Impossible to Find 5-Speed: ’92 Chevy Lumina Z34

Back in the mid-to-late 90s, it seemed like Luminas and Berettas were everywhere. They were cheap, looked decent and went OK, too. But now, cheap cars like those have drifted down to their fourth of fifth owner who really doesn’t care what happens to their $500 beater. This exceedingly rare 5-speed manual equipped 1992 Chevy Lumina Z34 here on eBay is well-preserved, and deservingly so considering its unusual configuration. 

Luminas, and in particular the Z34, were a huge hit with the NASCAR set. And Chevrolet gave the masses what they wanted, churning out more than one special edition that paid tribute to a NASCAR legend or theme. Therefore, many of these cars were saddled with automatics, which in and of itself was not a bad combination considering there was decent thrust on board. But the 5-speed manual really sets this Lumina apart, as so few were ordered this way.

The seller estimates that only 1,914 Luminas were spec’d in this fashion. He further attests that even fewer are likely to exist today, and I’ll agree wholeheartedly with that. These have been throwaway cars for a few years now, and seeing one in nice condition will cause an instant double-take. This one has been loved, with the seller going so far as to find OEM clutch components as one example of recent maintenance performed. It also has a custom exhaust, Hypertech chip, and upgraded anti-roll bars.

As for flaws, the seller laments that the paint is in tired shape, with plenty of clearcoat fade. It also needs new carpet and the tint stripped from the windows. I’m curious why the carpet must come out, as that’s usually only replaced if it’s been damaged by water or mildew. The seller does have a reserve, but it’s not been cleared; currently, bids are just over $500 with plenty of time left to bid on this rare Chevrolet. We hope this one stays preserved, and we don’t expect to see another up for sale anytime soon.


  1. Alex

    Man that looks fun wish I had the money to get one but I got to restore my Bronco first and that’s a huge project right there but man I would love to curise in that car any day of the week.

  2. Vegaman_Dan

    Had a 90 Eurosport 4 door and while a generic car, it was very comfortable, reliable, and in its way fun. I really did dig the wraparound rear tail lights. It never gave me any trouble and was replaced by an Astro van when I needed more passenger space.

  3. Poptheclutch

    WOW!…i never thought I would see another as nice as this is!
    Man if Christmas wasn’t around the corner. I would be on this car!
    Family comes first!😁

  4. gregwnc

    These were really fun cars for the period. I had a ’92 Grand Prix GTP, same motor, same 5-speed. It was fully loaded, leather, funky little information screen sprouting from the console. Tons of torque steer with that manual trying to plant the wide Goodyears. Great times! Unfortunately, most are now long gone, which makes this Chevy pretty cool. Alas, no more room!! Mine was kinda like this. with no gold accents.

    • carsofchaos

      I had a ’90 GPT ASC McLaren…..same color combo as you have there…best bucket seats I’ve ever sat in and tons of fun to drive. That info screen you mention with the digital compass was very Atari-esque

  5. Keith Christy

    Wow. Those custom emblem exhaust tips alone are worth the current bid price. Haven’t seen one of these in a long long time.

    • Jeffro

      Chevy emblem exhaust tips! Yeah…”wow” is what I thought when I saw them on this car too.

      • Moxman

        And is probably has a pretty good exhaust note with those Flowmaster mufflers, too.

    • Dietrich

      Actually there cheap and you can buy them anywhere

  6. Gary McDaniel

    I did a special order on one of these with the 5spd when new. Loved the engine and it handled pretty well too.

  7. glen

    I guess they aren’t “impossible” to find. Sorry Jeff, had to say it!

  8. Brent

    Imagine the same configuration in a little Cavalier Z24 ~ WOWSA!!!

