Fierce Fish! 1968 AMX Piranha

1968 Von Piranha AMX

You’ve heard of Yenko Camaros and Saleen Mustangs? This is a “Von Piranha” AMX. A what? As far as I can tell, an AMC dealer in Denver, Colorado took GoPak AMX’s and added scoops on the roof, rear sides, added some other performance components, and named the result a Von Piranha. I could only find one other one on the internet, so I’m guessing they didn’t make many. Unlike the Chevy and Ford special editions, not much is known about these cars. However, if nothing else, this is a low-mileage, solid and rare AMX located in Fairplay, Colorado and for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now of $38,000. Showing only 24,750 miles that are claimed to be original, the car has supposedly been stored for the last 33 years in Denver. Have you ever heard of a Piranha? Do you think it’s worth that much of a premium over a nice AMX?


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  1. tom999p

    Rare, like a Macho Trans am, or a Plymouth Volare Richard Petty Street Kit Car…..

  2. Dickie F

    A good looking car, but roof scoops? To keep your hair in place one would have to wear a hat, surely?
    The other Piranha car company was based in South Africa in the 60s and 70s. They would modify the Ford 4 cylinder range by dropping in bigger engines.
    The Mark 11 Cortina got the 1600cc taken out and a 3 litre V6 fitted. The (Ford) Capri had the 3,0 V6 removed and a 302 V8 fitted etc. These were called Cortina Piranha and Capri Piranha cars.
    These were roadgoing cars and sold as such, but when raced in modified production class, they were winners. I remember the “Gunston cigarette ” sponsored Capri running many GT40 parts, in 1972.

    So the AMX Piranha looks good, but the Capri Piranha still is a bucket list item.

    • sir mike

      good story but….it’s Capri Perana.built by Basil Green Motors in SA.correct about the MK11 Cortina Perana…want one…69-70 Capri Perana V6..70-72 Capri Perana V8..and other Ford models he worked his magic on.

  3. Steve

    Why would anyone put “non functional” scoops on a roof? They look like dogs ears and their only function would be to make the car less aerodynamic.

    I don’t get it!

  4. rick

    The ebay listing says the roof scoops are non-functional. Why in the world would they mess up a nice car with scoops on the roof. The extra drag would be negligible, but they just look dumb. I really liked these AMX models too.

  5. Shilo

    Roof scoops look like something off a Kenworth truck. Too much money sixties cars are cool but at this point people need to stop and ask themselves,”is it really THAT good.” Probably not. Cost a fortune to restore. Right now everyone wants original barn finds. They are cool but watch your wallet, do the math if you plan to restore. AMC parts will not be easy to come by or cheap. Also an Automatic. Kills it for me.

  6. MH

    Great car. Very rare. Not to sure on the interior. Those appear to be stock covered seats. The other VP I have seen had different seats. Also claimed to be 100% original. I’m he could get more money if the car checks out as original.

  7. Rick

    Sure – scoops on the upper quarter panels are perfect for cooling the brakes that are below and ahead of the scoop. Sounds like a load of baloney to me – regardless of whatever that Piranha stamp says.

  8. Vince Habel

    The scoops don’t do anything for the looks and create wind flow problems.

  9. Dolphin Member

    I also don’t like or get the scoops. On a Kenworth cabover, maybe, but not a rare AMX, no matter how much you might like to be a vehicle “manufacturer” and need to make it distinctive by adding a few things so it’s slightly different from a regular AMX.

    I like these cars—the good looks, the small size, the success with Mark Donohue on the track, AMC’s effort to do a good musclecar when they weren’t really doing well in marketplace. The first thing I would do with this car is get rid of the scoops. The Von Piranha connection has no value for me, but a nice GTX does.

    And as for the “original unrestored and unmolested 1968 AMX” in the seller’s description……sorry, this car was molested by the dealer who sold it.

    • St.Ramone de V8

      Yes, I agree. Seems we all think those scoops are ridiculous. They certainly don’t add anything to the value. Take it back to a low mileage Go-pak AMX. Un-molest it. Do it right. Won’t be cheap.

      • RC Paulsen

        Dolphin and St. Ramone de V8, you both got it right. If these mods had been done by the owner back in 1968, there would be no argument that the idiot ruined a great car and destroyed it’s value; but just because a dealer did the damage, it’s supposed to be a super-rare collector car? There’s really no difference because this is NOT the way the car left the factory, and it was not a factory sanctioned modification. For that, I refer you to the 52 SS/AMX’s that AMC commissioned from Hurst. No comparison.

  10. Dan h

    Those roof scoops are actually fog light housings set up for rally racing.
    Just kidding….ha ha!
    Had you for a second , didn’t I?

  11. lucas drake

    rare doesn’t necessitate such a price. not many of those sold? could’ve been a number of factors. maybe that dealers option package sucked. maybe the demogaphic that it was aimed at just wasnt there. as for the 30k+ asking price, yeah right. the picture makes it look like a $3500 project car. im sure it looks much worse in person.

  12. Tirefriar

    Wow, rather than spending all that dough on useless air scoops, the dealer should have fitted this car with some real go fast goodies starting with ordering a manual transmission. But before completely ripping this car (and I do want to rip it as well), keep in mind this was produced in the late 60’s – the taste buds of budding auto enthusiasts were slightly different back then..with so few cars out there and the obscurity of this particular modification i would say that the taste buds back then reflect those that are now. I agree with everyone here so far that the asking price is on a ridiculous side…unless the seller finds another soul that was searching for this specific car, he is destined to own it for at least another 33 years.

  13. tom

    only a Piranha in that guys mind. stick on scoops like they put on cars now. It looks hideous.bolted on ,well you gotta weld in those holes. AMX`s I like

  14. AMX Owner

    I am quite familiar with this car, Being a Denver native. They were built in a limited number and sold by an AMC Dealer in Denver, Bob Bundy AMC. Very rare, I have actually seen only 1 other, it was blue and when I was in High School in the late 1970’s. The engine mods are quite rare. The interior is the basic interior for 1968 AMX. The scoops, well, just trying to copy the Shelby Mustang. It was a 60’s thing.

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