No Reserve! 1962 Studebaker Champ Pickup

Let’s suppose for a moment that you are interested in a classic or vintage (depends on your definition of the terms) pickup truck. The Fords, Chevrolets and GMCs are too expensive and the Dodges are too rare to find (and we won’t even begin with the Mercurys and other ‘fringe’ makes that are expensive just because of their rarity. What do you have left? Well, I’ll tell you–this Studebaker Champ is listed here on eBay for $1499.99 with no reserve! It’s located in Moscow, Idaho.


Please note that I’m not trying to tell you it’s without problems! There’s some rust here, but patch panels are available for a very reasonable cost. And the other side looks better than this one. At least part of the paint looks original with the primer showing through on the cab. I’m not sure about the bed, though.

Although this bed doesn’t look bad, there’s another bed available (pictured in the first shot) that’s currently stored on top of the other one. It is an additional cost, though. I’m guessing it was obtained for a reason, so you might want to consider the extra expense when you are pricing out this project.

As long as you don’t mind it not being original, the seat has already been reupholstered for you. I’d be fine with this in a red truck. And it does have a clear title, not something that’s always there for inexpensive projects.

As you can see, the engine needs some work. I’m not sure if the head was pulled and that’s what stopped the project, or if it’s a terminal engine issue. I’m hoping that second piston is down there somewhere (it looks like just a deep hole in this picture!). Regardless, I was surprised to see how many parts are available for these trucks and the support from online forums and clubs. It actually has me considering owning one in my future fleet–do any Barn Finds readers have experience running these trucks? Anything to relate?


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  1. whippeteer

    Novel approach to a cap…


    It would be mine if I only had the space for it.

  3. Joe Nose

    I know Nash had fold-down seats but this pickup looks like it came with the double-bed option.

  4. Ed P

    “it spun a main bearing” Now there is a term I haven’t heard for a long time.

    • Dave Wright

      I imagine a lot of young guys don’t know what that is.

      • Big Mike

        Oh Oh I do I do I know what it means!!!
        Oh wait I am one of them old guys!!!!!

  5. Vince Habel

    I am sure it had a cracked head. It was common on the overhead 6. I would put a 259 or 289 in it.

    • Old Car Guy

      Good running 259 V8 and auto combinations are dirt cheap and in some cases free because of all the people taking them out and putting in belly button engines with their respective transmissions. A well maintained Studebaker V8 will outlast them in the long run(flame suit donned). 289’s will be more expensive to procure. If it were mine I would find a 259-289 with auto in good running condition and install that combo. The OHV 6(only used 3 1\2 years) just has too many problems associated with them IMO unless the vehicle is bought with a good running one and even then it is a crapshoot on reliability. Parts are readily available for Studebakers from a number of sources. I would be a little wary of all the cab corner rust and bondo though

  6. Scott

    Best camper shell ever! I wonder if it is carpeted inside?

  7. GP Member

    Myself and a friend are going to the Ron Hackenberger auction in Norwalk OH. July 14,15,16. There are about 250 Studebakers there. I will have my Barn Finds shirts on and I hope to see lots of other Barn Finder’s there. 700 cars.

  8. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Damn….thought it was one of my old ones….but my old red was a long bed….and for the know it all’s – yes they offered a sliding opening back glass….maybe a first…in the Champ model….those new Toyota’s grills look like these old Studes…one of my Champ 1/2 ton long wheelbase’s had the V/8 and 5 speed overdrive – like my 56 has – and that Stude offered….

  9. GaryC GaryC

    Here is a ’63 Champ I finished for a guy about 5 or 6 years ago. Small block chevy, 10 bolt rear end, straight axle front set up to look like an old gasser. In fact I still have the original 6 banger that came out of it .

  10. wcastor Member

    There is one thing that is nice about this Champ. It has a 4-Speed transmission which means it has the V-8 bell Housing. It is easy to slip the V-8, either the 259 or 289 in place of the poor 6-cyl. It’s even easier if the Champ V-8 front engine mounts are available. On my Champ, I just pulled the front clip which took about an hour, pulled the 6 and changed the clutch and starter over to the V-8 and slipped it back in, remounted the front clip then rigged some exhaust then (Like Jackie Gleason used to say) “Away we go”.

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