Fire Sale: 1975 Triumph Spitfire

Surely everyone has seen and appreciated the Triumph Spitfire by now, but like any old car, Spitfires in nice original condition aren’t very easy to find for a good deal. Garaged for the past 30 years, this bright orange British classic looks like a smashing deal for $1,800 price tag. Described as solid, this Triumph is certainly worth investigating. Check it out here on craigslist out of Springfield Missouri. Thanks so much to reader “dwise” for sharing this awesome Spitfire with us!

Having sat dormant for the past 30 years, this old Brit is going to need some fresh fluids and some brake work. I assume this to be a “ran when parked” situation, and I would also assume that there is still some life left in the 1500cc 4 cylinder engine. The seller has mentioned that the engine is free, so hopefully with a bit of patience and elbow grease this engine could be thumping once again. As a whole, the engine compartment isn’t too rough. There is some surface rust on the firewall area around the master cylinder and the battery tray area. I cannot see any rot, so that seems like another small victory for this little car.

Miraculously the interior is very complete and not bad at all. A thorough cleaning would really revive the interior, and it would seem this Triumph may have been in some road rallies based on the SCCA dash plaque, and the rally map light on the passenger side. There is no radio, but that is a minor detail. For those of you looking for a father and son project, this may very well be it.

The bright orange is an unusually pleasant color on this car as I always seem to see blue or green. The body work is very reasonable, although if you look closely you can find some minor surface rust in a few places. The seller has said that the floors are solid, and from the overall appearance of this Spitfire, I would say it is a green light for anyone who has never experienced one of these cars. A polish would make it shine wonderfully to where the small rust areas would be overlooked by most. The convertible top looks a bit aged, and the seller isn’t too enthusiastic about its condition. Perhaps the convertible top would be the most expensive part you would invest into this project? Would you jump on this fire sale for the $1,800 asking price?


  1. RayZ

    Looks like an easy Father & son project. The only issue I Have with spitfires having owned one in the seventies is they are a bit fragile for a young driver. That being said I had a lot of fun with a Mark III in my youth. Just a point of interest I paid $1100 for my 69 in 1972.

  2. Vegaman_Dan

    Good price for what is here. Would like to know the side sills condition.

    I would buy it if it were not 2000 miles away.

  3. 77 MGB

    The SCCA plaque was a standard issue decorative piece on this model year.

    • grant

      Lol it seems like every other seller of a Spit thinks that plaque indicates that it was a racecar. Pretty sure it was just a decorative stock piece.

    • Gary

      The map lamp was also standard for that year.

  4. RichieRich

    My 1980 came with the same dash plaque and rally light so I’d assume they were stock. The plaque highlights the SCCA national championship winning years. There is a lot of value here and if it wasnt 1500 miles away would be in my driveway. These are the only small block Brit roadsters my 6 ft frame can fit in without folding up like a pretzel.

  5. 77 MGB

    Hey, RichieRich, at 6’3″ – my sentiments exactly. I have figured out how to fold into an MGB…removed the blocks at the back of the seat tracks. Picked up 2″ in leg room! I loved my 1975. 1976 and 1977 Spits. Like a go-kart!

  6. Jack M.

    Try a TR7 or TR8. I’m 6’1″ tall and cannot drive one with the seat all of the way back as I can’t push the clutch right to the floor. Surprising amount of legroom.

  7. Ben T. Spanner

    Absolute cheap thrills. l owned 1966 and 1970 Spitfires, and a 1970 GT6. I’m 6’2” with shortish legs and a long spine. I fit in a Spitfire easier than in the many other British sportscars I’ve owned. This appears to be a bargain, and includes free air horns. Also one of the easiest tops to replace.

  8. Gary

    Seems like a really good deal but the first big question is why has it sat so long. Someone put this car away for a reason and I’m guessing that it was a mechanical reason. Maybe something easy like it wouldn’t start or something that could be expensive like a problem with the tranny. Unfortunately you can’t take it for a drive so discount the price accordingly.

    By the way, the roof doesn’t look too bad. I can’t see any tears from the pictures that are shown. The plastic windows will clean up with some Novus polish provided they aren’t brittle.

  9. Mikel

    It’s worth the money! I also love the color. I wish I had room for it.

  10. Gary

    What’s up with the other cars surrounding it? I see another Spitfire, a Jag XKS (I think) and an older Jag, maybe a Mark 7. I’m not a Jag expert in the least so I doubt those guesses were very accurate.

  11. Will
  12. Coventrycat

    I’d be all over that if it was closer. Loved my 76; fun, easy to work on, and cheap to run. Good looking, too.

  13. Beatnik Bedouin

    I bought a ’73 Spitfire 1500 for a girlfriend of mine in 1976. It was, far and away, the worst car I’d ever had anything to do with!

    Being equipped with overdrive, it would pop out of gear. The dealer said that it would need replacement synchros, which it would replace free-of-charge. Six months later, the parts arrived – nice – but the problem turned out to be the cones in the overdrive.

    That was followed by a faulty carb (I’m very familiar with SUs and this one was just poorly cast), axle universal breakages (because the factory insisted on putting the longer of the two axles on both sides, albeit with different part numbers!), followed by an electrical fire! BL proving it’s mettle, I guess…

    Funny thing was, said girlfriend’s neighbour bought a ’71 model brand new and never did more than routine maintenance. Go figure..?

    …and I was trying to convince my sweetheart that a Karmann Ghia drop-top would have been a better option…

  14. Davey

    I purchased a 66 Spitfire for $350 in 1973! Lots of fun! BION, they had lots of legroom. This one looks like a good buy from its appearance.

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