I Want To Cruise! 1974 Pontiac Grand Ville

This beautiful big Pontiac just begs to be driven on an afternoon like I’m experiencing today (almost 70 F in North Carolina). It’s listed for sale here on eBay, where the buy it now price is $8,200 but the seller is welcoming lower bids than that. You’ll have to travel to Port Washington, New York to pick it up if you’re the winning bidder.

As I’ve mentioned multiple times in the past, one of my future car wants is a 60’s-70’s American convertible just for weekend and evening cruises with my family. This one certainly fits that requirement. The Grand Ville was introduced to the Pontiac line as the very top full size model in 1971, and kept that position until 1975. Convertibles, however, were pretty rare, with exactly 3,000 made in 1974 according to this informative website. In comparison, there were 33,345 hardtops made in the same year.

The seller tells us that the paint, top and weatherstripping are all new. Personally, I’d source a set of Pontiac Rallye II wheels and replace the original wheel covers to add a little sportiness, but that’s it. The chrome is shiny enough for me, and I don’t see any rust (of course, that could have been bodged during the paint job, but I’d want some close up pictures or an in person visit before paying the buy it now).

The interior looks like a couch I remember from my uncle and aunt’s living room. Pretty much the same color, too. And I’m guessing it would be comfortable as well. There may be one “button” missing on the driver’s side, but I’m guessing that wouldn’t be too ridiculous to repair/replace. Anyone done that themselves?

The seller mentions that the dash is damaged and includes two pictures of the damage. I wasn’t able to find a new dash pad, although I did find a custom fit cover that I think would work. And there’s always these folks that can refurbish the one you have. I haven’t had that done, but a friend of mine did for a 1963 Thunderbird and they were very happy with the result. Any of you have any experience with that type of refurbishing?

Unfortunately, there’s no engine or under car pictures, but we are told the seller has had the car since 1981, they have rebuilt the power steering and the carburetor, and that the air conditioning components are loose in the trunk. It’s covered 175,500 miles so far (happy to see the seller is admitting the odometer has flipped!) and looks like it could certainly cover some more. Would you like to be behind the wheel? What kind of offer would you make on this grand Grand Ville?


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  1. rmward194 Member

    In addition to the Rallye II wheels I’d want the fender skirts to complete the look. Nice car! I had 1975 that was rough around the edges, unfortunately I was to young to appreciate it at the time.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      The fender skirts are there, but one of them needs hardware. I really like this car!

  2. Flmikey

    …there’s gotta be a catch on this one…way too cheap…even with the high miles…if it’s as good as it looks, it’s the bargain of the month!

    • Tom Member

      I am just about to present some market facts…..the site has been getting weird lately, I am not out to offend anyone so please don’t hate on my comments.

      No catch. Nice car, very cool and a good find……don’t get me wrong but check the market. 175K miles, 1974=no horsepower and the dash board alone make this an $8K car. The convertible is about $5K of the $8K. You can find these cars with super low miles, like 10-30K original miles for $20-30K retail or less in unbelievably beautiful condition under hood, undercarriage, everything.

      $10K if you really gotta have it, always wanted one, buy it!!! Nice driver with a lotta miles that will probably need a lot of mechanical stuff in the days to come.

  3. Doug

    Buyer should have to sign a contract that they won’t DONK it!!!

  4. Luki

    Rare bird. Someone will be very happy when they land this yacht.

  5. Ck

    This is the way to cruise. At the end of last summer I picked up a 70 buick electra 225 convertible . (AKA. THE DEUCE AN A QUOTAA ) .These old GM land yachts are a blast .They run good and they’re easy to work on .The price on this Pontiac seems a little high for a car with 175K.The only reason I say this is there have been 2 mid 70’s Delta 88 convertables for sale near my house .One was $3500.00 and the other one was on craigs list for 5K .Both were just as nice as this Pontiac. I only paid $4200.00 for my Buick and its only got 53K miles . My point is these old boats are out there and can be had for cheap money ,ya just need to look around a little.

  6. Rhett

    I’ve got a 72 GVille, and 8500.00 seems to be the going rate. These cars are fantastic, they handle, steer and brake like a much smaller car, the 71-76 B body was a real engineering triumph (with the exception of the “scissor” convertible top”) This car will have a 455 with a TH400 transmission, and a 8.875 rear – All incredibly stout hardware, and with a little work will make this car move, in addition to already being a tire shredder. Easy to work on, satisfying to drive, highly styled and room for 8 close friends, no lie. All that and at the end of the day, yours is biggest. Nothing else comes close.

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  7. KeithK

    Price may be a bit steep but there is much value in a drive-it-now classic. I’m trying to find that comfortable medium between classic cool and something my wife is willing to drive. If it’s “hers” then I don’t have to shed one to bring it home!

  8. doug6423

    I was thinking 24″ chrome wheels with white walls at first but I think 14″ wire wheels with hydraulics would go better with this. Then add a sound system with so much bass that people would think an earthquake is about to happen. Then throw some glitter in some clear and shot a quick topcoat on it to make it sparkle! So many possibilities with this!!! :)

  9. Ron Bajorek

    expect 6 mpg is what I’m told on these cars

    • Dan

      Relatively speaking, gas is a whole lot cheaper now than it was 43 years ago. I have a 1972 Impala convertible, and with weekend cruising, I do not use enough gas to have that be a deal breaker.

    • Tom Member

      My 67 Firebird 400 gets 8 mpg. I had a 73 Olds 98 with the 455, 6 mpg sounds a little low but the “maybe” is 8 avg..

  10. Vin in NJ

    My first thought when I saw this post was that this car needs a set of Rally IIs.
    I’m glad to see I’m not alone in my thoughts.

  11. Bill

    Had one when I lived in the Okanagan, and before that Northern Alberta. It was a nice cruiser and great hiway touring car. More than enough power in that 455. I had the skirts, it really added to the class. I replaced the dash in mine, it wasn’t toooo hard, and updated it with the classy AM radio 8 Track combo. Miss it on warm sunny days.

  12. Boris

    Jimmy Hoffa had one of these, but it was a hardtop. Still, you could be cruisin’, Hoffa-style.

  13. Rustytech Member

    I had a 1973 Buick Centurion a few years back, it was a 455 ci. With 4 bbl, got better fuel mileage than my current Hemi powered Jeep ( 14 to 18 mpg ). Love these big GM’s, but this one is over priced by several thousand dollars.

  14. Greg Member

    Had a 72 Grandville convertible I bought from the original owners wife back in ’87. It was pristine and a blast to drive with all my high school friends to the drive-ins! Great 455 power, easy to drive, power everything. One of the ones on my list of “I wish I never sold”. I’ve been looking for a clean one, preferably a 71 or 72. Not my favorite color combo though, and red seats would burn our b*tts in the California sun. Great cars though!

  15. Jubjub

    Yeah on the Rally IIs. Might be tough to find them in the big bolt pattern these days but worth it. Always a worry when there are no skirts. They say the hardware is busted. I may suspect some rust and bondo so they no longer attach. Owned a ’75 Caprice convertible and definitely seen where they rust.

  16. George

    looks like a bondo tub. $500 bucks and I love pontiacs like these! the tell tale is the high gloss white on the underside of the hood…

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