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Hot Rod Potential: 1930 Ford Model A Roadster

I am not going to get all wordy on this one, gang…just someone, get on eBay and buy this Model A Roadster. Like, right now! You can find the ad here on eBay in Lake Charles, Louisiana with a current high bid of $5,600.

The seller calls it a “CONVERTABLE”, which sounds more like something your in-laws might sleep on when they come to visit, but it sure looks like an original Model A roadster to me. If I didn’t have my hands full of other projects, it’d be mine. Seriously. He even has a clear title. Or a Bill-of-Sale. Whatever. We’re wasting time!

Look, obviously, it’s all there. Right there. And there and there. Let’s clear all that ballast out of the hold, swap in a Mercury flathead, a T-5 and call it awesome.

It has a rumble seat…and full fenders…and an unrusted decklid…and a straight body…c’mon, guys. Go, go, go! Get it!


  1. Derek

    I believe it’s actually a ’31 because of the painted rad shell insets. Very nice car, could make a great period style hot rod. Be a shame to paint it.

    • Mark

      Indented firewall and the painted grill shell? That’s a ‘31.

  2. Speedy D

    This IS a ’31 — the indented firewall (around the fuel shutoff valve) was introduced in April of 1931 (picture for reference)

    • Metoo

      I am always in awe of you guys that know the obscure details of identification.

  3. Nrg8

    Nice yard art

  4. slickb

    I like the bowl that’s keeping it from rolling

  5. Joe Haska

    Yard art ? I think it is allot better than that. It does support the fact that Model A’s, have certainly gone down in value. I do agree with Karl, this is a deal, and now the good part, ” To build a really “Cool Hot Rod”, everything you need is there, its even half way apart. Keep what you need, try to sell the rest for something. Get a very good after market frame, your basic hand tools, and some desire and time and commitment and build yourself a great little Hot Rod, for a third of what it would have cost 15 years ago. For me the car is the easy part, the other 3 not so much, I already have a great little Hot Rod.

  6. Hondo

    Don’t think it a rumble seat, no hole for the lock.

    • Derek

      It appears to have been re-skinned judging by the wrinkles along the edge but the car does have the correct rumble seat steps on the bumper and the fender.

  7. Metoo

    Wow! It almost looks fire dept chiefs car red. A worthy project for some lucky, industrious person.

  8. Classic Steel

    A nice body other than the chop top

    • Derek

      Not so sure that it is but, if it is, that’s a good thing.

  9. Dave Mc

    Seat doesn’t look too comfy.

  10. EHide Behind

    Alerted an associate who built one beginning in way less worthy condotion than this one. If fame is solid box it, while adding replacement tranny mt.
    Associates is running Chevy big V6 and 5 speed mild build cam carb headers.
    It scoots and one can buy engines and tranny dirt cheap.
    This could be an inexpensive build and flip for someone.

  11. Levi

    I wonder what’s in the silver locked box

  12. Karl

    Great catches, everyone…it seems the seller doesn’t know Model A’s like BarnFinds readers! Still, I’m going to double down on the rumble seat, Hondo, despite the lack of a latch handle…or hole…because of the way the lid is tucked behind the tail panel…and the steps…

  13. Peter

    The following is coming from my perspective that there are enough, cut up Model A “hotrods” out there, that good survivors should be preserved, or restored. I mean, IIRC, one can buy EVERY part to a Model A, from the aftermarket. So why cut a good one up?

    With the above in mind, and having read of a Model A (on Hemmings, perhaps?) that the Seller sunk $5,000. into having the original engine rebuilt, I’m not feelin’ like this is such a great “deal.”

    Unless someone is burning for a project, I think a runner, for more money, would be a more attractive alternative (for me). Or, at least one that “ran when parked,” and had the engine in the proper location, intact.

    But to each, his own.

  14. EHide Behind

    Goodness sake there are literary tens of thousands of stickers out there, and yes their
    If value falls yearly on the run of mill stockers.
    Who mentioned cutting up anything or modifying body.
    LOOKS TO ME like everything is there to keep stock appesrance, while vastly improving durability and safety.
    Am old rodder, and hot rods ran gamut from stock appearing with simple speed additions to chopped tops and damn near unrecognizable body touches.
    YUP YOU CAN GO BUY EVERY PART BY RERODUCTIONS, FROM GLASS TO STEEL, FROM MEXICO OR CHINA, YA snobs with real looking and not done by working life back into original metal. with hands on abilities to make better than new.

  15. Karl

    Most of us know that there’s a strange effect that project cars have on value…they are often worth more than the sum of their parts or even more than a running example. Weirdly, this car may be more appealing as a starting point for someone (me, for example) to drop in a new powertrain, fuel and electrical system, brakes, suspension and interior, than a perfect, running example. Honestly, who wants to tear all that stuff out of a running car? On top of the work of deconstruction, now I gotta store parts, sell parts, trade parts…to people who run in resto circles and not rodders? That’s time and trouble I don’t need. (Also, the guilt. Oy!)

    Naw, 5600 bucks appears to be a good deal. Looks a straight, rust free, fendered, uncut roadster. At least one of the 34 bidders thinks so, too!

  16. Mountainwoodie

    Those engine studs would make sitting behind the wheel painful

  17. Joe Haska

    As always some of the comments to me are mind blowing, did I miss something, when did this car become running and driving. When you make an early Ford a Hot Rod, when did that become the equivalent of cutting it up. How would you know the top is chopped on a Model A roadster, with the windshield laying down flat. And my all time best, we have to save this one, because there are none left, REALLY! As for all the repo parts that is true, and did you think all these terrible Hot Rods you have all seen, that are disgusting and a disgrace are probably made of many of those fiberglass and China made parts. For a reference for all these terrible cars go to Michael Christensen Photography and see his photos of The GNR Show and the disgraceful cars that were displayed there. Karl, I honestly thought you got it until, I read your last post.

    • Karl

      Joe Haska…umm, huh? Honestly and with all due respect, I’m having a little trouble following you…I don’t get what, now?

  18. Peter

    Ah…now I remember why I don’t comment very often.

    I’m…slow, but I’m learning…that I don’t have to offer uncompensated tutoring in Reading Comprehension, on web forums. Pass.

    Enjoy yourselves.


  19. Ken Kittleson

    “Lake Charles, Louisiana…little Bessie girl I once knew…she told me just to come on by if there’s anything she could do…”

    • Metoo

      And if it springs a leak(inevitable) she mends it. Paraphrasing, but you get it.

  20. Joe Haska

    Karl, With all due respect, we are having a communication problem, via the written word. If we were in real time conversation, I think we would get to a place, where we would both agree.

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