Heavy Wood: 1947 Dodge Woody

When talking about classic woodies our minds often think of the crème de la crème like Mercurys and Pontiacs, but what about something a little different? For your consideration, this 1947 Dodge ½ Ton truck has been converted via a Campbell Built woodie conversion. Really a lovely marriage between the two, this Dodge is a unique find that has weathered the test of time very well. Currently running, this dodge still needs work but is too awesome of a find to pass up. With 4 days remaining in the auction, bidding has risen to $3,351.00. Check it out here on eBay out of Bayside, New York.

Charming, simple, and rustic the interior is reasonable but the bench seats will need to be rebuilt, and the wooden floor sections could use some attention as well. There are no pictures of the engine in this listing, but the seller mentions that the engine runs great with healthy oil pressure off of a gravity fed fuel supply. Although running, the brake and fuel systems need to be rebuilt to get this Dodge moving.

For a conversion, this woodie addition is really a work of art. The fit and finish of this weathered wooden body is marvelous and must have truly been a thing of beauty when it was new. The ceiling looks as if it was built by an expert shipbuilder, and the exterior woodwork looks the part of a period woodie.

Miraculously most of the wood is in place and accounted for minus two vertical wood slats for the liftgate. Wood rot appears to be at a minimum, but there is one semi-rough area behind the passenger side rear fender. Looking past that concern, the bodywork is very reasonable, and the sheet metal of this woodie is in nice condition also. Obviously, a restoration would do wonders for this uncommon woodie, but part of what remains looks like it could be cleaned up, maintained, and enjoyed with some fine polishing and care. Featuring incredible style and a tremendous amount of cargo space, are you a fan of this Campbell converted Dodge Woodie?

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  1. Mountainwoodie

    Here’s a link for the Mid-State Body company that produced the Campbell body.


    There are a number of them in the SoCal Woodie scene……..one fella owns a behemoth 4 wheel drive usually shows up at the Wavecrest Show the third Saturday of September in Encinitas, California.

    This would be a big undertaking!

  2. steve

    “Oh Honey? WOODEN you like a new car?”

  3. David

    Personally I would prefer to make it a restomod but full restoration would be pretty cool too. The lines are good the woodwork is awesome but regardless which way you go it will be a labor of love and a lot of it. I think well worth saving. I wish I had the time and place for it, I would be right bidding with the rest.

  4. Dave Wright

    Reminds me of a Gene Autry movie………..and I am the high bidder for a minute. This has the best running gear of its time (exception to Packard) the GM products were good too but these were bullet proof. Would be great here on my ranch.

  5. Tort Member

    On Craigslist Northern Michigan is a beautiful 47 Chevy Woody with over $80,000 in receipts and are asking $23,000 if you want to jump in and go.

    • david

      I smell phony listing on this one. One key is the prohibited note next to reply.

  6. Howard

    Every woodworker I’ve ever talked to loves the construction of a project in every aspect except the sanding part. There’s NO way in hell to use mechanical sander on this project, it’s gonna be hand sanding all the way. And while appearing solid in the pics, I’d be willing to bet there will be a whole lot of reconstruction of various elements. Even if all the wood was solid, just the investment in sandpaper would break me lol You would have to go thru at least 4 grits of paper to get an acceptable finish which means doing the same job maybe as many as 6 times, perhaps more. The stuff nightmares are made of!

  7. geomechs Member

    Full resto for this truck. I’d love to take on a project like this. Realistically though, I probably wouldn’t get it done before it was time to relinquish my toys and head for the seniors’ lodge. Best stick with the projects at hand….

  8. Tyler

    There’s a guy in Eastport, Maine with a similar one, 1947 Cambell-bodied 1-ton. http://www.oldwoodies.com/feature-47dodge.htm

  9. stillrunners

    Cantrell also did bodies……..nice find and save !

    • boxdin

      Most Dodges were bodied by Cantrell.

  10. Hans Grafftenberg

    It would appear the guy even has a wooden replacement panel sitting to the left of the car in the first picture. Just don’t let the kids catch you taking apart their playhouse to fix your wagon!


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