Home on the Range: ’64 Willys with 18K Miles


It’s so rare anymore to find truly enjoyable stories behind the barn finds put on eBay. Often times, the time capsule specimen is already in the hands of a flipper, and somehow, the story just isn’t as sweet than if it was being offered by a blood relative or original owner. The seller of this Willys CJ5 with only 18,000 miles says it belonged to his grandfather, and I hope the story is true – judge for yourself here on eBay, where bidding is just under $5,000 and the reserve has been lifted. 


While anything can be faked, this picture is a potential piece of evidence that the seller is on the up and up, sharing a news clip of his grandfather using the Willys when new. However, it could have also come with the vehicle from the previous owner. The sole area of concern for me is when the seller mentions that he’s been selling cars on eBay for 20 years. Could that mean he’s lying about the family connection, or is it just a car seller doing what a car seller does best, even if the vehicle comes from his own family?


No matter what the story is, the low mileage and lack of reserve makes this Willys a compelling buy. I dig the fold-down windshield on these old rigs, and the simplicity of the entire package. If the newspaper clipping is of the same Jeep, this specimen spent its short lifetime on the road doing what it does best – working and hustling on tough terrain! The old “4 Wheel Drive” logo on the rear gate is now plastered on the modern re-creation of the Willys package, sold by your local Jeep dealer.


The Willys supposedly has been stored on a Colorado ranch for many years, apparently going into retirement not long after it was bought new by the seller’s grandfather. Not much detail is offered up on its running condition, other than it drives great and is rust-free. The bodywork isn’t perfect and there’s definitely surface corrosion, but how often do low-mileage Willys pop up for sale? If it all checks out, this looks like an excellent candidate for a driver-quality restoration that isn’t so valuable it can’t be used.


  1. RayT Member

    Bidding has ended, according to eBay.

    I like it: a good, honest vehicle, no better or worse than you’d expect it to be. Unless Grandson decided — or was told — to take it off the market, someone probably got a good deal.

  2. Chebby

    Why would you sell Grandpa’s jeep?

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  3. Mike

    Just went to eBay link and sold 4700.

  4. Todd Zuercher

    Somebody got a steal! What a great old Jeep.

  5. cyclemikey

    What a deal. Coincidentally, I just drove my CJ-5 into town this morning. A little cool on the way in, but worth it.

    Have you hugged your Jeep today?

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Just got back from coffee in the Village with My Willys wagon! Raining here, vacuum wipers, fun!

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  6. Tom Member

    Well, cool old jeep BUT 18K miles not sure if I believe that. First off it would be a HARD 18K being that this thing is beat up from the bottom up. lots of damage to the lower sides HAS TO BE from driving over stuff. what the heck, why not, that is what a jeep is for, right?

    My biggest “clue” to why I think more than 18K miles is the old picture with his grandfather in the driver seat. Look at that rear tire, pretty good picture, I am not going to say the tire is BALD but there is not a whole lot of meaty tread…..hmmmm….more than 18K miles on it in that photo I’d say.

    Seller says zero rust. ok, I guess he meant body/frame rot. There is plenty of surface rust from not taking care of the paint and general paint oxidization …..not sure what the undercarriage looks like….photos could have helped.

    What is up with that tailgate? I think it can breath well because someone beat the snot out of it. just saying.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I thought something looked odd in the rear too. Can’t quite make it out however.

      Theoretically the tire in question could be filled with mud as often happens on grassy slopes.

      • Tom Member

        You certainly could be right. If I had to bed, I would chose wear over mud based on what I see. Let’s say it is mud. that is a HARD 18K miles. Like my ex sister in law, she hit everything in sight (I do mean driving and running into things), often twice (again, cars into objects).

  7. Bob S

    I’d have paid more for that….well bought. Like the new tires.

  8. Clinton

    “Selling on eBay for 20 years” yeah sure….considering auctionweb didn’t change to ebay until 1997.

  9. Alex D.

    In 1953 Kaiser bought Willys overland. By 1963 or maybe earlier the Willys logo was no longer used on the tailgate, so the tailgate had to have been replaced at some time notice the color difference. This is a Kaiser Jeep.

  10. Another Bob

    18,000 isn’t really that unusual for these. A lot of times they never left the ranch. But they did a lot of work.
    You’re right about the tailgate Alex. I have a 63 CJ3B with the logos, but a 64 DJ3A I once owned did not.

  11. Rick.

    Looks like grandpa would drink his “cough syrup” and go for a booze fueled ride thru the brush.

    That or he was as blind as a bat. Looks like he hit everything in sight with it.

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