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Josie And The Pussycats 1966 Chevy Van

Does anyone besides my wife remember the 2001 movie Josie and the Pussycats? It was based on a cartoon about 3 ladies and their band somehow heroic things. The cast and crew had a 16th reunion just a few weeks ago. This van from the movie was recently donated to the museum I volunteer at. The tires have rotted away so new tires are being installed. It all looks very solid with no sign of rust.

The van still has it’s wide-eyed freckle-faced stare. It’s certainly interesting and full of character.

Inside, most of the decoration is long gone. There are just a few albums remaining, taped to the back door.

The leopard skin dash cover is long gone. Someone must have had performance in mind. There’s a 350 crate motor under that cover with an automatic with a B&M shifter.

Here’s that crate motor hiding in the doghouse. It’s said to be a 350, but it’s not known for sure.

Here it is with its feet. Those side marker lights on the rear are a puzzle. I thought they didn’t appear until 1968. This van is a bit sketchy, to say the least. It might have some value as a movie vehicle, but the movie is obscure to most of us. The engine installation was done just to be used in a movie, so it will take a close look to see how well it was installed. The builders didn’t upgrade the brakes or suspension so it will need serious work underneath before driving it in anything but a straight line. As I recall, my 1966 Chevy van with a 6 cylinder engine had what I like to call “brick on a stick” handling so this one with the heavier V8 must be truly interesting to drive. The museum will most likely sell this old van eventually for a lot less money than anyone thinks it’s worth. It was last sold in 2009 by the Volo Auto Museum with a listing on It was listed for $9,000 and eventually sold for $6,000. I have no idea what anyone would be willing to pay for this (insert kind words here) van, but it will be interesting to see.


  1. Mark H

    I remember the cartoon series from the early 1970’s, but not a remake movie.

  2. Jeffro

    Perfect first car for teenage boy. I’m sure lettering on side will not scare parents as their daughter hops in van.

    • TriPowerVette

      Gay, much?

      If I were a teenage boy and would even consider riding in this, without 3 or 4 cute girls as well, then I might rather have a “My little pony” Mustang (if there ever was one). Anyway, I’d probably be too busy looking for work in one of the local “single gender” bars.

      What you meant to say was that, properly fixed up, this would be the ideal head cheerleader’s dream transportation.

      • Jeffro

        As a father of teenage daughters, I might let them ride in this. If it had “Shaggin Wagon” on the side…no way in hell! And shame on you for saying that a boy driving this would be gay.

  3. 68 custom

    love these old chevy vans but the movie adds no value as far as I a concerned. like the fact a V8 is already installed.

  4. MrBlueOval 57

    I’m showing my age here but I remember the original late 1960’s / early ’70’s Saturday morning cartoon of the same name and vaguely remember the recent movie that I think was a flop just like this Chebbie van is. BTW, those marker lights were added on and are those tail lights frenched in ? Hard to tell in the photo. Maybe someone could turn this into a neat Scooby-Do Mystery Machine ?

    • 68 custom

      why change it since it already was a movie car?

    • Vanner68

      NOOOOO! No. Far too many of those already.

      I prefer the hot rod look anyway. Mine is currently getting 454 power.

  5. Phil

    Tara Reid, Rachel Leigh Cook ,Rosario Dawson from 2001

  6. Phil

    What the interior USED to look like

  7. Ernie the Dancing Weasel

    Side marke lights are not factory. Used to sell those things in Kmart & JC Whitney back in the day.

    OEM would not start ‘till ‘68 MY & would be the same as same era Chevy/GMC C/K pickups (and identical to the ones on the Mystery Machine pictured…& “frenched” like that from the factory…)

  8. Richard

    I will be interested in it when it is ready for sale. I’d like to officially put my name at the top of the list. See this was once, my van. I sold it to an auto wrangled for Universal studios. The studio did the interior and painted spots on it for the movie. I did the V8 swap myself back in the 80s. I know everything about this van. Including how it has set outside in the NE for a long period of time.

    • David Frank David Frank Member

      WOW! That’s really cool! Keep an eye on the site, or you can call Roy at 916 806- 8068. (Or me at 916 806-9756) I’d love to hear more details about it, or if you do buy it, what you do with it. I’ll tell Roy about this tomorrow. Do you still live in the NE?

  9. Richard

    No David, I bought it in the NW where I have lived for the last 45 years.
    I joined the site yesterday, so ill be keeping a close eye on it.

  10. David Frank David Frank Member

    I told Roy about you. He’s glad to know about your interest. It will have to be listed on eBay first. If you’d like to provide contact info, I’ll keep you informed.

    • Richard Linkel

      Contact info:

    • Richard Linkel

      Does it have to be listed on EBay? Can I just make an offer? Does it run?

    • Richard

      My son and I swapping the engine in our dirt driveway with a cherry picker.

    • Richard Linkel

      Did you guys sell the Josie and the Pussycats van? I never saw any notice. If it did, do you have any info on who might own it now, or where it was the last you remember?
      Thanks, Rich.

  11. The Captain

    Diggin it!

  12. Sea-N-Blue


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