Matching Numbers: 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440

As you sit and gaze upon this 1970 Dodge R/T 440, I’m sure that I can hear some of you shuddering at the prospect of addressing its rust issues. Don’t be like that, because the owner is including a lot of the replacement metal to whip that body back into shape. If you fancy taking on a real challenge where the reward will be a potent and desirable classic, then you will find the Charger located in Sherman, Texas, and listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $23,500 for this muscular classic.

If nothing else, this is a car that proves that classics located in Texas aren’t immune from rust. There is plenty of it peeking through the original Dark Green Metallic paint. It has taken its toll on the floors and rear quarter panels, but it looks like the rockers have avoided the worst of rust’s ravages. As I said, fear not, because included with the Charger is a full set of new floors, along with a fresh set of quarter panels. The Charger also used to wear a white vinyl top, but it appears as though this was shredded many moons ago. There has been some rust form under the vinyl, so this will also need to be addressed. While some of the external trim and chrome looks to be restorable, the front bumper and grille both appear to be beyond help, and replacements will need to be sought for both items. All up then, there’s going to be some work ahead of the next owner, but at least they will be getting a head start.

You open the hood of the Charger, and the words “Oh dear” will slip through your lips. Things look pretty grim under here, but it might not be all bad news. Starting with the fact that this is a numbers-matching car, what you receive is a 440ci V8, heavy-duty TorqueFlite transmission, an 8¾” rear end, power steering, and power brakes. In its prime, that 440 would have produced 375hp, but those days seem to be a long way behind this car. The owner doesn’t indicate whether the engine turns freely, so that will be one thing that will need to be checked. If all is well, then the engine will need to come out for the restoration. That would be a great opportunity to treat the entire drive-train to a refresh because it’s better to do that at that point than to find problems a few months down the track.

The owner states that the interior will require a full restoration, and I certainly won’t argue with him on that point. It isn’t clear whether it is complete, but you really have to hope so. I noticed that there is an aftermarket radio fitted into the dash, and this is taking the place of the original Deluxe AM radio. While there is some work ahead, it is worth considering how nicely this Charger was equipped when new. As well as the radio, it was also blessed with air conditioning, a remote left-hand mirror, bucket seats, and a center console.

It’s time to queue the music from Mission: Impossible. The challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find yourself a nice 1970 Charger R/T 440 for sale under $50,000. I will guarantee that you will have your work cut out for you. The lowest starting point for a reasonable car is around the $55,000 mark, but from there, the sky is the limit. It’s worth remembering that values on these are continuing to increase at a reasonable rate, so now might be the time to grab a project car like this.


WANTED 1986 – 1987 Chevrolet El Camino SS or Choo Choo Mint low mileage car , prefer white Contact

WANTED 1931 Ford A coupe body no hood grill fenders or running boards or truck cab only with doors Contact

WANTED 50s 55.56.57.quad cab looking for asamy as we can find Chevrolet 3100 Any gmc,gm,50s Quad cab Contact

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WANTED 1964 Pontiac GTO Looking for rust free post GTO. running gear optional. For resto mod Contact

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  1. Howard A Member

    Never ceases to amaze me, this compared to the very last car, the ’67 GTO. These were tin cans, and a rusty tin can to boot, and while the GTO seemed priced a bit high ( and no bidders) for about the same money you could have the Goat. I just don’t get it.

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Right there with you, Howard A. The GTO is a turn key daily driver and this needs a little, no, a LOT, of EVERYTHING to get it on the road again-and it’s a slush box to boot!!! I prefer Mopar in most cases but given a choice between the two that Goat would be the first to go in my barn-and I wouldn’t have to push it in after carrying inside what I hope is the entire collection of parts.

      Then again we both know what is said about people and their taste being-wherever..

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    Just “whip that body back into shape” I’d rather be tied to the whipping post.

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    • Dave

      Isn’t there an Allman Brothers song by that name?

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      • Ken

        It’s on their first LP (which is highly underrated, IMHO). The definitive version is on At Fillmore East, the last album to feature Duane Allman before his death. That LP is a scorcher from beginning to end. Not one wasted note in an hour and twenty minutes.

        (Yes, I said LP. I’m old 😎 )

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      • glen

        Ken, LP’s are on the up-swing. I still have about 800! The Allman Brothers are at a level that few bands can attain, and none can rise above.

  3. matthew B steele

    What is the small stick sticking up out of the transmission hump it looks like a small shifter

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    • JOHN Member

      I’m thinking it’s an old Hone or other manufacturer overdrive maybe?

  4. Dave

    From how high it sits could it be a rare NAPCO 4×4 conversion?

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  5. Chris M.

    This car has been for sale for a long time. I believe it was listed earlier this year. Too much money for too much work.

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Yep – Chris these guys buy and flip…and they’ve been trying to flip this one for awhile.

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  6. Cncbny

    The reason these cars are priced so high is because they were made from compressed rust! They didn’t survive, and now they’re rare. When’s the last time you saw a ‘74 gm anywhere? They rusted and we’re crushed. Cool car, but torsion bar front end handles like a free flyer sled… vague. Someone will do it, thankfully not me.

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  7. TimS Member

    I don’t get it. Nothing says it’ll sell for the buy-it-now, but that amount of money could buy any one of hundreds of driveable classics that can be enjoyed immediately.

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  8. Jeremy

    Is that some sort of overdrive shifter poking out from the transmission hump near the gas pedal?Almost looks like a 4×4 transfer case shifter 😂

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    • Greg

      No that’s part of the automatic shift linkage for the floor shifter with a console. It’s factory.

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  9. 8banger David Mika Member

    Dave – yes, Oh Lord I feel Like I’m Diyyyin!

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    Another rust bucket, the seller says the roof needs work but doesn’t have any pics of it flippers. PC investments? Good luck to the new owner. The sheetmetal is the cheapest part of this resto.

  11. Del

    Lots of pics but I see none of the Fender Tag.

    Anyone that would even consider this car would want a pic of the tag and a breakdown of what is on it.

    After due consideration and the appalling condition of the body, I would say the price is 10 grand or more to high.

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  12. Kelly Waldrop

    Seller watching way toooooooo much BJ and Mecum. Has the disease.

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  13. Troy s

    Twenty three five for a beat up old Charger, bad time to be a Mopar maniac if you’re buying… selling is a different story.
    Better rides could be bought for less dough but the 2nd gen Chargers are one of those cars that seems timeless…lots of desirability. There have been several running-driving ’66-67 Chargers here lately, very decent compared to this wreck, for less money. Or jump ship and get a Torino, Dodge guys!

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  14. TimM

    Rust bucket with an automatic transmission and a motor that needs rebuilding!! There’s no way you won’t have 80K into this thing by the time your done!! Not a project I want at that price!!!

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