Mark Cross Edition: 1982 Chrysler LeBaron

With one preserved Chrysler LeBaron written about in the past 24 hours, it’s time to look at another example that represents the top of the line trim if you had to own a LeBaron. This is the coveted Mark Cross edition, the most luxurious way you could spec one of these cars, and it has just 61,000 documented miles. The car has been part of a private estate until recently, when the owner passed away and the cars in his collection are going up for auction. The LeBaron features the iconic Mark Cross interior in fine shape, and the body appears to be laser-straight going down the sides. Find it here on eBay with bidding at $3,350 and no reserve.

Now, truth be told, finding one of these with the Mark Cross package and the woodgrain trim – courtesy of the Town & Country moniker – really is the high water mark for the most luxurious accommodations you could spec in an 80s LeBaron. But as I mentioned in the previous post, the simulated wood-looks sides add some bulk to the otherwise clean design, and make the LeBaron seem about 25 years older than it really is. The unadorned body panels in this example look super straight, and the Mark Cross leather kit adds some much-needed flavor to the otherwise monotone paint scheme. The caramel-color leather extends to the convertible boot itself, which sits cleanly over the rear deck.

Inside, the Mark Cross-specific leather scheme looks gorgeous, with the brown/black color combo presenting well and matching nicely with the dark brown carpets. The dash features handsome woodgrain trim and ornate gauges in the cluster, and the leather trim carries over to the door panels with all of it appearing to be in good order. The backseat looks unused, with no signs of actual wear. The original headunit has been replaced by a later aftermarket unit, which clashes with the factory equalizer that’s been left in place. The seller includes pictures of the inner top, which shows some tears and cosmetic flaws, but adds that the one tear the convertible top has does not leak into the cabin.

Unlike the car we featured earlier that had the desirable 2.2L turbocharged mill, this LeBaron sports the Mitsubishi-built 2.6L four-cylinder featuring the company’s “Mitsubishi Clean Air” system, otherwise denoted by the MCA Jet tag you see on the engine cover. The seller claims the LeBaron runs and drives like new, but doesn’t include any details as to the mechanical upkeep it’s enjoyed as part of a private collection that would ensure its continued well-being in the hands of a new owner. Regardless, the mileage is low enough that you could take a gamble on it, and the seller notes the spare tire has never been used and there’s no rust on the car, either. Now that we have a battle of two LeBarons, which one would you choose?


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  1. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    I love the interior in this edition, but at the end of the day this is just a fancy K-Car. I have to admit though, I would drive this, especially at the current price. At $3300 and only 6 hours left, this could make someone a nice economical summer ride.

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  2. Frank Sumatra

    What did Mark Cross actually do for a living?

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    • Superdessucke

      Tarted up some Chrysler K-Cars and resurrected Jon Voight into national conciousness, for better or worse.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        Got it. “Zsa Zsa Gabor Syndrome” Famous for being famous.

    • TJDasen2

      He designed high-end leather goods.

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  3. 6speed

    I don’t know but take out the ‘a’ and it’s a LeBron convertible.

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  4. Ken Jennings

    Early on you could get these with a 5 speed, but not after the first year or so.

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  5. Keith

    K Car Junk…..

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  6. Oregon_Guy78

    I don’t think that caramel colored convertible boot is factory

  7. S

    My friend in high school had one of these. His parents bought one new in 1982, drove it for a year, then parked it for 8 more years. So, in 1991, it had only 9000 miles on it. Here he had this practically brand new convertible, and he beat the hell out of it! A college girlfriend had an 82 LeBaron coupe. By 1998, that car had maybe 167K on it – unbelievably high for a K car. One day the transmission mount broke on it. She got in it to leave work to go home, started it up, put it in reverse, heard a huge “CLUNK!” and couldn’t move the car! She looked underneath and the transmission was hanging down near the ground! The trans mount had broken and she had to get it towed. She actually got it fixed and drove it until 2001! But boy, what a piece of… We had a good laugh about that one! I also had a friend with an 83 Chrysler E Class sedan. It made it to 94000 miles, then the engine cradle cracked on it. It was making all of these cracking and banging noises while driving it. The mechanic told him “don’t drive it another mile!” So he sold it and got an 83 Oldsmobile Delta 88 to replace it, which was a much better car.

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  8. Maestro1 Member

    My advice would be, first, don’t lean on these cars. If you buy this the very first thing to do is update its computers. As daily transport or for fun they are
    great cars. If you like abusing machinery buy an American V-8. If you are looking for grunt this is not the car. Body integrity is questionable and if you
    can manage it, find one like this one with the Mitsubishi mill. Much better than the domestic application. Mark Cross was a prestige leather goods brand in stores before most of you were born. It also had its own store chain.
    These cars equipped with the right tires handle well and are effortless to drive.
    When considering this, restrain your expectations.
    And I haven’t had my coffee yet.

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    • Robert Breakstone

      So I’m at a local car show in my city about four years ago and here comes this Mark Cross Lebaron convertible into the parking lot. I’m amazed at how well the vehicle is preserved. Interior is perfect with that tan leather. The owner tells me he just bought the car last week while attending a yard sale. Kicking myself for not offering to buy it from him.

  9. Harriston Richardson

    It,a beauty,but i wouldnt make it a daily driver, seems like a church or making an appearence at a function from time to time or just take it for a SPIN to the mountains with your MATURE other ,,TOP DOWN OF COURSE IF WEATHERS RIGHT,BUT ,not a daily driver, but thats my OPI ,AND NOT GOSPEL.

  10. Jeffrey Bryan

    K-car were not junk most were very dependable cars my parents had the Aries K we sold it had 280,000 miles. My aunt had a Chrysler LeBaron she drove for years No issues

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    • Bill Potts

      I’m a retired letter carrier. The USPS had the Dodge K-cars station wagons for delivery of mail. While mechanically sound,we had trouble with the struts on the back hatch. They were prone to break ,and often. Even though I worked in SoCal,also had trouble with the door locks not working in the winter months. I guess that what rain we had just locked them up. I carried around graphite in my satchel to spray into the lock and loosen it up. Had them for three years before the LLV’s. They’re better than the chevettes and pintos,and keeps.

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  11. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $3,400.

    Someone just bought a lot of enjoyment for credit card money.

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