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This Here’s Georgia Son: 1970 Chevrolet Pickup

Having family from Georgia, I can testify that pickup trucks are almost mandatory for every household in rural Georgia.  While there are a number of newer trucks from the “Big 3” roaming the back roads, many of the trucks you see are older model Fords and Chevrolets.  Of these, second generation Chevrolet C/K models are most desired.  These trucks, popular for both their good looks and the rabid brand loyalty that Georgia truck owners exhibit, often have gone through an engine transplant or two and maybe even a repaint.  They may have high mileage, but they are generally well cared for by their owners.  Found on Craigslist in Cleveland, Georgia, this 1970 Chevrolet Custom/10 long bed pickup is being offered at just $4000.  While it is a long bed, this truck has a nice looking color combination, and is in well used but good shape for its age.

While some pictures make this truck look to be white with blue trim, the trim color is actually a hunter green.  It compliments this truck well, and the overall impression is that this truck is a Cheyenne.  Unfortunately, the Cheyenne trim package came out one model year later.  There are a few blemishes here and there, from what looks to be holes in the door for more substantial towing mirrors to what might be rust just ahead of the rear wheel well.  At any rate, the colors, like a good rug.  They really tie the whole truck together.

For its age, and the likely years of use in the state of people who actually use trucks as trucks, the bed looks pretty good.  There are some dents here and there, but there appears to be an absence of rust through.  The picture also shows that this truck has a sliding rear window, aftermarket bed rails, and a diamond plate tool box.  Once again, trucks are used in Georgia rather than just driven.

Here is the problem area.  Pictured above is rust where the upper door jam meets the roof.  While not uncommon, this surprised me a bit.  When you talk rust in these trucks, the main problem areas are the cab corners, door sills, and the bottom of the fenders and bed.  The rust here looks to be pretty pronounced, and I would be curious how deep it goes.  The picture is not clear enough to determine if this is just heavy surface rust and chipping paint, or a really deep rust through situation.

Inside, the seller appears to have spent some money refurbishing and rehabbing.  We see that the truck is an automatic, and that the steering wheel seems to have been exchanged for a late 1970s GM plastic four spoke commonly seen in Vegas and Camaros.  This is not exactly a great aesthetic change, but it was probably a bit smaller in circumference than the stock steering wheel.  It does look to be a comfortable truck to drive, as the seat has a new cover and probably new foam underneath.  The door color looks to be more lime green than the exterior, but this could be a light and shadows thing.  Otherwise, the door panels look pretty good, and it has crank style windows.  I am not sure if electric window lifts were available from the factory, but I have seen a truck with an aftermarket set in the past.  Perhaps they could be added.

Under the hood sits a 350 cubic inch small block V-8.  While this is one of the optional engines for that year, there is no mention as to whether or not it is the original mill.  Someone has installed a set of Hooker headers and what looks to be a new carburetor and air filter assembly.  The truck also appears to have power steering, power brakes (front discs), and that’s about it.  There’s a lot of room in that engine compartment for either a big block, aftermarket air conditioning, or both.

With this truck, the sky is the limit.  While it is not a short bed or a step side, it does get you into one of these at a much reduced price.  That savings could finance a good chunk of a restoration, or the addition of any options you want.  The truck looks to be in good shape, the seller says that it runs and shifts good, and the blemishes we can see are repairable.  I guess the big question is whether or not you could live with a long bed, and what your plans for it would be.


  1. Jeffro

    Myself, also from Georgia, agree that just about every household in rural areas has a truck in driveway.

  2. Sam

    Good honest truck, long bed is ok. The ad says “missing title”…famous last words just like…ran when parked, ac needs a recharge, paint will buff out, etc.

    • Alfie

      Georgia doesn’t require titles for vehicles older than 1985, just a bill of sale.

  3. Fred W.

    “Missing Title” is the only reason this truck is 4K.

  4. Steve

    Rust in the area over the doors is an indication that the truck sat out most of its’ life. The seam sealer between the inner and outer roof panels in the drip rail, letting water into the unpainted inner structure.

  5. Gary Member

    LMC Truck Parts sells all the necessary patch panels for anything cab related – top & bottom. The rust most likely occurred because of the seam caulking from the factory dried up & cracked, thus allowing water between the sheet metal seams. My 69 C10 rusted out from one side to the other on the front (top of windshield) rain gutter due to this type of failure. Intense repair work, but at least there is available patch panels out there.

  6. Wade Anderson

    The Firecheif in Ocoee Florida had a GMC same color but it had a 454 under the hood I drove it one time man that thing was fast

  7. Andre

    Had a similar green on green (not 2-tone) 72 LWB in my late teens/early 20’s. Got me to college and back in style in a land of, at the time, Cavaliers and Civic’s with soup-can exhaust.

    Mine was rough, but reliable. I loved it and still love 67-72 GM trucks.

    When time and funds permit I would like to build matching 69-72 trucks for my daughters (they’re only 1 1/2 and 4 now). One lowered C10, and one K5 Blazer on 35’s. Both finished to match. Let their personalities decide who gets which.

    This was mine, only decent picture I have of it. Nothing fancy and I somehow prefer it to my current modern Silverado crew cab.

  8. Mr. Bond

    I drove a 1970 Chevy 1/2 ton thru college and well beyond. V8, 4 speed. Loved it. I’ve had many, but that old truck was the best!

  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    After 30 years in the building trades, I’ll take a long bed every time. Short bed trucks are for posers in my opinion.

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