Never Butchered: 1976 International Scout II

This is probably one of my most favorite ads ever written on craigslist. It’s to the point and addresses the typical BS sellers have to face when trying to move metal. This 1976 International Scout II isn’t quite a survivor, but it appears to be darn close considering it hasn’t been modified and isn’t totally rotten. The seller advises that it is a project, but a very worthy one that ran when it was parked over a decade ago. Mileage is just 70K, and the pictures show a truck that has never been modified and doesn’t look all that far from being a runner once again. Find it here on craigslist with a firm price of $5,500.

This is the line that got me: “You’re welcome to come and look. You can pick it apart until the cows come home but the price is still the same.” I have this happen time and again where “buyers” show up and then proceed to tell me everything that’s wrong with a vehicle. All this does is convince a seller very quickly that your visit is a waste of time, and that you lied about having any real interest in the vehicle. I’d always rather someone just made me an offer than giving me 300 reasons why they’re not going to pay my asking price. This seller gets right to the point that he’s not interested in those conversations, and based on the condition of the truck, I don’t blame him. It’s not pristine, but it also looks fairly solid.

Since it’s in Oregon, it’s extremely likely that it is as solid as it appears to be in photos. The dash pad does have a few cracks, but overall, the cockpit looks clean and dry. The door panels still present very well, with factory colors vibrant and unmarred. The Scout II features a manual gearbox along with a Dana 44, power brakes with front discs, power steering, and a factory AM radio. The seller does confirm it is quite solid, indicating there’s just some minor surface rust worth mentioning. Vintage vehicle listings from out west are so different from the northeast; here, we’d be telling you how great it is that it ONLY has surface rust (and we probably wouldn’t even bring it up in the first place.)

The “Comanche 4” doesn’t run at present, but these were fairly stout engines and I doubt it will take much to get it to fire once more. The seller hasn’t attempted to get the engine running, and also doesn’t mention if the engine is locked up. The mill is supposedly the numbers matching unit, and I can see this truck as the sort of vehicle that was used as a farm implement and then parked in the Oregon wilderness until the day someone realized values had crept up enough to justify listing it for sale. The seller is wise to keep visits limited to only serious buyers, as this looks like the type of Scout project that shouldn’t require very much discourse.


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I don’t know much about Scouts, other than to say this one doesn’t look bad. I always figured the instrument panel was “styled” by an engineer; it’s all efficient straight lines and rectangles.

    Like Jeff notes, the seller has a great line in the ad about his firm price. I wonder what kind of response he will provide upon his first “I’ll give you four grand for it” offer. Will he grunt and snort, smile slyly, or say nothing and just point to his ad?

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  2. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    Looks like there are quite a few potential barn find type vehicles under the pole barn roof. I’ve never seen a Metropolitan Nash wearing that set of colors before either. I’d love driving this Scout.

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    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      They did in later years. The last Metropolitans were trying to distance themselves by getting away from the pastel turquoises, pinks and yellows of the 1950s Nash years. More somber hues were offered like black over red, dark green over white.

    • TomW

      Saw a Metropolitan in the exact color scheme about 10 years ago behind a barn being clean out by kids of a hoarder. Opened the door and put my foot through the floorboard. Started looking underneath and frame was rotten out from sitting on the ground in Central Illinois for who knows how many years. Only $500 dollars, but walked away. And I don’t regret it.

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  3. Steve R

    I like this seller. I have a feeling it’s exactly what he says it is. The price, though not cheap, compared to a few years ago, is today, and he knows it. It’s a take it or leave it proposition, and priced just low enough that he doesn’t need to listen to any whiney prospective buyers, if they choose to show up.

    Steve R

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  4. junkman Member

    The good news is a 345 will bolt right up. These were fun with the top off for the summer, although a definate 2 man job to r and r.

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    • Jasper

      A third man made it more tolerable. I remember it being pretty teetery!

      Looks like a decent one to take on.

    • Steve Brown

      I had a 1972 Scout and took the top off once. Once.

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      • Mark C

        The “like” is for the Johnny Dangerously reference.

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  5. Car Nut Tacoma

    Sweet looking International Scout. It’s nice to see one that hasn’t been modified in any way. Assuming everything works like it should, and it has good tires, and it drives under its own power, I’d say that $5500 is a good price. I only wish more pics were posted on Craigslist. The more pics, the better.

  6. Jim

    In 1979 I bought a new Jeep CJ 7 with a 6 cylinder standard tranny and my friend bought a v 8 International Scout . His best highway mileage was 8 to 10 mpg while my Jeep gave me more than twice that mpg. He liked his Scout in every way except the terrible gas mileage. He did not keep his Scout very long! LOL

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  7. Ralph Goff

    They are a nice driver with the 304 and 2 wheel drive like my 72 I had for a few years. Average trip to the city and back would be 17 mpg which is quite acceptable. The floors eventually rusted pretty bad but the drive train never gave a moments trouble.

  8. Kevin

    I like the sellers ad,I’m a lot like him,here’s the price,here’s the vehicle, take it or leave it, don’t waste my time!

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  9. Neal in Boston

    I saw this ad when I happened to cruise through the Craigslistings last night. I liked the tone of the seller.
    I also like the rig.
    I want one original like this someday. And I wouldn’t mind the slant four either.
    I grew up with a scout from 78-92. Lots of rust in Philly, but we loved her anyway.

  10. Neal in Boston

    And it looks like it sold fast because the listing g has been deleted.

  11. dogwater


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