Low Mile Brush Truck: 1965 International 1300

Ex-municipal vehicles seem to show up with some regularity anymore, which makes me wonder if they sell for ridiculously cheap prices at state-run auctions. There’s some obvious appeal, as they are usually low mileage and have some interesting options not found on civilian vehicles. However, they are also heavy-duty and not necessarily practical as a project. Where does this low-mileage 1965 International 1300 fit on your scale of practicality? Find here on eBay in a classified listing for $6,950.

This truck hails from Nevada, where it was suited up for brushfire fighting duties in Douglas County. Originally red from the factory, it was obviously repainted to suit the needs of the department it served in the desert climate. Surprisingly, there is still some rust in the “….usual places” despite the arid environment it comes from, but it’s far from a rust bucket. The body retains all of its fittings from its conversion to a brushfire truck, but the seller doesn’t know if any of it works.

The interior looks quite nice, and the factory red paint is on full display (and peeking through the yellow top layer). The gauges and dash panel present well, and the shifter handle sports an unusual bend that reminds me of the early Honda Civics. The seller claims the mileage is just over 26,000, which may be accurate given how many of these municipally-owned rigs see limited duty in their years parked in the town garage. The one major issue this International has is a faulty brake master cylinder, but that should be a fairly straightforward repair (and one I’d make before the sale, if I were the seller.)

The seller says the truck is “simply massive,” which leads me to believe you’ll have to have either the space to store it or a way to put this brushfighter back into duty quickly so it’s not taking up valuable real estate. Transporting this to a new destination will be a costly affair, and the price seems high for a fairly tired example with an issue that prevents it from being driven any distance. While the seller says it was running/driving a year ago, it clearly hasn’t been used since they purchased it. Fortunately, the seller is accepting best offers – what do you think it’s worth?

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  1. Steve R

    It may be sort of cool, but not at $6,950, maybe $2,500. It’s not a mid-50’s F100 or Chevy 1/2, but it’s priced like one.

    Steve R

  2. Steve A.

    $1500.00 tops


    Like….but I should say…I’ve owned/driven em’……….

  4. Rube Goldberg Member

    Offered by a dealer called “Dream Cars”,,,IDK, driving this would be more of a nightmare. Great trucks, for what this was intended, but to drive this on any road, is a handful. I wouldn’t let the mileage fool you, I’m sure this truck either idled or sat it’s entire life, it will need everything.( except possibly the transmission, which was rarely used) Neat find, certainly not many like this left, which may or may not justify the price. Not to me.

  5. Beemoe

    Prices for Binders are going through the roof, but this one is high IMO. Probably has 5.xx gears and a top speed of 45 mph, so definitely not a daily driver… or even a weekend cruiser.

    But the big unknown is the “usual rust.” The usual rust on these trucks is in the cowl, under the hood. If it is perforated, water gets in behind the dash and then… back away slowly and then run. You don’t want to have to try to make that repair.

  6. Rob M.

    That would be a cool hunt camp beast. Right up the road, too. But that price……

  7. Alexander

    Dream Cars has some nice vehicles for sale….all of them priced $3-10k too much, at least from Southern US standards.

  8. Cmarv

    Not a rust bucket ? Maybe just a rust pail ? Still a tough and rugged cornbinder . The saying ” It drives like a truck ” is proven right here . I like it , not $6950 worth though .

  9. Johnmloghry

    Like the water hose on top—wash your truck at every stop. Is it a 6 or v8 I didn’t notice, to struck by that unusual bed setup. If Johnny Galeppi had this his house might not have burned down during the forest fire that destroyed it. Useful to a rancher.

  10. guggie

    Had one like this , one tough truck , hand full to drive , rough ride , front axle was a problem . work truck only . watch the rust on cab mounts , also no VW on gas , but a power house v8 , sold mine with 15000 miles on it for 2500 20 years ago never looked back , replaced with Dodge Power wagon !! that’s another story !!

  11. Bruce Fischer

    I like it.I would use it to go food shopping with and with my mountain drive way it would have no problem getting up it.Bruce.

  12. Bill McPherson

    My experience with these trucks is simply that they are work trucks not cruising on the week-end. The master brake cylinder from a 1968 model will be a good upgrade, and hopefully it has a V-8 engine, such as a V-345 or a V-392. It weighs enough that it most likely will pull more than expected but the sale price is too rich for my interests.

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