No Reserve: 5-Speed 1987 Chevy Camaro

This survivor-grade 1987 Chevy Camaro IROC Z28 is a clean, slightly-better-than-driver-quality example equipped with the desirable 5-speed manual transmission. A one-owner car with just 67,000 miles on the clock, this generation of Chevy’s iconic muscle car has enjoyed a resurgence of interest as of late after years of being throwaway cars. Find this example here on eBay listed with no reserve and located in Pennsylvania. 

As a manual transmission-equipped car, this Camaro comes with the 305 TPI motor, available for the first time on 1987 MY vehicles. The manual cars came with more standard horsepower than automatic examples, clocking in at a healthy 215 b.h.p. The seller claims the V8 runs smoothly and the 5-speed manual shifts cleanly through all the gears, and the stock condition combined with low mileage certainly help to paint a picture of an IROC that was loved.

The interior is in decent condition, with some signs of wear evident that are commensurate with the mileage. We sometimes forget that these Camaros came with decently bolstered seats from the factory, which was not always the case with 1980s muscle cars. The dash pad looks uncracked and the back seat largely unused; still, a few pictures of the carpets and radio controls would be appreciated.

Paint shows nicely, but there’s no word on whether it’s still original. The factory lighting all appears correct and uncracked, and the absence of an aftermarket exhaust is comforting. Bids are approaching $8K with over two days left on the auction, which is likely to become the norm more than the exception as survivor-grade cars come trickling out compared to less-desirable modified examples. Buy it, enjoy it, sell it for the same or more later – the best kind of project car there is.


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  1. jimjim

    It is a crying shame this car does not have t-tops. I kinda want one to relieve my 80’s high school days. While this is the color and if truly one owner with original paint, I think you’ve got to have the t-tops.

    • Mike Super Sport

      Though the T-tops are very desirable those without are sought for autocross.

      • Gabe

        Who wants a slow, heavy, 80s sports car for racing? Literally anything built after 2000 is faster off the line and turns better than this car. A 20 year old camry would run circles around it.

        Now that 80s camaros are enjoying some inexplicable popularity spike, you’d also get the pleasure of paying way too much for your slow, under-powered, heavy race car that doesn’t do turns.

        Sorry to be so negative but I clearly remember these cars being awful when they were new. It’s driving me a little crazy that people are lining up to pay big bucks for them now.

      • ROAR

        If this has the HO engine, it IS fast but of course a later car should be better IF better equipped–why would someone buy a new car if it was worse? These Z28’s had a very good handling package and wheels because Chevrolet wanted to compete with the other high performance cars out there. the 87 Z28 probably also has the plastic hood and 4 wheel disk brakes, I don’t think the center lights are original tho and I think the IROC label came later. Overall, they’re a FUN car that is inexpensive to maintain!

    • William Decker

      For me, non T-tops is it’s strongest selling point. And yeah, the guy a couple spaces above is clearly very negative. While these cars were not ” world beaters” (and who cares), they weren’t nearly as bad as some would have us believe.

      • ACZ

        No T-tops is definitely a plus. Who likes driving around while holding an umbrella in one hand?

  2. King Al

    Nice looking car. Attractive in a rare color scheme. Though I prefer some of the multi color schemes where the rockers differed from the body. The drivers seat looks a bit worn. Easy on the eyes 30 years later. Enduring style.

    • Superdessucke

      @King Al – This isn’t a rare color scheme. Actually, black and silver was one of the most popular combos that year. Blue/gold, red/gold and any yellow were more scarce and will bring a premium. This combo won’t. That said it looks good here, which is why it was so popular!

      • King Al

        Superdessucke, Thanks for the info. I was kind of a distant admirer of that gen of F car. I had owned and really enjoyed a 77 and a 79 T/A w/ the W72. After that, got married. But, thought the IROC and Knight Rider gen to be much better handlers though.

