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GM Truck Honey Hole – Everything must go!

Scavenging for a pickup truck to restore… or a parts truck… or truck parts? Willing to visit Sisters, Oregon? This may be your lucky day. Check out more pictures and details about this mostly-truckly honey hole on the Northwest Hot Rod Junk Buy, Sell, Trade page here on Facebook.

About 45 of these vehicles fall in the category of 1973 to 1985 Chevrolet trucks and Suburbans. With no complete listing, potential buyers are invited to call the phone number provided with probing questions. This being the case, I’d encourage our hawk-eyed readers to identify as many of these trucks and other vehicles / items as possible in the comments below. Though it might be an Oldsmobile I’m guessing that’s about a ’78 Buick LeSabre on the far right. What’s that inline six-cylinder engine in the foreground?

Aside from the fleet of square-body Chevy trucks, the sale includes approximately 30 Chevrolet trucks from 1960 to 1966 and 15 from the interim generation, 1967-1972. If I picture myself poking through the trees for the ultimate find, it would probably be the duplicate of one of two trucks from my past:  either my Grandfather’s ’67 Chevy 2WD half-ton, appliance-white including the steel wheels with dog-dish hubcaps, or my high school buddy’s late-’70s 2WD 454 Trailering Special pickup. What’s your dream find at this woodsy hallowed ground where Chevy trucks go to die?


  1. sean brady

    That white suburban and white square dually… wonder what he wants for both of them?
    I ran across a guy that has a similar yard here in Nc mostly 67-72 stuff

    • Ken

      Sean, I am looking for parts for my ’71 GMC Suburban. Can you share any info in the salvage yard mentioned in NC. Be a Big help. Thanks, Ken

  2. packrat

    Next to the car you are guessing about, the weatherbeaten dull reddish 4dr sedan is a ’64-’65 Studebaker, judging from the front clip. If it is a ’65, it may have been bought for the Chevrolet engine under the hood, as the Hamilton Ontario built cars were so equipped.

  3. jdjonesdr

    Learned to drive in a 66 Stepside with 3 on the tree with a I6. I’d love to find one of those in good condition.

    • 1st Gear

      Me too. I’m going a hot rod ’65 long bed as we speak.These things are out there.Getting harder to find for a manageable price.Good luck.

  4. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Packrat….good eyes there ! Thought Studie myself…….

  5. American_Badaz

    Is that a 4×4 g-body in the 2nd pic?! Sweet!

  6. Junkyardbill

    More than just GM stuff there. One ford truck with a white hood, set of older Mercedes hubcaps, white dodge truck….

  7. 8banger Dave Member

    The six in the foreground is probably a GM 235 – I’m (hopefully) stabbing a distributor in one today…

    • Doug

      I’m guessing more likely a 230- Most of the 235’s I recall were painted blue – I think the 230 took over about 1963….and I know the one in my buddy’s ‘ 63
      sedan was red…..

  8. Big Mike

    Years ago out the other side of Bismarck, Mo., there was a old guy that collected pickups, GM, Fords, Dodge and even had a few Studebakers.
    Well after he past away the Family had a clearance sale, off of the 25 acres that this guy had set these trucks. Now this old boy was good he had them in divided up in sections by maker. Well anyway, I went to 3 of the 6 days of auction and let me tell you, I was wore out just bidding on GM’s. I bought 7-66 one day and 3-67 the last day. The bad part was having to wait nearly a month to get to the trucks to get them out of the area. I was able to get the 66 out on the first haul out day, but the rest set in behind others and I had to wait till they were able to get to mine. Well worth the cost all trucks were sitting up on blocks at least 18″ off the ground, the ole boy kept the grass cut back around 90% of the areas.
    I have 1 of the 68 on the road, and I was able to build 2 out of the 66, before I sold what was left in parts,

    • Robert White

      Nice restoration, and nice paint too. How long did you take on the resto, and what did it set you back when all was said and done?


  9. mike D

    most look to be just parts quality I do have a soft spot for the mid 70s Chev/GMC ” might” try to resurrect that 77 in the foreground a couple of Suburbans tho no close ups looks to be a Buick/Olds in the background .. May be buy two of the p/u s to make one good one .. the sheet metal looks to be pretty good from what I can see alas.. wrong coast!

  10. rancher

    There is another Chevy/GMC truck yard on Hiway 99 north of the Eugene Airport.

  11. sluggo

    Thanks for the tips and we have a cabin near Eugene area,, Sisters is about 2.5 hrs from me near PDX but we have friends and family over in that area (Bend-Redmond-Sisters-Prineville).

    Looking for parts for my 65 GMC, that area is very arid desert and stuff tends to be well preserved. You cant find old iron like that in other parts of the US that isnt destroyed by road salt, So good donor materials for rebuilds abound. Idaho as well.

  12. 1st Gear

    ’65 3/4 ton. Doing a fresh drive train as we speak. Dual quad old school hot small block,Real M22, front discs,9″ later. Love these trucks. Wish I had more room. Don’t we all?

    • sluggo

      1st gear, Nice truck! My 65 GMC is a long bed and originally had a I6 in it and 3 on the tree.Told it was a heavy half ton.. I got it cheap but abused and bad motor. Swapped in a succession of early 1970s SBCs V8s over the years and a Turbo 350 with shift kit and B&M Star shifter. Confuses people when I loaned it out how to drive it with the non-op clutch pedal. I got 20 years out of it before parking and want to get it on the road again. Looking for a good stick option but more gears (Be nice with overdrive) or a Overdrive auto trans. We called mine the “Old Grey mare” and served us well traveling up & down west coast to car & MC events as well as farm and shop duty.
      I bought a heavy 3/4 ton 1970s GMC and w/ Pwer disc brakes, Power steering dual tanks and some other goodies and planned to swap the 65 body onto the 3/4 ton chassis. Some of it lines up and some fab required. Get rid of the fuel tank IN the cab and some nice late model truck leather seats, Tilt column, and some other upgrades (Multi speed wipers) but retain that funky old style.
      Paint plan is same style of the old Johnson motors Triumph dealership (JOMO) with the Blue/White paint layout only with my local dealers logo (Cycle Hub) Old iron will rise again.

      Cant find the picture of the mid sixtys trucks I have but here is a much earlier version, like this only much newer :) hah!

  13. Joshua

    I have a 1977 chevy k30 and I need the master cylinder push rod and spring and retaining clip it goes between the master cylinder and hydro booster.

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