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How Low Can You Go? 1955 Pontiac Custom Wagon

I consider myself pretty jaded at this point in my life when it comes to cars that take my breath away. Ok, that’s not quite true. My breath is taken away once or twice a week. This ’55 Pontiac Tricked Out Wagon is, I guess, my weekly gasp. It’s got the patina, the heritage, the rarity, and the killer posture that lets anyone and everyone know it means business. Find this low riding wagon here on eBay in Euclid, Ohio with a BIN of $29,500.

Before I continue my gushing, I’ll call a point of order. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that this bonny Bonneville is not actually a Safari model 870, as the seller claims in their ad, but is actually a Pontiac Chieftain Wagon. You’ll note the Chieftain specific grill, featuring the three center chrome stripes, the flying V on the hood, the matching metal body color bumper wrap-arounds, and large inverted V trim on the tailgate. The Safari model had the distinctive orange lit bulby nose on the hood ornament, a top-crossover bar connecting the vertical bumpers, and seven top to bottom tailgate bars. I’ll ask those who know more to pitch in and correct or confirm. But we can all agree on several things, I’m sure.

First, any one of us would feel like the King of the Hill kicking back in this ready to rumble, patina perfect ride. And what a ride it will be. It’s got a 350 V8, and a 700R4 auto transmission with overdrive, and was updated with power front brakes, power steering, and A/C. Its bulldog stance comes from an Air Ride Technologies digital management system, and (for me the best part) Bluetooth stereo that can add harmony to the “…killer throaty sound…” only a fifties beast can produce.

We can also agree that the interior is an impeccable blend of tradition, macho, and brohemian beauty. The tobacco hued seats were an excellent choice to offset the cream door panels (chosen to match those classic steel wheels). I’m a steering wheel purist, so I would have stuck with a massive original with its single connecting bar and center hub horn ring, but certainly the custom woody wheel is a bit more muscular than my choice. With an asking price of $29.5k, it’s an affordable way to get behind the wheel of a drive away, ready to impress custom that will turn heads from coast to coast.


  1. William

    Too bad the 350 isn’t Pontiac.

  2. olddavidp

    I thought ICON as soon as I saw the picture. And a $100,000 price.

  3. Rene Weber

    Wow it sold already!

  4. Bob

    To set the record straight, the grills on the Chieftains and Star Chiefs were identical as were the painted surrounds. Optional on both the Chieftain and Star Chiefs was the front bumper guard assembly which joined the two horizontal bumpers. Also optional on both series was the lighted Indian hood ornament. I was 15 when my dad bought a brand new 55 Star Chief convertible which to me, was the most beautiful car I had ever seen. What you call patina I cal rust. No thanks

  5. jw454

    When the new owner drives this for the first time I wonder if they’ll be ready for all the rattles, squeaks and air leaks.
    The right hand door doesn’t even have a weather strip in the window channel. Who knows what else you’ll find/need.

  6. Bob

    Another comment…apparently Gar and the seller are too young to know that the Bonneville wasn’t introduced until 1957.

  7. Andre

    Killer throaty sound from a 50’s 350….


    Off a decade.

  8. Joe Haska

    I thought the price was a little high, but it sold, so forget that. It is everything I like, stance, wheels and lots of pitna, I have a P/U with the same things, and I love it!

  9. Jon

    Nice ride, in spite of the ” patina ” look….

  10. Fred w.

    Wow…only a few years ago, this car, based on appearance, would get you kicked out of any upscale neighborhood. Not sure what the thrill is.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      I agree…paint it the original tu-tone and ditch the steering wheel for an orginal.

  11. Nrg8

    Patina?!? Never seen rust under the drip rail like that before. I can only assume that roof is pretty thin too.

  12. Ryan

    There is definitely a disconnect between generations on what is considered cool. Patina is cool, bright colors like orange and purple are not.

  13. John C Cargill

    wrong motor, too low and I’ve thoroughly had it with Patina. A lazy way out.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      yep, yep and yep.

    • TouringFordor


  14. Sheldon Braffman

    Patina only goes so far on a rust bucket. I’d rather see a car for sale that has had a frame-up correct motor resto.

  15. Steven D Visek

    It’s a cool ride but putting a Chevy motor in it just doesn’t sit well with me.

  16. Gearheadengineering

    Definitely not a Safari. This is a “regular” two door wagon. The Safari was like Chevy’s Nomad. Different roof, different b pillars, different tail gate from this regular wagon. Pretty common mistake. When I had my ’57 Chevy wagon, people commonly called it a Nomad. And mine was a four door!

    I don’t see $29k here. I like it, but you can get a lot better for that kind of money. Somebody apparently doesn’t agree with me. Good for the seller I guess.

    – John

  17. Mountainwoodie

    Needs a coat of paint.

  18. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    No latch on the liftgate would for surely give you a rattle, and possible a broken window while driving. It also looks like the clearcoat used to preserve the patina was NOT applied to the roof which has turned crusty.

  19. Iron Maiden

    Its a rusted out piece of crap.

  20. Rick Pyle

    Definitely agree I’ve had enough of the patina it’s definitely a lazy way out give it the origal stance with some torqu thrust wheels and some fat tires

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