New Documentary: Demon on Wheels

From Christina E. – Demon On Wheels is the true tale of an old hot rodder, his woman and the 1968 resto-mod Mustang that comes between them. In Demon On Wheels, we meet Mike Ondish, the man who is envied by almost every car lover — a man who kept his first car but had it hidden away for some 35 years. And then, inspired by his friends, his woman, and the overwhelming fear that “it might be now or never,” pulled it out from under a pile of refuse and began the arduous and dare I say heroic task of restoring and racing it.


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  1. Bobsmyuncle

    When and where? My money is yours!

  2. jim s

    internet search shows 2013 date, release date of 7/15, but i can not find a DVD or if it was/is on dvd. after viewing all the trailers on youtube i would like to see the movie. thanks for sharing.

    • Christina Eliopoulos

      Hi Jim.
      I’m Christina Eliopoulos, the director of the film. And I have been trying to get IMDB to correct that listing. The film was finished in the fall of 2014 and after a brief theatrical run at car shows and a few theaters, our film will be released on iTunes and other digital video on demand platforms on October 13. We are working on the DVD release as I type this. Thank you for your interest. We are really proud of our film.
      Best wishes,

      • jim s

        please let this site know when the DVD is released. thanks

  3. pontiactivisit

    I want it too. Looks like it would be right up there with dazed and confused, snake and mongoose and deuce of spades as a favorite car movie.

  4. Bruce E

    I will find out release dates, and whether there is DVD available yet. I live in a small town in upstate N.Y. ( Treadwell, 20 miles from where it was filmed..) and my friend Tony Bruer did all the editing for this movie. I will save this thread & post back later.

  5. Tom Mys

    Sorry folks, this has to be the worst undocumented documentary in history

    • Christina Eliopoulos

      Hi Tom,
      This is Christina Eliopoulos, the director of Demon on Wheels. I am happy to answer your questions regarding the film. Feel free to contact me at and we can have a conversation.

  6. Bruce E

    Tony, I am a subscriber to a site called “Barn finds”, where they find all these old cars stuffed away for years, and they are for sale on e-bay etc. To my surprise this morning they were featuring “Demon on wheels” !!! This is a world wide site with “car guys”, and some were asking about release dates, DVD availability etc. I posted that I would find out and get back to them. Send me your e-mail address & I’ll forward the site to you. The site is on the up & up and could be huge exposure for the film !!!
    37 minutes ago………………………………………His reply follows…. Thanks Bruce!!! That’s really nice of you. I’m not sure about DVD release but it will be on iTunes in October. I’ll pass this along to the people I work for. Tony

    • Christina Eliopoulos

      You can pre-order your copy on iTunes, which is here. And we are working on our DVD release as I type this.
      A thousand thanks for your interest in the film. We are very proud of it (it was seven years in the making) and we hope that you share this news with your friends).

  7. Bruce E

    I will encourage everybody to watch it & form their OWN opinion. I personally do not have 10 cents invested, nor will I profit 10 cents from it. I DO know a lot of work was put into it , as far as the link supplied by Tom Myes, well..there are people that will bitch if you hang em with a new rope…Check it out…you may just love it !

  8. Tundra/BMW Guy

    I can list out the actual movies I have watched, probably on one hand. My general rule of thumb, if everyone else hates it / dogs it/ ect. ect. ect. then I will probably enjoy it. I find it reassuring that the producer is here and willing to discuss the movie! If she is not scared to defend her Art, then I AM interested in watching her Art! Just pre ordered it. Bruce E, you nailed it dead on…………!……….!…………

  9. DonS

    Not all movies need to be an award winning classic, just like not all cars need to be Pebble Beach winners. All I expect is to be entertained for the duration of the movie.

  10. Bruce E

    I think you nailed it DonS !

  11. Cody D

    I really want to see this movie! It looks fantastic!

  12. Bobsmyuncle

    That forum thread does indeed leave a bitter taste.

    It’s easy to defend the situation as a tall tail but you can bet that tall tail left unchallenged would have resulted in a HUGE payday when the car eventually trades hands especially with the forged documentation.


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