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Mopars Behind The Barn

Canadian Mopars

Reader Gary C recently made a discovery of Mopars. They aren’t in a barn, but parked behind it. The owner plans to one day restore them all, but hopefully they do it before the elements take hold! From Gary – I have recently found three Chargers, two Coronets and a ’59 Olds, from the dry States, all languishing behind a barn in Ontario. Unfortunately, they are not for sale. The owner insists that he will restore them, with the help of his son. Good luck to him. Hope that he gets one on the road. After he attempts the restoration process, he may rethink his idea of restoring them all. Our thanks to Gary for sharing these photos with us! So which of these cars would you enjoy having?


  1. Don

    Nobody likes being told what to do, but it’s a shame when you see old unprotected cars
    rotting away waiting for this well-intended owners’ restoration. I have unfinished projects (not as big as cars) that have languished so I get it. That said, maybe it will get done, maybe not, but at least buy a tarp. (Or whatever a more informed person than me would do to keep the process of decay as slow as possible.)

    • Mike

      Actually I recommend against putting a plastic tarp on a car. They don’t breathe, trap moisture which in turn promotes decay.
      Anyone who stores cars like these are outside appears to me not to have the means to restore them. Sad.

  2. OhU8one2

    I don’t have any excitement for any Chrysler,Dodge,Plymouth,what have you. They just don’t do anything for me. Even the Hemi car’s,low production numbered car’s,etc,I don’t see how people can spend the dollars on the super rare car’s. I’ve always just believed ” Buy a Chrysler,they’re the best. Drive a mile,walk the rest”. My feet don’t hurt.

  3. Dolphin Member

    Ontario, California or Ontario, Canada? Looks like the Canadian one to me, in which case these will be toast, I mean rust, in a few more years if left out like that. Frozen-wet all winter, humid all summer.

    • Glen

      Definitely looks like here in Ontario Canada. No leaves and some snow! and I would guess that mice have been living in one or two of them. Or chipmunks, squirrels or raccoons.

  4. Wayne

    Sad. It doesn’t appear the guy has the coin (nor the time if he can’t maintain a barn well enough to prevent it falling apart on to the cars) to restore one, let alone all of them.

  5. Doug

    Oh c’mon u8, Mopar’s were the best of the muscle right out of the factory. Body fit and finish weren’t always the best but they blew the rest of em right into the ditch, plus they even looked aggressively tough. Not like those pansey GM’s. I drove 30 to40k miles a year during the 60’s and 70’s, drove Olds, Caddy, Buick, Lincoln, Merc, and Chry. The Chrysler’s were the best overall, and took the most abuse. But I see snow on the ground up there in Canada, with open windows. They won’t last long even though they are Mopar’s. :-)

  6. GOPAR

    Well, I AM a Mopar guy, and have owned GM, Ford and AMC as well. They all make great cars (some models better than others), but I hate to see anything sit out in the weather and waste away! I’m sure the gentleman who owns these cars has good intentions, but it looks like he really should have gotten started on them some time ago. Car restoration, as I’m sure all the followers of Barn Finds already know, is a labor of love and takes a lot of commitment. I don’t see much of either here.

  7. Ron

    Same old story…. “owner plans to one day restore them” pretty predictable bard find story.

  8. Jason

    Hoarding = mental illness

  9. John

    If it’s Ontario I wish I knew where. I am outside of Toronto and would love to take a look. You never know maybe he would part with one of those Coronets.

  10. Ed P

    A farmer here in Maryland was hoarding old cars, in a field, because “they will be worth a fortune”. Well, he died without selling anything. The cars were rusted so bad they were all scrapped. So much for his economic advice.

    • Jason

      Yeah, there’s no getting through to these hoarders most of the time. It’s a mental block.

  11. Vic Stein

    I too have unfinished projects but I keep mine covered up (at least I try but the wind out here keeps shredding the tarps). I just came across this 69′ Road Runner that has sat in it’s current state since 1994. The previous owner purchased it from a collector that moved from Los Angeles to Washington in 1992. He started off like gangbusters sending out the engine and trans to be rebuilt, sanded down the rust free So. Cal body and shot it with some paint left over from another project (there wasn’t enough paint to paint the trunk or door jams). He put it together for a in-process hot rod show, then as often happens life got in the way. He said it had less than a thousand miles on it since he put it together. It needs a complete interior, a new braking system, a new A/C system and a complete rewiring. It runs like a rocket, it just doesn’t stop very well so it won’t leave my property again until the brakes are re-done. I plan on making it a driver, not a show car but not quite a pro-touring rig either. I just don’t have deep enough pockets for that.


  12. DENIS

    RESTORE EVENTUALLY….YEAH, RIGHT. My guess is he thinks some idiot will come along and pay big bucks…better hurry.

  13. Tom Member

    This is like child abuse……. should not be allowed. Unfortunately my bet is on what’s left of that barn falling on them before any restoration begins!

  14. jd

    Waiting on my son! really? If you had the money they would be running/restored~Low ball about 20k a car base and then time~Yeah and that lean too should work out grand for him and the boy to “Fix um up!”

  15. Rocko

    1 month over damp soil = Toast !

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