No Reserve Driver: 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

Sometimes, a project car comes along that just checks all the boxes of being a gamble worth taking. This 1977 Pontiac Trans Am may not be the most desirable spec but it’s been upgraded with some tasteful under-the-hood modifications and it’s not all that rusty. With history in Texas and Georgia, it’s avoided the heavy rust states and it still runs – but the seller notes it has trouble keeping a steady idle. The Trans Am is listed here on eBay with no reserve and bids to $9,100.

From the side, this looks like a mostly un-messed with example that wears its original “honeycomb” wheels and decals on the fenders, spoiler, and B-pillars. The seller notes a previous owner performed touch-up work all around the body and I feel like you can spot the areas of chalky paint that isn’t factory. Regardless, this Trans Am lives in a space where you can either strip the body bare and start over or just live with it as a driver-quality example. The listing also notes the presence of some fiberglass repairs which would be wise to inspect in-person, if possible.

It’s an ideal color combination for treating like more of a restoration project than just a driver, as white over red seldom looks bad when it’s done up correctly. In keeping with this car’s generally good state of condition, the interior is quite decent, and aside from perhaps finding a replacement dash pad, there’s nothing here that I couldn’t live with. The exposed wiring beneath the steering column is worrisome, and the seller attributes this as a potential cause for why the power windows and gauges don’t work.

The 400 V8 has been upgraded with an aftermarket camshaft, carburetor, and intake. The Turbo 350 automatic transmission will be easy to live with and easy to replace/rebuild if it fails (well, “easy” is subjective, but this is a pretty easy drivetrain to live with.) The biggest question is why it can’t keep a steady idle; the seller opines it could be bad gas, which makes me wonder if the fuel system has never been cleaned out. More optimistically, it could just need a tune-up after years of not being regularly used. Regardless, the price seems more than fair and this looks like a great platform for a project.


  1. Frank Sumatra

    $9100??? The market has gone insane.

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    • Melton Mooney

      Stocks are shaky at best, real estate is starting to tumble, inflation is eating cash. Guess some people are hoping for safe harbor by investing in hard assets, like this old T/A. Demand goes up…etc. etc.

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  2. Mitch

    T/A !!
    White and babyblue are the rarest colors for it. This cars are
    still eyecatchers if it where not with this lame engine. 6.6 Litre
    and only 160hp from factory, come’on!

    Why there are only offers for Vettes without engine but none
    for such Trans-Am without?

    This here seems to come from an enthusiast, the overpainted
    fan-shroud and the messup inside are a good indication.
    The missing door carpets can be replaced with higher
    quality wool carpets and the faded dash with a respray.

  3. Bob C.

    Glad to see it doesn’t have the Olds 403 station wagon engine.

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  4. richard aboufadel

    I thought the 400 Pontiac engines had the TH400 as the auto tranny. The 403 has a lot of potential. GM would never would have been a make the 403 hotter than a Pontiac 400 in a T/A. The hot cars would have been Cutlass 2/4/wagons with the 403 that could replace a 260/307 with a good set of wrenches. TH200 in the trash with this swap.

    • JoeNYWF64

      ’74(last year for no cat converter) was last year for turbo 400 automatic in f-bodies.
      The larger turbo 400 automatic could not clear the pancake flat cat converter used back then in birds & camaros starting in ’75, tho it could clear the cat & was used in larger cars such as the Cam Am.
      The torquier 455 was offered in ’75 & ’76 birds but only with a manual trans – probably because the turbo 350 would not hold up & the 400 trans could not be used.

      None of these t/a decals are original(except probably the hood bird) & may not even be from Pontiac! lol
      Not bad lookin, tho, & might as well just leave ’em on the car.
      IMO, a worn pontiac formula steering wheel looks much better with an elastic black or red velour steering wheel cover than what’s used here.
      I don’t know why these squarish ’79 wheel flares wind up(here on the front) on some ’77 & ’78s as replacements. IMO, they clash even with the ’79-81’s curvy body – too many changes back in the day at Pontiac – some for the worse.
      I’m not sure if this car had power windows originally, looking at that console.

      Regarding that idle, i would 1st look for vac leak(ck even the hose to the trans modulator) – if ok, then change the pcv valve, gas filter, & if EGR is still there, pull out its vac hose, plug it & see how the car idles with each change.

      & someone likes white paint! – it’s on the rad hoses, the air cleaner, inner fender wells, cowl vents, & fan shroud.
      Correct replacement carpet should be red, IIRC.

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  5. Vin_in_NJ

    This car was undoubtedly repainted. Over spray on the hood hinges, Inside the side vents, and on the rear maker lights. Decals also look incorrect. Trans Am letters are too big, and a 403 has 6.6 Litre on the scoop. This one should have T/A 6.6 on it

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  6. Motorcityman

    Those are NOT “Honeycomb” wheels, they’re “Snowflake” wheels.

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  7. Johnny

    I guess they must be bidding on it them selve. This car needs alot of work. He should be more realistic and start out around $3,000.

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  8. Motorcityman

    3J fir a complete driver 70s Trans Am??
    You’re living in the 90s!!

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