Future Collectible: 1992 Dodge Viper RT/10


I know the Dodge Viper isn’t quite a classic car yet, but it’s getting close at 24 years old. One thing is for sure though, they are gaining traction in the collector world. I’ve always been fascinated by these ’90s super cars, what isn’t there to love about an American V10 shoehorned into a coupe? This Viper has just 14k miles on the dial and is one of the first 50 produced. Sadly, it has some front end damage, but when you have a 7oo pound V10 churning out 400 horsepower and 468 pounds of torque sitting out front that tends to happen. If you’re alright with doing some body work, this could be a fun project to have! Find it here on eBay in Akron, Ohio with a high bid of $15k.


Here’s the extent of the front end damage. It doesn’t look too bad, but will still be costly to repair. I love the use of duck tape and staples to keep the bumper together, I think I might leave those nice features! The seller notes that mechanically the car is in good shape and that the title is clean, so perhaps you could drive it as is! I know I’d rather have it looking pristine, but it would be kind of fun to not have to worry about scratching up the paint.


Fixing all the cosmetic issues isn’t impossible, you could probably even do a fair amount of the work yourself. Paint is going to be costly, but in the end you’ll have a fun machine to drive that is only going to go up in value! So what do you think, would it be worth taking this project on? And would you drive this beast everyday or keep it stashed away until values skyrocket?


  1. 68 custom

    I know alot of people really lust after these and it looks like a pretty easy fix. I am just not a fan of the noise these make, give me a good old fashioned american V8 (big one preferably Chevy) any day. but I hope the new owner enjoys it.

  2. Jay M

    The really collectible Vipers will be the ones with zero accident history and low miles.
    I read somewhere that over 1/3 of Vipers have serious/multiple accident claims on Carfax.
    Something to think about if you are hoping for an “investment”
    Also, why wasn’t this one repaired? Was it purchased as an insurance write-off, or previously damaged?
    These are questions you should be asking before bidding on any Viper, and don’t ask me how I know… :[

    • Josh Staff

      The seller claims the title is clear and that it doesn’t show any accident reports. I’m guessing whoever wrecked it lost control and went into the ditch. Rather than turn it in on insurance, they probably figured it was worth more if they didn’t report it. The problem is, the repairs never happened. Like you say, lots of questions to be asked on this one!

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      • Dave Wright

        A good illustration of the fallacy of Carfax…….whether good or bad…..it can not be relied on.

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        Ok folks does everyone understand how the up votes and down votes are supposed to work?

        Dave is absolutely correct so why the down vote?

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  3. Bill

    Love ’em, but this cannot be unseen:

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    • Mike

      I Like this!!!!

    • Puhnto

      That’s my new favorite thing!

    • David

      My mind has been permanently blown.

    • Moose Feather

      Somehow, you almost gotta think that was done on purpose.

  4. Don

    they do make red duck tape / body work done

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  5. Mike

    The fiberglass repair if done right will not be a cheap fix, but it can be done, I have done it and it takes many painstaking hours to do right, some say after the repair the repaired part is stronger than the regular body section around it. I am also wondering why the owner did not have it done. Then you might as well repaint the whole car because the paint will not match plus as scratched up as it is why not repaint it. For me to buy something like this I would have to get it rock bottom cheap.
    There was one of these in the town I live in, the family had money and liked everybody knowing it, well 1 night while the parents were gone the 17 year old son and his girl friend decided to take the car for a cruise, he did not know how to handle the car and of course was showing out and wrapped it around a street light in the middle of town, he survived with on a couple of broken bones, but the girl had far more injuries because he hit it on the passenger side and that car crumbled up like a shoebox. These car are not meant for kids or people that does not know how to handle a car with this much power/speed.

  6. RayT Member

    If I was going to buy a Viper, it would be one of the early ones. Rude, crude and frightening is what they were all about, and that’s what appeals to me. Having driven several Vipers, I quickly learned to respect their ability to do scary things, and the first ones were the scariest!

    I didn’t much like the exhaust sound either — sounded like a loud five-cylinder Audi because the driver basically heard the exhaust from one bank only — but everything else was fun.

    Definitely not what I’d want as a daily driver, but when the urge to play A.J. Foyt strikes, these are a great choice. Not for kids, or the timid.

    I can still remember one that was modified to produce a claimed 1000 bhp. Though it would easily haze the rear tires in third gear at 70 mph, it was pretty docile around town….

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    • Steven C

      Audi 5 cylinders sound awesome

      • RayT Member

        I don’t disagree, but it’s a strange sound to hear from the Viper.

        I’d trade almost all the cars ever featured here for an Audi RS2!

  7. Texaswarlord

    I need to show this one to our son in-law. He’s a certified CJD master tech, and is a factory certified VIPER tech. I bet he could turn this beast quickly!!

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  8. Chebby

    Just leave the hood off, drive it like that.

  9. Oingo

    I don’t love the styling on early ones and 400hp is nothing these days for an 8 but as someone mentioned if it could be had for a good price and you had death wish you could raise the power output and keep the no nanny handling.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Fully agree, the horsepower is nothing these days. The collectibility of this one was questionable before the accident let alone after.

      I’m an active and passionate Modern Mopar owner and a Viper may be in the not too distant future. That said, these cars are cramped, you nearly sit side saddle as the pedal box is off center from the driver’s seat, you often burn your right leg on the tranny tunnel, and putting the power down is…put mildly, challenging.

      Definitely drive one before putting down the cash.

  10. socaljoe

    A PPI Is certainly advised on this one. I was writing estimates on these back in the day and the hood alone to replace was over $15k!

  11. Will

    There is a good hood in Minnesota (red) for dirt cheap right now….. I think like $1000

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  12. Ken Nelson

    Back when Chrysler was first getting into the Viper, the program mgr wanted to hire me for my plastics knowledge, but I couldn’t see much of a future in the car. From what I learned about the manufacturing method, the molding process for the hood was so inconsistent in results that every hood had to be hand-fitted to the body, and replacement parts required even more hand fitting. The resin, cure time & temp evidently led to quite variable part dimensions which drove the plant nuts. Moral: don’t crash them!

  13. Dolphin Member

    The Viper is a true (front) mid-engine car. The engine is behind the centerline of the front wheels. That and those big wide tires should make it handle well. If it does have the occasional (or frequent) ‘off’ maybe that’s because of all that torque, improperly applied. The same thing has been known to happen to some pretty good race cars.

  14. HeadMaster1

    NO ABS, NO Traction Control, NO Air Bags, NO GPS, 3 pedals and 6 gears, this thing is millennial proof…….

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    • Jeffro

      Who needs all that stuff any way.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Congrats HeadMaster—-the perfect comment.

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  15. Rando

    My understanding is that carfax only shows damage reports if the damage has been reported by body shop or insurance or something. So if this one hasn’t been turned in to insurance, it won’t show. But it is still damaged. Probably unreported because a claim would raise the rates etc. And this keeps it “CLEAN”…

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