, the rest of the car’s body treatment was new and attractive. It was targeted to take customers away from the Chevy Nova and Ford Maverick (and maybe the Mustang, too). Dodge quickly clambered for their version of the car and the Demon nameplate would have a two-year run. As the story goes, Dodge began getting heat about the name from religious leaders and took a less controversial route by changing the name to Dart Sport in 1973.

The seller’s ’74 edition was one of 23,225 built that year with a 318 cubic-inch V8. It also came with a 4-speed manual, which was less common than the 3-speed, and – as verified by the cowl tag – it has a factory sunroof. The engine, which we don’t know if original to the car, has been tricked out some, at least in the bling department, and has a 4-barrel carburetor now and maybe wearing the air cleaner off a Dart Sport 340. The seller says he was planning to clone this machine as a ’71 Demon but doesn’t mention how or why he was going to do this. To make any sense that would mean pulling the motor out and dropping in a 340.

We’re told this is a project car, which likely means redoing the interior and repainting the red exterior. At 70,000 miles, the Dodge is said to run well, so maybe everything under the hood is okay, and it should stop fine with its disc brakes. We don’t know how many of these cars came with sunroofs, but we’re guessing not all that many as the convertible was still a viable body style, although the Dart didn’t offer one. The seller doesn’t mention if it leaks but provides photos of the sunroof both open and closed, so it must work properly. Apparently, the car has been off the road for a while as all the tires need replacing.


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  1. AnalogMan

    I bet a sunroof, V8, and 4 speed combination make this a very rare car. 340 would be preferable but even with the 318 it should be a lot of fun to drive. The rust doesn’t look too bad from the photos, but of course some quality time spent crawling around underneath is called for. Looks like a doable project at a not crazy price for a fun car at the end.

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    • Dave

      1973 was the last year for the 340. This would have a 360 four-barrel.

  2. timothy r herrod

    it was the fall of 1980 i was out looking for a car that got better gas mileage that the 73 chevelle SS 454 auto that i was driving, 8 miles to the gallon was about the best i got with it but i did drive it pretty hard tho, anyway i looked at a duster that was just about like this one 318 4 speed, damn thing quit running on the test drive. Had to walk about a mile back to the car lot to get my car so i passed on that one. Some other kid did buy it and had a high speed crash with it and tore it up bad, the way that car looked i kinda doubt he made it

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    • joenywf64

      Probably was the ballast resistor on the 318.
      I can only imagine what a fully loaded ’73 full size pickup would get with that 454 & such driving habits. lol

  3. nycbjr Member

    Listing is gone!

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Seemed like a good deal.

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  4. Woody

    Still have my Demon/Dart Sport scoop just waiting for another chance to mount on the hood of car like this but I’m on the east coast.Other than the “shaker” hood I think these are the coolest looking scoop.Mopars always had the best dressed muscle cars!

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  5. Gary

    Friends of my parents bought one of these new, red white top and interior, sunroof, 318 auto, bucket seats, console and I want to say fold down rear seat? Pretty car but I always was a bigger motor is better guy, even at 12 years old. They were going through Amish country in mid east Ohio and a buggy came out into the road in front of them, they almost rolled it over as they swerved so hard to avoid hitting them. The Yoder’s drove on by and just stared at them,no assistance or care at all.

  6. Mark

    Can this seller or anyone else that has a manual Mopar sunroof send me a picture of the handle that opens and closes their sunroof?

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