Luxury Wagon: 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Estate


We have come across a variety of custom coach built Cadillacs over the past couple years, but never have we seen an Eldorado Station wagon, that was until today. This 1972 Cadillac Eldorado station wagon is one of only 3 built by the American Sunroof Corporation and it has been parked for the past 16 years or so. It is in need of some attention, but the seller claims that it runs and drives great. It’s in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and can be found here on eBay with a BIN of $9,000.


There isn’t a ton of accurate information out there about the Eldorado station wagon, but from what we have been able to uncover it seems like there were a couple companies offering modified versions of several models of Cadillacs. This one is believed to have been done by ASC, which was known for its Cadillac and Lincoln customizations. To create this station wagon, one of which was built for Evil Kenevil, they attached the roof and tailgate from the Oldsmobile Cutlass wagon. We aren’t sure if this really is the case or not, so if anyone can confirm or deny this please leave a comment below. The interior looks complete, but needs attention.


This conversion has to add a considerable amount of weight to the already heavy Eldorado, but thankfully the stock engine is a 500 cui V8 and was rated at 235 hp and 385 pounds of torque. The seller claims that the engine runs great and has had a basic tune-up. The seller has known about this car since his Uncle purchased it and had their eye on it for many years, but never had the opportunity to buy it from him. They were finally able to get it recently and they hope to see it be saved from further deterioration.


Supposedly this wagon had been stored inside for the majority of its life, but after the seller’s Uncle passed away it was moved outdoors. Its time outside left the paint and landau top in bad shape. Hopefully the rust hasn’t turned to cancer, but we would be sure to check it out carefully. If you have any more knowledge about this Eldorado Wagon, please share, we would love to learn more about this unique wagon.


  1. scottski

    I love station wagons… but this one has to be the ugliest one I’ve ever seen.
    And, I usually *like* “ugly”.

  2. Corey

    I know a guy who had one of these. It was red and looked like it had just rolled off the showroom. His dad apparently bought it brand new back in the day but he didn’t remember how much was paid for it and couldn’t locate the bill of sale. His had a sunroof in it as well. It’s definitely not the prettiest looking thing but it sure is different…

    • Corey

      Actually, this one has a sunroof too….which would lead me to believe ASC did them. The total production of 3 sounds low, much like the rumored 7 ’78s with the automatic t-tops, but you never know. If that’s the case, between the red one, this one and another one that apparently belongs to some roller derby group (pics in google images), they’re all accounted for.

      • paul

        I worked for ASC along time ago. These were tanks, so no tanks.

  3. Rancho Bella

    Pimp Daddy where you can do business right on board…………..hideous beast.

  4. Jason

    Wow I love this car, my dad bought one when I was 5 , for 27000 back then, the condition of the paint is in awsome shape, this sucker should be worth the askin price, I would love to smack some new rubber on er, paint is still in good shape, this car came stock with a 454 in it, love this car

    • Tony

      454. lol.

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    • Frank Redmond

      More like a 500 CID – its a CADILLAC! It also states that its a 500 CID in the article.

    • paul

      501 cu in.

      • Frank Redmond

        There was NEVER a 501 either. I wished I could post a picture of what you’re thinking is a Cadillac 501. That is on the radiator labeling for the Cadillac 472 engines!

      • paul

        Funny, I owned a 74 with a 501 cu in, Eldorado convertible years ago, I got it from a customer who wanted to sell it off, he was the original owner, it needed body work, complete paint job,a new top, a couple of exhaust systems, shocks, 4 tires,& fresh fluids, but the interior was in great shape, I took care of all those items since I owned a body shop & mechanical shop, oh & I can assure you that it had a 501 cu in. motor, stock.

      • Drujon

        On the emission sticker it reads GM 501 and underneath 500 cu. in. So it was called 501 in some references but the size is 500 cu. in.
        Check out this link

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      • paul

        Ok I’ll go with that explanation, I do remember the sticker on the radiator support saying 501.

  5. DusterDave

    454? Wrong B/S story son thats a cheby moter.This is a caddo its a 500 in an eldo.

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  6. Gnrdude

    Well Unless it Belonged To ELvis Presley Or DEAN Martin I’m Skeptical Cause they had the Only two I know of.

    • Frank Redmond

      ASC actually produced SEVERAL MORE than just three of them. This topic is always an interesting subject within the Cadillac and even coachbuilder (Hearse and Limo builders) communities and forums. Yann Saunders (he’s on Facebook), could probably give you a LOT more detail in regard to this car and ALL the other Cadillac wagons that were produced from the early 1950’s all the way until 1989.

      • kbrenner

        I have ASC’s sales brochure from 1973. The back cover has a photo of an eldo wagon and the 1/4 windows look the same however rear treatment is much different. They were marketed as “Astrella 2-door wagons” There is a picture of their Fleetwood clamshell wagon also which they marketed as the “Astro Estate 4-door wagon” They were in Michigan and Southern California. Maloney Coachbuilders did Caddy wagons also and also a company called Wisco, and of course Traditional Coachworks in Southern California.

