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Family Heirloom: 1967 Chevy Corvette Stingray

It’s not often you can be a first time seller on eBay and wind up with a $90K bid on the listing. But if you’re selling what amounts to a family heirloom – in this case, a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray – well, the strong interest isn’t surprising. This Stingray listed here on eBay is said to be completely original and offered for sale by the third generation family owner, who is clearing out his father’s estate in Lodi, California. The Buy-It-Now is $120K and the seller is opening the storage area to inspect the car on January 27th. 

According to the seller, his grandfather purchased this Corvette new from Frank Loving Chevrolet in Silver Spring, Maryland, and it’s remained in his family’s possession ever since. It relocated to California shortly after purchase with two tops, a Powerglide, air conditioning and power windows / steering as optional equipment from the factory. Featuring the desirable 427, it’s fair to say this Stingray has a host of options most Corvette enthusiasts would find desirable.

The next best thing about this particular car is the originality. Panels haven’t been pulled off for repair and the interior hasn’t been messed with for some goofy stereo install. It helps that the ownership hasn’t changed hands too much, which likely meant grandad could tell his son not to mess with a good thing. The Corvette hasn’t run in ten years, so a full mechanical refresh will be needed along with trailering it from the storage unit it’s hiding in near or in Lodi. The seller is offering a one-day only inspection window, happening this Saturday.

All too often we see these pretty Stingrays pop up, looking like the stunners they are, but with non-matching numbers. Although the seller says it’s ready for restoration, I’m not sure I’d do anything other than get it running and make the basic life/safety improvements. I sure as hell wouldn’t touch the paint, and although I prefer manual transmissions, the Powerglide would suit me just fine in a car like this. Does anyone think the seller will get his Buy-It-Now number?


  1. craig

    That’s a pretty amazing car. Got a 90K bid already. I bet it wouldn’t take much to get it driving.

    • walt

      fresh gas

  2. Classic Steel

    Wowsa 427 million dollar priced
    inheritance but not przed 63 split window

    Sorry not an interesting car to me due to price ! Take it to. Barret Jackson get your inheritance money and divey up with family 😎🤑

    Make grandpa roll over in his grave as
    he liked it for a cool fun criser to take short drives and baby but not the cashcow !

    • Miguel

      I was thinking something similar.. The words ungrateful bast*** came to mind.

  3. gbvette62

    67 big blocks are the king of the hill, when it comes to Corvettes. There aren’t many original, unmolested ones out there, and they’re only original once, so he may get his Buy It Now price. Though I suspect the $90,000 bid may be a shill bid?

    The Powerglide might hurt it a little, but it’s not uncommon to find loaded (air, PS, PB, PW, Speed Warning speedo, etc) early Corvettes, with an automatic.

    As the hobby grows older, and finds itself living with bad knees, hips and backs, automatics don’t seem to be the detractor they once were.

  4. Crazyhawk

    It would’ve been worth more with the dirt left on it…BTW, every other car at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction was one of these. Thank goodness for DVR.

    • John D

      Almost . . .They were all 435hp cars. Much rarer, so many more of them ??????

  5. Jim

    I’m generally a big Ford guy but this gen Convertible Corvette (vs the ugly split window) is beautiful and adding that big block makes me want to pull the trigger on that buy-it-now. If it were a 4spd, I would have bought it but I’m not a fan of the glide unless it’s in a drag car with a big stall.

    • 79malibu

      Jim Jim Jim! I am a ford guy to. But man, don’t be harsh on the 63 split window. That is the car of cars! I have owned fords my whole life. All our tow trucks in our feet of 20+ were fords unless they were heavy recovery. My favorite car on the earth beside the 63 split window is the 65 Ford Galaxy with the 427 High Performance Thunderbird. First car I built with my old man. I also am in love with Mustangs! I mean in love with. But a 63 split window to me has the body of Jlo! or who ever you find gorgeous! LOL
      I hope you know I am just ribbing ya.

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  6. jdjonesdr

    I always get a kick out the “I reserve the right to end the auction early” guys. How do they know what the highest offer may have been if they accept an offer from someplace/somebody else?
    Doesn’t make sense to me.

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    • Scuderia

      Bird in the hand I suspect…. sometimes folks who want something bad enough simply make an offer that is too hard to refuse. Though in this case there was a “buy it now” that wasn’t used so go figure…

    • Fogline

      Really? So you are saying that if someone showed up with cash on your doorstep you would let the auction run its course? Given there seems to be a significant number of sales of cars on eBay that don’t actually get completed after someone either doesn’t pay or shows up to pick up the car and it isn’t what they thought, I could see where someone would value the “bird in the hand” especially on a $100k sale.