    • Dietrich

      Or how about this? This is my 2000 Z/24 Cavalier in mint condition. I bought this new just about now 18 years ago. No rust and about 95% factory original! All original paint, glass, interior and stereo and speakers. I was 23 when i bought it and now im 40. Was a daily till 2008 and only comes when very nice. Only mods are a custom exhaust, functioning ram air hood and the sought after GM Performance Parts M45 Supercharger bolted to the 2.4 Twin Cam Quad 4! The blower was factory designed but never a factory option, never mentioned but advertised in the dealer performance books but now discontinued. Paint is near flawless with a chip here and there but shines like new and always garaged its whole life.

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  9. Jay

    Fun story – Back in the late 90’s I test drove a 93 Z34 w/ the 5 speed. It was sitting in a used car lot and that red stuck out like a sore thumb; I couldn’t help but stop in and see if I could work something out with the dealer. After a bit of back and forth, the dealer through me the keys and my buddy and I hopped in. He had a 92 Eurosport, so he was more than happy to take it out with me. I pulled out of the dealer lot just as nice could be, but once down the road, it was fun time. I rowed through the gears and threw it into some turns, completely blind and deaf to anything else around me except the sound of that 3.4 and the bouncing tach. I am rudely brought back to my senses when I hear my bud yelling at me “COP!!”…”COP!!!!”…”DUDE!!!!!! *%#@ING COP!!!!!!”. The speed limit was 35 and when I passed the guy, I was winding out 2nd gear and slamming it into 3rd; just then coming to the realization that I was boned. The cop flipped on his lights and whipped a pretty impressive U-turn in that big ass Caprice, it looked like something out of a movie with the smokey slide he did. I hit the breaks as he was turning around and took a hard right turn making those huge sidewalls on that 16″ tire howl as they tried to hold their shape. After righting the car, I glanced to my left and saw a long row of hedges hiding a driveway that was running parallel to the street. Perfect. I slam on the breaks and yanked the wheel to the left, turning just in time to enter the driveway. The car bucks over the sidewalk and comes to a stop just behind the row of hedges. Luckily for me, it was mid day, middle of the week and the driveway was empty. I shut the car off and my buddy and I ducked below the window, hoping not to be noticed in that Arrest Me Red Lumina. We both cringe as we hear the sirens from the cruiser roar past us and fade off into the neighborhood. With My hand shaking like a leaf and shot nerves, I turned the car back on and booked it back to the dealer. When we got back to the lot, the dealer was busy with another customer so I threw the keys on his desk, climbed in my car and got the hell out of there.

    I’ve always wanted one just because of that day, but I don’t think I could stand to work on that cramped engine bay and that 3.4.

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    • glen

      So lucky! good job.

  10. Clinton

    I bought one of these that was MINT at an auction in Cleveland Ohio. Got it for a song and one of my friends just had to have it so it went to him rather than being retailed. Thought it may have been his, so I ran the VIN on this one shown here and it’s a 2 owner car. .

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    My son drives a white one with an automatic as his daily. Was my Gramps car and only has 70k miles. Was a great car but getting long in the tooth.

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  12. EJB

    Back in the early 90’s I had a black Cavalier Z-24. I loved that thing. When the Z-34 came out I wanted one in the worst way.

    “It’s like my car +10!”

  13. Aaron

    My very first car at 16 yrs old was a 1992 Lumina Z34, in that gorgeous Red. It was in GREAT condition. Got it for $2500 and it only had 80k on it. This was in 2005ish. I LOVED that car and it started my automotive addiction.
    My Dad bought it back off of me for my little brother a few years later, who, after racing a old Camaro, wrapped it around a tree and killed it forever. My brother was okay luckily.
    Those 3.4s could really sing. I should have never gotten rid of it. Photo is from 2006.

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  14. Steven Schmitt

    I owned a 93 Z34 black with red interior. It had the automatic, but it would handle and ran very well. Broke a timing belt and had to be towed in. Replacing the timing belt on a twin dual cam is quite the job. Alternator went out. Had to unbolt the engine mounts and rock the engine to get it out. Almost took a torch or hole saw to the inner fender well on that one. Loved the performance especially on the Tail of the Dragon.

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