  7. Shane

    Love it. With the shape of that side window and placement of the reverse lights I’d guess it’s more likely the Chevelle/Malibu top and gate were used in the conversion. Vista Cruisers of that era were still running the roof line “vista” windows.

    • Frank Redmond

      Oldsmobile ALSO had a CUTLASS wagon that was VISTA-roof-LESS from 1964-1972 during the years of the Vista Cruiser. Your’e correct though about it being a Chevy wagon that was used in the conversion process.

    • paul

      No a Chevelle roof was much narrower.

      • Frank Redmond

        The Chevelle/Malibu, Cutlass/Vista Cruiser, LeMans and Buick’s Sport wagons were ALL a PERFECT candidate for the conversion process of the Eldorado. Just because the body was narrower doesn’t mean it wasn’t adaptable.

        Do a Google Images search on the 1968-1972 Chevelle/Malibu wagon. Not out to argue, but I’ve been around this stuff too long and when it comes to GM products, I tend to have extensive knowledge.

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      • paul

        Oh really well I worked for American sunroof corporation, for a short time, Heinz Prector was the president, until his untimely death in a car accident.

  8. Blindmarc

    Put one of the newer multi-speed automatics in it, and it would cruise down the highway well.

  9. P.Ross

    I was told that these’s cars were the ones that drove behind the funeral car to carry the flowers in to take to the grave yard and sometimes used to take the dead to the funeral home from the hospital

    • Frank Redmond

      NO, this was NOT a Flower Car! This is a professionally built BY a coachbuilder that ALSO built Hearses, Limo’s AND Flower Cars, but in NO WAY was this a Flower Car. This was SPECIFICALLY built as a STATION WAGON.

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  10. Notch

    Rare Rusty Caddy equals Ripoff.

  11. Richard

    Years ago, I stumbled across a 1-of-20 (according to its owner) ’68 Caddy deVille station wagon. He claimed it was the only time Caddy built a station wagon on its regular production line and used an Oldsmobile wagon frame. It also had a crank-open sunroof, and came from the factory painted fire-engine red with a black vinyl top, though he had stripped off the vinyl and painted the car maroon when he restored it because he hated the color combo.

    • Frank Redmond

      Until the birth of the CTS Sport Wagon, Cadillac NEVER built a production station wagon. ALL station wagon CONVERSIONS were built by coachbuilders that had contracts to PURCHASE either Cadillac production cars OR typically Cadillac Commercial Chassis’s to be built into Ambulances, Hearses, Limo’s and Flower Cars.

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  12. Jason

    No it’s a 454 , I should know I work at Walmart as a head mechanic.. Not to much I don’t know

    • Webby

      454- with the distributor at the front? Sure………….

      The exhaust smoke is a concern too.

  13. Frank Redmond

    You mentioned the wagon portion coming from an Oldsmobile Cutlass. That isn’t the case. This was actually from a 1969-1972 Chevy Malibu wagon. Reason I say this, Chevy had the backup lights on the tailgate, Oldsmobile had them as part of the taillight assembly.

    You’re correct about the ASC conversion. Hess & Eisenhardt also did a few conversions on the Eldorado as well as Sedan DeVille AND Fleetwood body styles. H&E typically used either the full size Chevy (1969-1970) or starting in 1971 used the Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, which was the clamshell design.

    ASC actually produced MORE than 3 of these in 1972, but an actual count hasn’t been able to be established. This car is definitely unique, but its not as rare as others out there when it comes to coachbuilt station wagons..

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    • Frank Redmond

      On the Eldorado conversions starting in 1973/74 they again stayed with the Chevy Malibu wagon (hatchback) wagon of the GM Collanade years. I looked at a 1974 Eldorado wagon about 2 years ago and it used the 73-77 Malibu wagon section.

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  14. TNeary

    In the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn around 1980, there was one in maroon near my high school, when it was put up for sale, the owner had a note on the sign saying it was an Arizona car and once owned by Dean Martin, who knows? I remembered he wanted $7,500 for it.

  15. stigshift

    The Mk V wagon succeeds in restrained styling (first time those words have ever been used together in a sentence) where this bloated and overchromed thing fails. I cannot believe I have passed styling judgement on these two vehicles. I need a beer.

  16. Catfish Phil

    Reminds me of the National Lampoon “Vacation” movie station wagon…

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  17. Steve

    BIN has one too many zeros

  18. Stumbling Bob

    This wagon is close to perfection…powerful, quiet, not too big, with room for a doberman or two in the back. I wish that there was one of these at my house!

  19. Slim Chance

    The movie: “Shaft, Superfly and Trouble Man, Get Married”

  20. FRED


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    I’m thinkin… flat black, flames,maybe a skull here and there, but most importantly, smoke pouring out from the front wheels, which I doubt would be too hard with all the torque of that 500 cu in motor. But Stock would be fun too lol

  22. frederick hughes

    these are really funny stories because no one in their right mind would pay more than the $478 this car is worth. And that person will be hard to find. It’s junk. You know it, I know it and George Bush knows it!

  23. Justin

    Oh! Did George pull his head out of his a_ _?

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