      It I was seriously interested in this car, I would be over there inspecting it and making an offer on the spot.

      • JamestownMike

        EXACTLY!…….what Fogline said!!!!

    • JamestownMike

      I’ll bet the seller will most likely take a CASH in person offer OUTSIDE of feebay to save HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS on sell fees!

      • Buick Fan

        I believe the Ebay sell fees are charged up front, not dependent on the sell price…

      • 79malibu

        Which one of us wouldn’t!? lol

    • Buick Fan

      I’ve had success buying in the last day of an ebay auction negotiating a buy it now…add a little to the price, and as Scuderia says…its a bird in hand.

  7. Joe Haska

    I don’t get it two generations ,were stand up car people, knew the real deal, and then this grand son, 3rd generation little B—— comes along and says no big deal, I want the money. The greedy little f—! I don’t want it, the Punk is an AH period. Unless he is selling it for a heart transplant, he is an ungrateful little s—!

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    • Redwagon

      Maybe he needs it to pay a dowry?

      Or buy a house before he can get married?

    • ACZ

      He probably drives a Prius.

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    • Bob

      That won’t be a problem here, all my kids are gearheads.

    • JohnD

      Throttle back turbo…Maybe he has student loan debt? Or inherited the farm as well and can’t pay the ultra-high Cali and Fed. taxes? Maybe he’s going to donate the proceeds to his local church? Maybe gramma has some medical bills? Does it really matter that much to you?

  8. Joe Haska

    Not good enough!

  9. Bob

    I would like another small block coupe like my 64, or go all out for the other option of the 425 horse with the 4 speed. I would feel locked in to the original engine and transmission combo if I bought this car. I still like the car a lot, and am curious as to what it is going to sell for.
    I have another project on the go right now, but I have a warrenty replacement 425 hp engine that is looking for a Corvette.

  10. Steve A.

    I agree with everyone that said that the grandson is a little @×#*+! What a POS to even think about letting it go! I would give my right arm to be handed down ANYTHING that my grandfather passed along to his son and then down to me! Knowing that I could then pass it down to my son and then see my grandson get it.

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  11. Mike_B_SVT

    Wow, so much grief toward the 3rd Generation Seller. Doesn’t that violate the rules here (no personal attacks)?

    Perhaps, just maybe, the seller knows his capabilities and limitations (both financial and knowledge-wise), and is choosing the better part of valor and parting with a family heirloom.
    Perhaps s/he lives in an apartment and does not have the means to pay for storage, and a car like this should not sit in an apartment carport.
    Perhaps s/he has children to think about, and this sale means college, or a house for their future.
    Perhaps s/he has no idea how, or the money required, to get a car like this back on the road to enjoy.

    Really, would you rather they keep it, like a rotting albatross around their neck, languishing in storage, or out in the elements, and degrading further?

    Man, you just can’t win here: Get b!tched at if you keep your car and let it rot into the ground, or get b!tched at if you decide to sell it.

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    • Rich

      Yeah…What Mike B said is 100% right! No one knows the circumstances. Maybe dear old dad didn’t pay his taxes and the kids need the money. Sheesh.

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  12. Joe Haska

    I totally get it guys, there could be many legitimate reasons to sell the car. I think what we critics are saying, is this kid is certainly not a car guy, if he was he would do anything and everything to keep, not only because of the car and what it is ,but because of who it belonged too, and the family history. I have a 34 Ford Coupe, I have owned since 1963, my children tell me they will never sell it. Guess what, I don’t care, and I have told them that! But, if they could keep it, and did so because of the history, and the family and all the good memories, I would think that was pretty cool!

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  13. Mike

    95k to a buck twenty five a bit hefty for me. I would however, be interested in what other little treasure might be for sale. These estate sales can harvest much to the various collecting genras. Myself, original ww2 german war memorabilia or there might be lurking in the attick a host of Lionel train cars or rookie mantel card.

  14. 79malibu

    Take my money, my wife, my house my kids. What else do you want!? I can give a pint or two of blood every week. Name it, take, Please take my money!

  15. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Jan 30, 2018 , 2:00AM
    Current bid:US $90,600.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 10 bids ]
    Price:US $120,000.00

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