  3. Glenn Gauthier

    I had two of these black beauties with t-tops 350s with automatics with a few bolt on upgrades headers larger throttle body and tune with a chip you could go up to 425 horsepower without taking the engine apart Gabe knows nothing about these cars and probably owns a Camry himself these are beauties and I’ll always have a soft spot for them

    • z28th1s

      I always thought these were good looking cars but I surely don’t see a bolt-on 350 TPI making anywhere close to 425 HP!

      • Tyler

        Nitrous oxide counts as bolt on, right?

  4. Superdessucke

    This will be far better bought at under 10k than the silver ’85, and you’ll get a manual and won’t depreciate by a dollar per mile as you drive it!

  5. jw454

    I’ve always liked this generation Camaro. Here is a shot of my ’88 that I bought new. This car stuck to the road like glue in the corners. Selling it when it was ten years old was one of my biggest mistakes (Car-wise). Mine had the “T” top option which was great.

  6. Sam

    This brings back mixed memories. I remember trying to teach my ex-wife how to drive a new 85 Camaro Berlinetta 2.8 6 with a manual…didn’t go so well…she bought an 85 Cavalier 4 banger with an automatic.

  7. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    That is a sharp IROC! I currently own a ’91 Z/28 hardtop with 78K original documented miles equipped with the 305 TPI engine (LB9 230 BHP), 5-speed with 3:42 posi rear. It’s pretty quick with that rear axle and dang fun to drive. The car has virtually every available factory option and I kid you not was purchased by a gentleman in CA for his wife who was a Middle S’Cool teacher and she drove it every day for many years.

    • Pa Tina

      Cool story. The first 1969 Z-28 I ever saw was a black/red stripes one driven by a middle school teacher in Williamsville, NY. Her husband’s name was Thor. What else could it have been?

  8. Rustytech Member

    This is a sharp looking Camaro. Lots of go fast upgrades available, but hold onto the factory parts in case you ever want to sell it. As I remember these handled better than the previous generation Camaro’s, if not as fast. The t-tops were nice for that wind in your hair experience, but the non t-top version had less problems with body twist.

  9. J Paul Member

    “Literally anything built after 2000 is faster off the line and turns better than this car. A 20 year old camry would run circles around it.”

    Well, we could say that about 90% of the cars listed on this site, couldn’t we? But most of us aren’t here with a spreadsheet to compare cars of different generations and come up with a winner. We’re here to enjoy classics.

    My first car was a 1971 Camaro. My current car is a Subaru WRX. The Subaru is, by every measure, the superior machine. It’s faster, handles better, fits more stuff, gets better mileage, is more comfortable and safe, and is considerably more reliable. But I’m never going to feel the tug in my heartstrings from a WRX as I feel when I see a clean 2nd-gen Camaro, no matter how much better the newer car is. Nostalgia is powerful, and memories matter.

    So, this IROC-Z. It may have been common back in the day, but it’s now a 30-year-old car and there aren’t many good ones left. It’s becoming collectable, and is certainly more interesting and unusual than a 1997 Camry.

    (Also, gotta mention that the 3rd-gen Camaros debuted the 1LE package a few years later, so these can be made to handle. Maybe not as well as a new car, but that’s kind of an apples-to-oranges comparison)

  10. Kincer Dave Member

    There is nothing in my opinion that compares to a mid 80s Camaro or Firebird on a summer night with the T-tops out, yeah they were rattle traps after a few miles, yeah they weren’t super performers either but they were fun! When you’re in your early 20s driving an IROC you were on top of the world. It’s about the memories not the quality of the car. Hell I had a girlfriend with a Camaro Berlinetta with T-tops and it was even fun.

    • Pa Tina

      Nailed it! I’m awarding you “Comment Of The Day”

  11. Jess

    If it didn’t have the worst GM engine in history….

    • J Paul Member

      Heh…I think some Vega owners would beg to differ!

  12. ROAR

    What’s s bad about a 305? For street, I’d plunk in a 400, cam, headers and carb or a 327 for racing but the HO seems better than most!

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