From Green To Gold: 1970 Dodge Super Bee


This very sunburnt Super Bee was originally a nice shade of green, code FF4 to be exact, but after being parked out in the sun for who knows how long the paint turned to gold. This is one time though that I’m not sure I would want my greens to turn to gold, as the light green metallic paint is a rare color on the Coronet. As you can see, this Bee has seen better days and needs a ton of work. Thankfully, it’s quite complete and looks solid enough to be put back on the road. You can find this toasty Mopar here on eBay in Eloy, Arizona with a current bid of $9k.


When my dad was a young man, he had a bright orange 1969 Super Bee. He absolutely loved that car, but life got in the way and he had to let it go. I’ve heard countless stories of the capabilities of that Super Bee and to this day, he still gets excited when he see a Super Bee. His was packing the 440, where as this car has the smaller 383. If you were going to be doing much drag racing the 426 Hemi and 440 were the motors to have, but that isn’t to say the 383 still isn’t a great engine. With 335 horsepower, it’s still an impressive powerplant that could get you down the road just fine.


While the dry Arizona heat might have kept this car from rusting out, it wasn’t kind to the interior. Between the sun damage and being dried out, I imagine all the rubber and vinyl bits are going to need to be replaced inside and out. Thankfully, Dodge did a lot of parts sharing between platforms and models, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find everything for it. This is going to be a massive project, but I think it would be a fun one. The question is, do you turn it from gold back to green or do you leave it looking the way it is?


  1. Barzini

    My choice is back to the factory color, my favorite for this model and year.

    • Ken

      I had a FF4 on my ’68 RoadRunner… don’t see that color much for sure….after that I had a ’70 Black on Black Bee [photo with my future bride standing by]…….lost my job at the steel mill…had to let her go….miss those days for sure

  2. Bingo

    Wow! Put some butter on this this thing…it’s toast!!

  3. Eddie

    I would much rather replace dry rot rubber and plastic parts then rusted.

    I vote orange!

    BTW what is pic 11 of 12 showing?

    • GOPAR

      That’s the left muffler bearing carrier where it attaches to the bumble shaft swing support just beneath the zooker housing assembly. Looks uncharacteristically solid to me!!

      • Tom Member

        Is that just past the Knuten Valve? Do you fix it with some ball bearings and some 30 weight Penszoil , no make that Quaker State.

    • brian crowe

      I think 11 of 12 is the engine block number

      • Albert waters

        It is

  4. kyle

    Want…. :-)

  5. Albert waters

    No it’s not buddy it’s my car and I’ll tell u this car is a once in a lifetime find I’ve been doing this since my dad had me knocking on people’s doors as a kid all together pretty much rust free never been wrecked I wish I could find them like that 1 owner

  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    Never ceases to amaze me – these things avoid getting crushed by the grace of God, dragged out of f$&@ knows where, don’t go & missing the stuff that makes ’em go — and 10 large won’t buy them – and even if it did your looking and another 20 before you’re washing it – not of my money

  7. RoughDiamond Member

    I have grown to appreciate Super Bees even more than Road Runners which I had two of, a ’68 and ’70. This will make a beauty for sure. My ’70 had the same power plant as this Bee and the same Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter. You can’t do much speed shifting with that shifter, but it looks oh so cool regardless.



  9. Ck

    It looks like its pretty solid to me .If your a MOPAR guy and a Super Bee is what you like ,a 383 4 gear aint to shabby . This ones gonna need a little lovin to get it where it needs to be.Oh and not to mention lots of $$$$$$$ !!

  10. Mitch

    Just a note-the armrests are identical to mid 70’s to mid 80’s Dodge vans. I noticed this as I owned a ’70 for 23 years, & drove a ’86 Dodge van for work for 21 years.

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Rare year model bee…..and a 4 speed…..the demand is low right ? So it should go cheap……..

  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Eddie – that’s the 383hp top engine pad #’s….

  13. RoughDiamond Member

    Would have liked to have seen full shot of the dash to see if it had the factory Tic-Toc-Tach. Also an engine pic would have been nice even if missing intake and heads. Wonder what happened to those parts since one owner car? Would be interesting to know if build sheet still under one of the seats.

    • brian crowe

      I would have liked to have seen a pic of the full graphic on rear quarter.

    • Albert waters

      His brother sold the heads and intake while he was in the army

  14. Rocko

    Wow cool car, green was popular back then, seems a lot of mopes were green , something about G.I.s returning from Nam , i also heard Big Collectors avoid green cars like the plague ! I would keep the gold patina , trying to match the repair spots to it. I would purchase a new interior, every part on these cars is being reproduced today by many houses. I would keep the burnt off exterior look and renew everything underneath! Oh yeah, and lose those tractor mags!

  15. RoughDiamond Member

    Oops! I meant a tic-toc-clock. A tic-toc-tach would be an interesting animal.

  16. Nova Scotian

    I vision this thing doin’ a big smoky burnout. Just to get the cob webs out.

  17. AMX Brian

    AMC had them

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