Mint Survivor: 1987 Buick Grand National

This 1987 Buick Grand National has just under 7,000 original miles, and is yet another time capsule grade example that offers buyers the opportunity to buy a near-new example of one of GM’s most loved performance cars. The seller details the obvious high degree of originality, from the original tires to the power antenna that still works, but most important is the lack of any stress cracks on the frame which would potentially indicate lots of burnouts in its past. And, depending on your opinion on structural integrity, this Grand National has a solid roof panel – no T-tops or moonroof here – which some consider more desirable. Find it here on eBay with bids to $33,922.

To me, it’s almost hard to get excited about a low mileage Grand National anymore. That’s not taking away from the car’s impressive performance or its place in GM muscle car history; no, it’s more that if you can’t pull the trigger now, just wait a few days and another one will turn up. Unlike all the comic books you thought only you held onto, however, Grand Nationals still pull strong money even if a time-capsule grade example rolled across the block two days before this one did. In the case of today’s example, I’d wager the solid roof panel is driving some additional interest, as “slicktop” models of almost any performance car always drive more interest.

The interior remains spotless, as you’d expect, with plastic still wrapping the steering wheel and covering the floor mats. What’s most impressive in the case of this example is that despite having over 6,000 miles on the clock, the owner has done a magnificent job of preserving the car in museum-like condition. This includes the aforementioned detail about no evidence of hard use, further confirmed by the original Goodyear Eagle GT tires which the seller feels there is still plenty of use in as they’ve never been removed, patched, or otherwise abused. I can’t quite tell what’s happening with the accelerator and brake pedals – is that wear or grime? Or a covering of some sorts?

The engine bay is spotless and shows zero signs of modification (obviously), and the seller notes the often-missing brace for the battery is included. It was removed when the GM OEM battery was pulled out for winter storage. One slight deviation from stock is an aftermarket chip, but the seller does note the original is included. This detail is a surprise, as I wouldn’t even touch the ECU if I was keeping a car like this as an investment-grade piece. Regardless, there’s very little to fault, and the seller highlights that the paint is in gorgeous, original condition courtesy of a two-day professional detail. If you had to have a perfect GN, what would you look for in a car?

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  1. F Again

    It’s becoming clear no Grand National on the planet has more than 10k miles on it.

    • Steve R

      No surviving Grand National that is. I had four friend with them, they drove them everyday, three were stolen and never seen again, the other had their car stolen several times then sold it.

      There was a local ring of car thieves that ran a chop shop for these cars, the head eventually spent several years in prison. A friend knew him, he had a performance shop and his mom was active in his city’s politics.

      Steve R

  2. TimS Member

    Kind of sad that so many of these were socked away. They were built to be driven.

    • Ken Member

      I’ve never understood it, either. If I’d bought this car in ‘87, I’d have driven the wheels off of it.

  3. Kirk Wolfe

    If you had to have a perfect GN, what would you look for in a car? If it has a V8 and a 5-speed manual of course. And, if does have the chromed grille and another color like blue, green, red, beige, gold… because original Grand Nationals to me aren’t worth my attention anymore. They feels like just another Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Cutlass or anything G-Body alike…

    • Ike Onick

      They may feels like just another Grand Prix, etc but they sure don’t goes like those slugs. Not a very good observation.

    • Craig Hanson

      You need to bone up on the Buick Grand Nationals…..NO V-8 engines….They were a Turbo-Charged V-6 and could smoke the tires all day long while running circles around stock V-8’s. yawn!!! go back to sleep now.
      Craig Hanson

  4. Bob_in_TN Member

    The underhood pic isn’t very good but from what you can see, it looks good. It takes lots of effort to keep an engine looking good, even if a car isn’t used much. Finishes wear and tarnish over 30+ years.

  5. jacques

    If id. bought this new , in the first 2 weeks id a had this milage and more on it and half would have been burn outs
    Man this is my second in dream cars
    First is a impala 63 convertible

  6. bikefixr

    36K and reserve not met. He’s not letting this go for less than $50k.

  7. Comet

    It says something when the seller puts rags between the lift pads and the frame. I’d bet this car is mint and just as described. Beautiful specimen!

  8. George Mattar

    I know of a 23,000 mile 87 recently sold for $39,000. He is gonna hold out for $50,000 as was mentioned here. It takes plenty of will power to own a car 33 years and never drive it. Cars are meant to be driven. Looks like he keeps it at a storage unit. Hope it was climate controlled being in Buffalo. Tons of snow. High humidity. My dad was born there and it snowed 6 months out of the year. Good luck. Too much $$$$$ for me.

  9. David Ulrey Member

    Hey, at least we’ve had a break from these for a couple weeks! Cool cars for sure but lately they are like cockroaches crawling out from under the fridge. The 1969 through 1972 Corvettes are the same too recently. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d say this but I’ve become bored of these. In all truth I only looked at it because I was curious about what the comments would be. I wasn’t disappointed.

  10. Tom

    Looks like a great car, but I always wonder when I see the odometer wheels not completely lined up straight. Just me, but I’ve never seen one do that unless they have been given a roll-back.

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