No Reserve Rarity: 1957 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier


Holy rusty ’57 Cameo Batman! This truck has some serious rust issues, but it is a very rare and desirable Cameo Carrier! They built less than 10k of these over a 4 year production run, which is actually rather surprising given just how cool looking they are. With styling similar to the Bel Air and the functionality of a pickup, you would have thought these would have sold like hot cakes! Even being rusty and rough, this one is already bid up to $6,800 and it still has 4 days to go. It’s being offered without a reserve here on eBay in Kirksville, Missouri, so we will find out what the market thinks it’s worth. So what do you think it will end up going for?


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  1. Jumping g

    Love the body lines of these old trucks but I think when this one comes back from media blasting it will look like Swiss cheese.

  2. Terry J

    Yup, probably right. The listing says that the front fenders are already fiberglass and of course the entire bed was fiberglass from the factory assembly lines, so the rust is in the cab which was used from the second half of ’55 through ’59 clear up to at least 2 ton trucks maybe larger ( I think). So at least in a relative sense, doors are common and patch panels of every type are easily available through several sources. So rust repair is a lot more possible ( for a shade tree guy even) than many types of rigs you might choose to dedicate years of your life and fortune to. On the other hand, dried out and brittle fiberglass takes more than a 110v mig welder, at least from the repair shows I watch on TV. Still it might even be a good investment, depending on the price you pay. My WAG? $10,000 . :-) Terry J

  3. David Montanbeau

    Bought a 55 Cameo in San Diego when I got back from Vam in 1973. It had a 327 340 from a 62 Vette with a tunnel ram under the hood and 4 speed. 500.00

    • Terry J

      Soooo….Did you keep the Cameo, the T Bird and/or the good lookin’ gal? :-) Terry J

    • Ricky Holmes

      Do you still have it if so send me some pic’s would love to see now days

    • Steven

      The 64 Thunderbird convertible better that the cameo you bought..

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Wow! This one is definitely rustier than a bed-wetter’s mattress springs. I would be tempted to say: Tear off the stuff that is strictly Cameo and use it to create another one. Or you could pick up lots of repro stuff and simply replace the cab and fenders, the bed and whatever else. After you’ve done all that, would it be worth it? I’ve seen full restorations go for $50K. You might not be far behind that if you chose to fix this one up yourself….

    • Howard A Member

      Hi geomechs, HA! Bed wetters mattress springs. This one is pretty cashed. Driven in ILL. says it all. Not that the money isn’t there for these ( the Lambrecht auction proved that, $140g’s for a ’58 with 1.3 miles and dented roof) Rusted in the cab corners is always a bad spot. Lot of work here.

  5. JW

    This truck isn’t far from me but I wouldn’t waste my time to look at it.

  6. MG'zer

    You guys are way to hard on this truck. I would strip it, media blast it, make sheet metal repairs, toss the fiberglass fenders and find some real steel fenders. Reasemble. DIY for about 7 to 10G.

    • Mark S Member

      I have to agree for a good fabricator those rusty rockers/ inner step could be rebuilt in about a weeks work per side. The rest of the cab will be fine as they typically only rusted at the bottom where you see the rust. A novice could buy reproduction pieces and with a little help from a fellow gear head repair this rust. The box rust is flat panels and would be easy to repair. A DIY guy could do this truck.

  7. Brian B.

    I think any Cameo is worth saving if its complete like this one. Rust, what rust? Up here in the North fortys we call that Patina!

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    your buying the bed sides and Cameo tailgate stuff along with the Cameo fender emblem – 3164?….rest is just stock chevy….oh the custom cab isn’t that hard to find down south

  9. Steven

    The Bed lines doesn’t match up with the cab , looks like someone’s trying to craft a real cameo..


    I just used my walnut welding rod to repair some wood on my woody. I could always dust of my fiberglass welding rod and fix the fiberglass on this Cameo. Might even have enough rod to fix the fiberglass lug nut extensions, rare you know!

  11. chad

    Yeah, some R frade of glass…
    Up 2 speed pretty quick, don’t need alota tools, I usta like C-flex.

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