In Showroom For 35 Years: 1965 Mustang GT

1965 Mustang GT

This Mustang is claimed to have sat inside a dealership for the past 35 years and has only covered 52k miles since new! They don’t mention if the paint and interior are original, but they do state that the engine has been swapped out for a crate engine from Summit. Supposedly they dropped $26k into parts and labor for the new engine.I’m sure it goes like stink, but they do still have the old 289-4v though, so I’d be tempted to tell them they could keep their new fancy engine if I could have the car for a lower price. That might not be an option though because the car is listed here on eBay with only a day left. Perhaps it won’t reach reserve and a deal can be made?


  1. Doug M

    From the ebay listing: “I have the original motor” and “the factory engine is the 289 high output engine.” Sounds like you gotta get this one!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      The VIN shows that it is the 289-4v, but not the Hi-Po. Still, it’s a great looking car!

      • grant

        Lol, from what I have seen everyone selling an early Mustang with a 289 will describe it as a “Hi-Po” even when you show them the “A” in the VIN and apparently every other small block Ford ever made is a “Boss 302”.

  2. Graham Line

    Wonder if the original block is rebuildable? Nice car if everything is set up right.

  3. DanaPointJohn

    Why the engine upgrade and then park it? This thing should have 75K fast, fun miles on it, and it would probably sell for the same amount.

  4. Cory

    I’d keep it as is. Why ruin the factory motor, go tear the crate motor up, keep the stock one on the shelf, and live guilt free. Nice looking car.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That’s true Cory. I’d be more worried about the paint that the engine though.

  5. piper62j

    To me, the aprons look to have been reworked. The top of each apron is not smooth and straight under the fender bolt flanges on each side..I worked on these cars when new and the tops of the aprons did not wave at you.. JMHO

  6. John

    If, in the 80s, I had been a Ford dealer and wanted a car to put in the showroom and keep for 35 years .. . . and they were all about the same price as 20 year old cars . . . yes, I would definitely have steered away from the ones that looked like they were going to appreciate, like the fastbacks and convertibles, and chosen a coupe. And I would definitely not have wasted that showroom space on a K Code . . . That would have been too fancy. And I would certainly get it in white to avoid all those pesky “do you want to sell it” questions . . .. Car is ok. Story not so much.

  7. Michael

    $21k for a notch-back. No thanks!

    • Farner

      Dont be mad because you cant afford it. The car sold for 31000.00 last Sunday Ford Motor Co bought it back.

  8. Jim

    I don’ t think 21k would touch this baby. I feel seller is looking for much more.

    • Michael

      You’re probably right. Was $20.5k and reserve not met when last I saw.

  9. jim s

    seller should have left it stock. interesting find

  10. Tom

    Concur too nice to do mods…idiot

  11. kenzo

    How does a car sitting in a show room for 35 years get 52k miles on it?
    Maybe he parked it in the show room every night instead of a garage.
    just curious.

  12. don

    not buying the whole story, seller says numbers matching, but original motor stored away, well then it’s not numbers matching, right? or am I missing something here? up to 22k reserve not met, probably worth it.

    • Farner

      The cars original motor has been stored by Ford on a crate and wrapped up, on the top shelf in service. The client just wanted a 302 with 351 heads in it to drive around town. it has been stored in my showroom for 38 years now. It was originally my parts managers car and he passed away.

  13. Dolphin Member

    Whether it was in a dealership for years or not, I think it’s worth the current $22K bid and more simply because of where the market for these is going, even if it’s ‘only’ an A-code coupe and not a K-code. The GT model & features will appeal to a lot of people.

    I think it will sell for somewhere in the $20s, and then somebody will have a not-perfect-but-very-nice looking early Mustang coupe to drive around in. Then it will sell for more than he paid if the owner decides to move it on after a few years.

  14. MikeW

    If it was only a 271 hp HiPo, a K- GT coupe it would be worth looking at, but a A code GT is still a nice car. I don’t know why he says a 260 ci and then says it has a 302 ci. Kind of mixed up

  15. james

    I agree with Grant, FORD did nobody favors by using the “BOSS IS BACK” ad campaign. and now they sell BOSS crate engines that are definitely not a Boss 302.

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