Italian Replica: 1986 Lamborghini Countach Kit Car

While the kit car landscape is pretty wild and weird at times, there’s some justification for buying a decent copy if the real car is out of reach of most enthusiasts. The Lamborghini Countach certainly falls into this category, as buying a real one represents a six-figure investment (not to mention the annual maintenance costs). This Countach replica isn’t the best but isn’t the worst, either – I’d give top honors to the guy who built his own replica in his basement. The seller doesn’t go into any details on its history, but maybe you’ll recognize it after checking out the replica supercar here on Facebook Marketplace.

Now, of course, with the exception of the basement builder, most every replica goofs up some major feature of the original car. The Countach kit car seen here has very awkward hindquarters, and while the fender flares and rear spoiler may be sufficiently enhanced, it’s still impossible to hide the generic taillights that were clearly lifted from another model. Plus, the factory Countach taillights weren’t recessed – they sat flat against the back of the car, and the center section of the rear taillight panel was cut out to allow for the mounting of the rear plate, rear fog light, and as a place for the exhaust tips to exit.

Still, this Countach replica still tries harder than most to create a driving experience that lives up to the real thing. Leather seats in a cockpit clearly designed to not look like it was lifted from some bargain basement GM product help to create some distance from whatever car this kit is based on. The seller reports that it does have air conditioning, which is a nice perk for a car that typically doesn’t go that far in terms of creature comforts. The Countach may not resemble the real thing inside, but at least repairing the leather in a car like this will be a far cheaper bill to pay than if the seat got ripped in an original Lamborghini and had to go to the dealer for reconditioning. The same philosophy goes for the Chevy 350 engine that’s under the hood.

While you typically expect to see an instrument cluster from a Fiero or some other mid-80s GM product inside, this dash panel actually looks like it was potentially custom-built for this kit. There’s no way of knowing and I’m sure more than a few of you could provide ample evidence that this instrument binnacle was lifted from another model, but I at least like seeing that the builders tried to give the car some actual identity in the assembly process rather than just dropping the razor-edged body over an existing chassis. The seller is open to trades but doesn’t provide a hard number in terms of a starting sale price – what do you think it should be worth?


  1. Big C

    Remember the Rolls Royce VW’s? At least you didn’t have to explain those things.

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  2. Ike Onick

    Automotive equivalent of a Tuxedo t-shirt.

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  3. Phipps

    I generally hate replicars with the exception of some of the incredible AC Cobra kits out there that are professional.

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    • Richard Kirschenbaum

      Howsabout a nice VW based 356 Porsche replicar? With the real ones touching a quarter mil and more, it’s a really nice alternative to risking a real one in traffic. A well made example will get just about give you the actual experience. I mean if somebody offered a molecule for molecule robotic young Liz Taylor or Barbra Eden, wouldn’t you want take her for a spin?

  4. Uncle Buck

    I disagree with the replica haters. I had a fiero/Ferrari looked great drove ok for what is was and definitely much less expensive. Everyone thought it was real. I explained to everyone it was a replica and they still liked it lol. The weird Lambo/Ferrari replicas yes look different but so do most custom hit rods to some people. Let’s stop beating each other up and support other people in the car hobby. It’s a great family to be in

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  5. David Frank David Frank Member

    It’s listed at $12,345. It’s like the mileage,1234. Perhaps his favorite password is qwerty! LOL!
    If you Google Countach images you can see the similarity to a Countach but it is not what comes to mind when you look at the pictures in the ad. Cool little kit car, though, that might be fun to drive. The instrumental panel looks like flat plastic with holes cut for gauges except there is the “oops” cutout over the steering wheel. Perhaps the panel is from another car and not a mistake.

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    • Richard Kirschenbaum

      Right on Buck. You don’t have to site in the same pew to worship the great Godomobile.

  6. Andy G.

    There’s another one, also white, currently being auctioned on Hemmings: The one on Hemmings is based on a Fiero and has a V6. I might like the body better on the Hemmings one but the interior better on this one.

  7. Bobdog

    Doesn’t anyone think the totally flat windshield is weird, I do.

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    • SubGothius

      Yup, that’s one of the dead giveaways of nearly any Countach replica; the genuine article looks flat but isn’t quite, if you look closely.

      Speaking of the originals, those also had what the write-up here called out as “taillights that were clearly lifted from another model” — namely, an early-series Alfa Romeo Alfetta sedan.

    • Mike

      Not only the windshield looks a little off, but the top looks like it’s sagging a bit.

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  8. Howie

    Listed 3 weeks ago.

  9. Jay McCarthy

    I like these replicas especially the 365 Ferrari on a Corvette chassis, Italian good looks, American dependability and other than from the purists you’ll get thumbs up everywhere you go

  10. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    I think I would have ditched the ugly bumpers to begin with, the rear looks like a diner counter top from flare to flare. The front one looks like it was mounted upside down or sideways?

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  11. (Not) Brad Pitt

    If that’s a real Lambo I’m Brad Pitt.

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  12. SirLurxaLot

    This looks like the same type used in “Wolf of Wall Street.”

    • TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

      The car used in the movie was a genuine one.

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