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Fully Restored 1933 Ford 3 Window Racer

Normally we avoid restored cars on but I couldn’t pass up this 1933 Ford 3 Window racer in Eudora, Kansas. Restored mechanically, it should never EVER be restored cosmetically. This is a “done” car that should be enjoyed by the limited audience of buyers who will appreciate it. It could also end up hanging upside down from the rafters of an automotive-themed restaurant, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Offered here on eBay, this old dirt-tracker has circled up to $3550 on 19 bids.

With most non-functional items removed to save weight, this vintage racer is all business. It’s clearly been off the roads and off the record for some decades and not surprisingly sold sans title. I probably won’t put in a bid, but it would be interesting (and perhaps add some value) to get it titled for the occasional car show, and find some appropriately grubby lights to meet legal requirements.

Perhaps some of our vintage eagle eye readers can comment on the origin of parts visible in the pictures. The listing includes nothing about the car’s history, and it would be fascinating to spend some time in the diners and bars around Eudora (or wherever it’s from) searching for its back-story. Failing that simply make up your own history for the car with appropriately ridiculous achievements. “This, ladies and gentlemen, is THE car in which Gerry “Tumor-Head” Jenkinson dominated the ’48 Farm and Fleet series, winning 15 of 17 races and receiving the trophy cup from a local beauty named Norma Jeane Mortenson, whom you may know as Marilyn Monroe. Most people never knew that, when not driving like a possessed demon, Jenkinson directed the much-acclaimed choir at Eudora’s Solitude of the Perpetual Virgin church.”

The ” ’40 merc motor with later heads and dizzy” has been mechanically restored and the seller says it “runs and drives steers and stops its a blast to drive.” I have no doubt. I’m no Vegas odds-maker but I’d wager anyone with indoor storage could buy this rig and trailer it to car shows, dirt-track it in their horse arena, bolt it to the ceiling of their restaurant, or put it on the road for limited use and it will never be worth less than it is today. Only a thorough cleaning and painting could reduce its value. Look into your crystal ball ; what do you see in this car’s future?


  1. Mark in WNC

    Todd,love the story that you suggest could go with the car…made my morning! Thanks!

    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thank you Mark!

  2. jdjonesdr

    That’s gotta be a blast to drive. Not much more than a motor and frame.

  3. Fitz61

    I love the potential use for the car. Great writing. This car looks like something the “Road Scholars” from “American Pickers” would try to beat somebody out of.

  4. Dean maxey

    Hold on and shut up she’s going to be a ride…lol

  5. LMK Member

    Somebody called the # in the listing and ”’poof ”’ it’s gone….

    That really was a blast from the past !

  6. Ohio Rick

    I restored a car frim that era years ago and still take it out now and then. At 35 mph you get an appreciation as to how brave ( or foolish) drivers from that era were!

    • Brian

      Love your Chevy really looks the part.

  7. Metoo

    Fully restored? Maybe it runs, but it still looks like a rust bucket. The “fully restored” part is yet to come.

  8. Bob

    That body could very well end up getting placed onto the frame of a street car. A good 3 window body, that isn’t too banged up, is still desirable. There aren’t a lot of steel coupe bodys available anymore, and dedicated people are reconstructing bodies from this era from just pieces.
    I hope it has a good life either way.
    I love the history, anything is possible.

    • Metoo

      I believe the body’s are now being reproduced by a private company with Fords approval. And made with much better steel to boot. Who would ever know the difference, or even care, If you used one?

  9. Bellingham Fred

    That body is too cut up to make it desirable for a street rod IMHO. The rear window has been enlarged, the rear quarters and deck lid have been trimmed, and what is left of the deck lid is welded in place.

  10. Bob

    There is a small group of people that are putting smaller pieces than that together all the time. Here below is a link to one, but there are people that have put a beautiful car together starting with far less.

    The second link is to a project where the person is building a coupe out of good parts salvaged from 2 bodies

  11. ccrvtt

    I agree that it’s pretty much perfect just the way it is. Whoever did the ‘restoration’ was appropriately sensitive to what it took to get this car to its present appearance. I certainly hope no one tries to build a hot rod body out of the Henry steel parts that are left.

  12. Ken Member

    Bob, I’m really impressed with the welding shown in your second link, and i tried to find out who did the welding so I could ask what technique he used – oxyacetylene or tig or something else, as that is the cleanest most perfect welding on thin sheetmetal that I’ve ever seen and I’d love to learn how to do that but equipment is all important along with skill. I tried to sign into that site but they want to switch me to a ‘Ford mechanic’, and they asked me stupid questions so I didn’t sign onto that site – anyone know how I can learn how he did this? Thanks!

  13. John LaShell

    When i first started racing in western Kansas back in ’68.My first race car was a ’34 Ford coup w/ a Ford 6 it..We called them jalopies back in the day.. Would like to have this car..Sure brings back some great memories..

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