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We’re starting a new series here at Barn Finds to let our readers see what we’re up when not pounding away on the keyboard! As I’ve alluded to more than once, I spend a fair amount of time in junkyards up and down the East Coast and want to start sharing some of my more interesting finds with you. I do so with a brief disclaimer, however – I don’t generally provide the name and location of these yards out of respect for the owners, many of whom I’ve gotten to know over the years. And, if you want to re-use the photos, please ask us first if possible. Now, onto some of the more memorable discoveries from a recent trip to a junkyard in the woods!


This Corvair sedan was my absolute favorite car in the yard. It looked ready to drive out of there, with a solid body and unbelievable interior. And a manual transmission to boot!


These two had been canoodling together for quite some time – though the Chevy still had its hind quarters attached!


A very straight Ford Econoline van had once served as a bit of display advertising for an antiques company; in a cruel twist of irony, it is now a forgotten artifact waiting to be purchased and cherished.


This Volvo P1800 was once a striking coupe that had a starring role on the Silver Screen. Unfortunately for this example, rust has eliminated any chance of a show-biz career in the future.


Finally, this little TR6 seemed to be a mere fender installation away from returning to the roads. Perhaps the Lucas electrical system has relegated it to the role of parts car for other more fortunate TRs.


  1. jim s

    the van if from Worwick Conn. so is the yard in new england? the P1800 and tr6 would be worth looking at for parts. great idea.

    • John


  2. redwagon

    o dear, canoodling cars. pontiacs, esp blue ones, are just so needy! so clingy!

    • Nova

      Good eye redwagon!

      I swiftly dismissed the Poncho as an upside down, mid 80’s EX Police Dodge Diplomat,

      sacrificially placed to assist in preserving the Chevelle (perhaps convertible).


  3. Phil

    I’m really not sure why you can’t share the location. If one were to see something they valued, it seems to me it works to the advantage of both buyer and seller to be able to pursue it. Always look forward to seeing what the Barn has to offer!

    • rover

      agreed Phil,

      unless the particular junkyard owner has specified they want privacy and do not want to sell any of the “stuff”…it seems to me that,, especially in these desperate financial times,, spreading the word and especially the sight of something valued that is for sale and then NOT allowing potential buyers to know where it is…….?? On the other hand if the junkyard owners were in need of a sale to make ends meet I guess they would get on ebay, craigs,or autotrader etc….maybe no internet out there in the woods? – a lack of technical know how? Is there a niche market here for barn finds?? BarnFinds auctions via the existing barn finds template and membership?? No junkyard left behind!! maybe federal subsidies in it…;o)

      • Josh Staff

        Haha I love the idea Rover!
        I believe Jeff isn’t disclosing the location of this one because it isn’t open to the public. Ones that are will have their locations provided, so that everyone can go and enjoy them!
        As for the BarnFinds junkyard auctions, I will have to give this one some thought! And if you figure out how to get us those federal subsidies, please let me know!

  4. Snakes

    What movie was that Volvo in?

  5. Bernie

    I want that Corvair!

  6. Tim

    The p1800 was featured in The Saint, but not that particular car.
    That TR6 looks reasonably solid.. I just bought a rusty one.. I’d love to have a parts car…

  7. Gary

    Snakes…. In the old Roger Moore TV series “The Saint” he drove a ’62 P1800, however the car was a right hand drive model. Roger Moore also starred in several of the James Bond 007 thrillers.

  8. GreaserMatt

    The pic of that chevelle makes me want to cry…

  9. JW

    I worked at a laundry part time in 1969 at 16 yrs old as a maintenance assistant, they had a 1963 green Econoline for a parts getter, I bought it for $300. OH the party times that went on in that thing at the drive-in. Hauled a few kegs in it too. Used more oil than gas, those were the days.

  10. Jason

    Love the Mystery Machine. Knew some Mullens from CT.

  11. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    I am a huge fan of this new series, can readers submit their own?

    • Josh Staff

      You bet! Just send us an email with photos and a short write-up (similar to this one, but can be shorter or longer) and send it to us at!

  12. rover


    There is a written plan already re: no junkyard left behind..will share gladly however off this thread…where?


    • Jeff Lavery Staff

      Rover, I’d be curious to hear about your plan. Junkyards are a big past time for me. Email to and let us know what you’re thinking. Would love to work with you on this. Thanks! Jeff

      • rover

        Thank you for the feedback Jeff,

        I emailed a very brief brief covering the first steps to the address you prescribed over the weekend , Jesse provided a positive return within the hour if not less, and I will expand on the plan for all to see…got busy here in town yesterday with visits to colleagues and items I can only take care of here in fast internet territory. The expansion of the plan I sent can be done while I am up on the farm 60 kilometers distant and then sent on my cell….I do think this will work and you will be happier once you see the financial side worked out on paper – if nothing more you can offer adjustments – I am open to advice and polite criticism – this like any other deal will only work if both sides are happy…talk soon, Chris

        Just had another idea….stay tuned today for a “test run”

  13. Leo Judice

    Ask the owner’s for permission to give out info, it will benefit them to sell parts and bodies

  14. Leo Judice

    I have a 1970 427engine for sale, on the back of the block its stamped hi-performance, I’m trying to sell this engine, my cell is 504-905-1151 or email me at, text me and I can send pics, its all complete, and it’s not like locked up, 35,000 mile’s on engine, also I took pictures of the odometer

  15. krash

    you’ll take your life in your hands if you show your mug at my cousin’s yard in Eastern Mass…

    more “tourists with cameras” have disappeared w/o a trace after passing the “Enter At Your Own Risk” …

    but if you insist, he does have a nice selection of digital cameras and smartphones to use in the Lost and Found that have mysteriously gone unclaimed…


    • Jeff Staff

      That wouldn’t be a facility located in Brockton, would it? If not, let me know whereabouts it is – I’d love to check it out!

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