Mini Chris-Craft: 1995 Jet-Zet Speedboat

Sometimes all it takes is the right skills and a vivid imagination to create something unique. Such is the case with this 1995 Jet-Zet speedboat. This timber beauty features a Kawasaki engine that offers excellent performance. Its petite dimensions should make it more maneuverable than its larger brethren. Barn Finder PRA4SNW spotted this beauty listed for sale here at RM Sotheby’s Auctions, so a big thank you goes out for the referral. The Jet-Zet is located in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and will go under the hammer on May 14th with No Reserve.

The owner is a Finnish gentleman with a sense of adventure. He found himself owning an early 1980s Kawasaki jetski and was unsure what to do with it. His fertile imagination kicked into gear, and he set about creating a custom jetboat that he christened Jet-Zet. The quality of the workmanship is impressive. He started by creating a pine frame and superstructure, cladding this in ply. He seemed intent on copying the appearance of Chris-Craft classics, so he covered the ply in mahogany veneer. He added contrasting pine strips on the deck, finally coating the entire craft with epoxy resin, five coats of two-component lacquer, and a final coat of lacquer applied in an automotive painting booth. I believe that he baked this to achieve an almost bulletproof finish, and the flat epoxy bottom allows the boat to be landed on virtually any surface. Its presentation is difficult to fault. The lacquer shines beautifully, the timber shows no signs of rot or discoloring, while the numerous metal components retain a winning shine. The custom windshields offer occupants some protection when the skipper cracks the throttle.

The spotless presentation continues inside this craft. Occupants are confronted by more heavily lacquered mahogany, plus a seat upholstered in green vinyl. Gauges are limited to a tachometer, with the wheel and throttle lever custom-crafted by the builder. Nestled behind the occupants are a Kawasaki jetski motor and associated hardware. Producing 50hp, this unit propels the 550lb Jet-Zet and up to two occupants at a maximum speed of 35 knots. That’s a pretty impressive figure, and its fuel tank offers a cruising time of around four hours. Thanks to a relatively short overall length of 12-feet, the Jet-Zet should be an extremely agile little performer. While they don’t mention it, the power and weight of this little beauty mean that it should have no trouble toeing a single waterskier if an added layer of adventure seems necessary. Otherwise, the flat bottom and a lack of a propellor make this an ideal candidate for touring narrow and shallow waterways.

I openly admit that I’m not a die-hard boating enthusiast, but I find the Jet-Zet pretty cool. Chris-Craft produced iconic boats of this style, but their values continue to climb like so many classics. The Jet-Zet offers that style in a smaller and a potentially more affordable package. The seller provides a guide price of €16,000 – €24,000 ($16,800 – $25,200), and while I’m unsure whether bidding will reach that level, the lack of a reserve means a new home is beckoning. With warmer weather fast approaching, the timing couldn’t be better.


  1. Boatman Member

    Wow! Just….wow.

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    • Howard A Member

      Now why in ‘tarnation would someone named “Boatman” think this is cool?
      Just messin’ witcha’, it is really cool. I simply love wood boats,but wood boats in the past were always these ultimate behemoth vessels, that weighed a ton, leaked like a sieve, and needed a Mack truck to pull it. I like the idea of PWCs, but a rider severely limits the fun, and this would be much more friendly. Even a small car, provided you could find a place to mount the hitch, could pull this.
      Now, for you boat freaks, why isn’t the steering wheel on the right, like most boats? Glad you asked, it’s because, of the propeller. On prop driven boats, I read, the rotation of the prop caused the boat to lift slightly. It was thought, the weight of the operator would counteract that. Plus, in nautical situations, it’s just customary to have the wheel on the right side. The jet drive, I believe, eliminates that,, anyone? Very cool find, for sure.

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      • Mikefromthehammer

        I was wondering the same thing. All speedboats I can remember seeing were right-hand drive. Thanks for the explanation. It sounds correct.

        Having said that, due to my Finnish heritage, I would be interested in bidding on this, if I had the dough-ray-me! Perhaps if I win the lottery I might move to Monaco and tool around in my new toy?


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      • Boatman Member

        Howard, I’m a “Boat man” from way back, and I never heard that story! I figured the wheel was on the PORT side {see what I did there?) because the builder wanted it there. But, you may be on to something!

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      • Al

        I’ve heard that if you want to win a lottery its best to buy a ticket.

        That said, nice woodie! I wonder if it still floats or if shipworms have eaten its float-ability.

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  2. Joe Haska

    All I know is…I WANT IT!

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  3. Woody

    Oh baby, that really floats my boat!

  4. RichardinMaine

    What a perfect summah toy for fresh water lakes here in Maine.
    Shipping and customs puts it out of reach.

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  5. JonL

    Some enterprising guy should start a company building these. I bet there would be a strong market.
    I love it. 😎

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    • local_sheriff

      Totally agree – there’s a total absence of boats in this size that both look good + have decent performance. Closest one I can think of is the Donzi 16.

      I’m thinking that built with a fibreglass hull but wood laminated deck this JetZet could be built at an acceptable price while still keeping its good looks and fit into a niche market of boaters who neither want the size nor the financial outlay associated with larger vessels

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  6. RC Graham

    I find myself horrified at the mere thought of making this a weekend grin machine (which it could well manage in spades). It is a stunning, one-off work of art, no less so than any other. Sure, an occasional outing, just to remind yourself that you are alive, would be mandatory. But otherwise, this should be displayed properly as an ultimate piece of man-cave art (for those with such a capacious cave). It makes my eyeballs feel better, just looking at it.

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  7. Howie

    Sweet, with a jet ski engine and no reserve.

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  8. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Adam, thanks for picking this one up. I’m not much of a boat person – love riding in them, but never owned one – but when I saw this, I knew that I had to share it with my BF pals.

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    • Cellblock Steve

      Boats are like babies, good to visit someone with them so you can enjoy the pleasure associated with them, for say a few hours, but then you get to go home. Home, where there is peace and quiet, and no expense. Unless you live on a large body of water where you have it anchored on a dock next to your house, I can see no reason to own a boat. Even under that scenario, how often would you actually use it? Boats are for the wealthy leisure class who have time and money to burn.

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  9. Glenn Schwass Member

    I love old Chris Crafts and this looks as beautiful as one of them. I don’t do boats but if I did, this would be a blast as long as I had a place to park it.

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  10. douglas hunt

    I am imaging this with modern supercharged jet ski power, and the tool man grunting ……

  11. MattR Member

    Well done. This guy is my hero.
    Anything south of 20k feels like a steal for this.

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  12. Lowell Hyatt

    So this is no Chris Craft.

  13. Lowell Hyatt

    So this is no Chris Craft.
    No I have not talk or said anything about this post.!!

  14. 87 Rag top

    Most not all jet drive boats drive (steer) from the left or port side !!

  15. Kenn

    Lowell Hyatt??? Not your post? This is no Century either. Or Gar Wood. It’s a one-off, and beautiful. What a personal watercraft would have looked like in the 40’s and 50’s if they’d been invented. Took modern power and jet drives to make this possible.

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    • Lowell Hyatt

      I only was asking or saying it’s not a Chris Craft.
      Yes or no. No doubt it’s a bad ass & Beautiful. Goes with out saying.

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