Garaged Since 1981! 1960 Thunderbird Convertible Project

Though the First Generation Thunderbird (1955-1957) achieved Collectible status almost immediately, Ford sold four times as many Second-Generation “T-birds”  from 1958 to 1960. This 1960 Thunderbird Convertible, offered here on eBay and stored since 1981, would likely draw a crowd at your local car show.

This car’s unique rear styling might stump some seasoned Ford-spotters. Not to be out-done by Chevrolet, Ford upgraded the Thunderbird from two to three tail-lights in 1960, making this a one-year-only design. While no picture of the engine is included, the seller says it has not been started but turns by hand. The listing identifies the engine as “350/300hp,” and hopefully that’s a misprint and the original 352 cid 300 horsepower engine resides under the hood. Nothing against the ubiquitous Small-Block-Chevy 350, but it has no place in a stock ’60 T-bird.

Many cars stored since 1981 are untouched basket-cases, but this one has undergone a partial restoration including seats, carpeting, convertible top, and dashboard, and a rebuilt transmission. What might be taken as faded gray paint is actually primer, so the new owner can decide to spray the original color (not mentioned in the listing) or another hue. The seller claims the car is 99% rust free. What do you think of this “forgotten T-bird” and the seller’s $15,000 asking price?


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  1. flmikey

    The price is not much less than you can buy a driver for….would be a very nice project car, but not for that amount…love these old ‘birds…..

  2. jw454

    The ’58 to ’60 was my favorite T-birds. Being a convertible is a big plus for me too. Alas, I’m not in the “Bird” market right now. Those seat covers seemed to have protected those seats pretty well.

  3. Rustytech Member

    I Very much like the second generation Birds, especially the 1960’s. My question is, if your going to try to get $12k+ for it, why wouldn’t you pull it out of the garage and take some real pictures? I think $12k for a project T-Bird 4 seater seems high. But maybe not, I would want a very thorough hands on inspection, especially underneath.

  4. jdjonesdr

    Not to pop anybody’s balloons, but there are other restored examples on EBAY for less money.

    • Gary

      I only saw one restored convertible on Ebay for less than $12k. I think the fact that it’s a convertible makes the difference. Most of those are going for $20k plus on ebay. I’m not saying that $12k is a bargain for this car. Just noting that the convertible will add a premium to the price.

  5. Jeff

    Those taillights are prime candidates for directional indicators….I wonder if they operate as such?

    • Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

      No, they didn’t get those till 65

      • grant

        But it would be easy to put a sequential unit from an old Mercury in it, and what a cool touch. This is a crack pipe price for this car however.

  6. Hugh Jerrdan

    Hahahaha, I love it when an ad says rust free (or 99%) It means that that you get rust at no extra charge!

  7. Neil

    To me in that condition around $12,000 would be the limit. Got to add a decent paint job to do the old ‘Bird justice. Plus the shipping costs of course :)


    If the seller was serious he’d have the thing outside and put up some decent pictures.

  9. Ben

    I paid $11500 for a similar car in about the same condition 12 year’s ago I have about $30.000 in it now. It is a joy to drive Mine has the 430 J code Engine with factory air If i had to do it again i definitly would In this hobby every one seem’s to have the idea of making money. I do it because i like the particular car and want to own it . I think that car is priced correctly

    • Ed P

      Ben, You are in the hobby for all the right reasons. Have fun.

  10. Tbird62

    I could see about 10k for this car…if it ran. A non running engine is an unknown.
    It may turn over. So what. Running is another matter. Then you need paint. A decent job starts at 10k. I agree that one should not be into classic cars to turn a profit, but that’s no reason to give your money away either.

  11. CaCarDude

    I prefer the square bird ’58 to ’60 over the first generation, these have some classy lines and over all drive better. I had a ’60 model, white on black back in the mid 70’s, fun car at the time and wouldn’t mind having it back today! Today with the technology on sequential taillights it is a very easy diy job, and nice touch. Check it out at
    I did a 3 light setup on my ’65 Buick, good quality product. Hope someone brings this old drop top back to life. As far as price: if the top goes down the price goes up.

  12. Dt 1

    I thought he said 1500 that’s the right price

  13. David Furry

    The car sold for $10,000.00

  14. Utah dreamer

    Love the car, but not looking for one to restore. I have very special restomod in mind.

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