Frankentina: Holman-Moody Cortina

This 1968 Ford Cortina GT looks like someone went to it with a hack saw, but if the story behind it turns out to be true, it could be a rare and important car. It’s believed that this car was built by the famous Holman-Moody company. No one knows how many of these were built, as there doesn’t seem to be any account of them. This mystery vehicle can be found here on eBay.

The story behind this Cortina “Dume Buggy” is that a shipment of Cortinas headed to the states had the deck above them drop, crushing the roofs. Being seriously damaged, Ford decided to give a few to Holman-Moody to see what they could do with them. The vehicle that resulted was this topless Cortina truck. We have yet to find any documentation to prove this story, but the car does have a VIN tag issued by Holman-Moody stating that it’s a Cortina Dume Buggy.

A standard Cortina GT would be powered by a Ford 1.6 liter straight 4, but this car’s engine is missing. Given that Holman-Moody built many of Ford’s factory race cars, it’s hard to tell what engine this car could have had installed in it or what modifications it might have originally had. For all we know it could have had a small block V8 in it.

Information about this Frankentina is scarce. Without some type of documented proof, it’s hard to know whether this really was built by the famous racing company or by someone with a hacksaw and a fake Holman-Moody VIN plate. If some evidence surfaces that prove that this is a Holman-Moody special, it could be worth some serious money. We will keep digging and if we come across some evidence we will let you know. If anyone has ever seen another one of these or knows more about it, let us know!

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  1. J. Pickett

    Ugly, useless, save the vin plate.

  2. Catfishphil

    Wow, it’s like anybody will try to sell anything that has any sort of implied providence to it. Not to be pessimistic! Maybe it’s the economy, or the dollar bill signs in people’s eyes when they want all those car auctions on TV…

    • Barn Finds

      True, but sometimes there is more to a pile of junk than meets the eye.

  3. TVC15

    Sorry , No documents , no car

  4. scot c

    ~ the Terry McGean article at Hemming’s lends some credibility. i’m interested to know the confirmed story. curiosity.

  5. Larry

    Hey I have this Yugo that sox’s and Martin built back in the 70’s, the engine and trans are missing and i don’t have any paper work, all i want for it is $5000, what a steal !!!

  6. mikey

    The problem (big problem) with the ad is the silly hype.

    Too much hype and no proof=nothing.

    Like a car salesman………shifty eyes and bad shoes………..

  7. Doug M Member

    Jesse, I see your point. Rather than passing this up, it is presented here as a lead that someone else can follow up on if their interest or knowledge supports this theory. The benefit to chasing these threads jis that you can eventually score with something really rare. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  8. Doug M Member

    …Just read the Ebay ad and now have a new favorite car descriptor: “Very cherry in spots!”

  9. Carlo

    Hemmings mentioned these on their website. Apparently there’s at least one other out there.

    • chip durlacher

      google holman moody cortina now —-there is a sports illustrated article from 1969 documenting the cars… so cool it is on ebay

  10. AMCFAN

    I know the after the story on this car. The seller listed the car for months after the original post with a hefty start price. At last the seller tried to to drum up interest by starting the bid @ $750. with no reserve. The bidding frenzy never happened. The car sold for the opening bid. After the sale the seller just happened to loose the HM vin tag and title! He felt real bad as he just had it! He offered to take $300 for the car with the promise I’ll call you when I find the tag and paperwork. No thanks. Last sightings were the seller listing the few undamaged Cortina GT parts.

  11. james

    I contacted Lee Holman and gave him the links, Waiting to see, Maybe he will post a response on here, If you bleed FORD Blue, You know how awesome that would be.

  12. james

    Lee Holman said they built a few of those for friends, So who knows what the sellers intentions where. They are or where real, according to Mr.Holman. im looking into it further.

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