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No Reserve But Rusty: 1969 Camaro

When I first say a no reserve 1969 Camaro being offered on eBay with bidding still below $3k and just a day to go, I about hyperventilated. You just don’t find V8 equipped first generation Camaros this cheap anymore, but once I saw the photo of the entire car the lack of bids made more sense. The first photo in the ad is of the engine bay, so you don’t really see just how rusty this car is at first. That being said, it’s a real deal V8 car and we’ve seen worse restored. If you are up for a serious project, you can find this one here on eBay in Bethel, Minnesota.

Here’s the 307 V8, which the seller believes is original to the car. It looks rusty and there are some pieces missing. The mismatched valve covers are an interesting touch to a sad looking engine bay, but at least the block is present.

I don’t know if there is much hope for this car. It’s not an SS or even an RS, so it seems unlikely that someone would be willing to buy an whole new body for it. You could fix all the rust, but that’s going to be a massive undertaking. If you are willing to put in the hard work though, it could be an affordable way into Camaro ownership!


  1. Dan

    Shew she’s been sitting outside a long time…base X44 car, not good for much except parts, and not many parts…..pass….

    • Steve R

      The line added by the seller below the initial description says it all, “comes with a clean and clear title”.

      Steve R

    • Rush Meade

      Would pass yet again wouldn’t mind keeping a pos lying around for hm “why not”

  2. DrinkinGasoline

    Yikes…I’ll take the rims…seller pays the shipping. $100 all in.

  3. Papa Martin

    The rims might be worth somthing, the rest of it should go to the crusher.

  4. Dave

    I wouldn’t drive to Bethel to look at it and I’m in the next town over.

    • MH

      Where you from Dave?

      • Dave

        Andover, used to live in East Bethel

      • Rich

        I used to live in Coon Rapids and Monticello. Small World!

      • MH

        I live in Coon Rapids now.

  5. GP Member

    Looks like someone needs a title, rim or a tail light. For 2950.00, I wish it was mine L.O.L.

  6. 65gto

    That is probably the meanest looking car I have ever seen. Oh the possibilities!

  7. stillrunners lawrence Member


    • Nova Scotian

      …and a new Dynacorn body.

  8. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Oh….I was going to also say there is a lady….a lady of color if I might say…has one about the same color with a black vinal top….in a great deal better condition – but just a base as well. She’s had that car…like forever…..just know she get’s hit on all the time and smile’s and keeps driving it all over south Dallas !

    Like 1
  9. Brad C

    That face is snarling, “Go on, I DARE ya. Buy me.”

  10. Steve

    Throw a clear coat on it and sell it for 20 grand it’s got a wonderful patina

  11. Christopher Wenz

    Nice patina.

  12. Mark

    Looks like the camaro they found in a lake , with the 3 missing teenagers in it ….

    • Andre

      Not far off!

    • Rick Loera Member

      That one actually looks better.

  13. Joe

    It looks to be a great father & son project that has no time limit on it, and would be an awesome learning experience for the both of them. I give it two thumbs up!

  14. 62 Nova

    Too far gone. Say a few words over it and crush her.

  15. Superdessucke

    Oh my God what a terrible mess!

  16. 68 custom

    rusty base camaro with a 307, no thanks…

  17. Ken

    As is, it’s got a pretty cool Mad Max vibe. Get it running, get a Tetanus shot, and go terrorize your town.

  18. Jeff Russell

    Can’t believe the no bids, ex- father-in-law could’ve sold it for a fortune to us chevy guys

  19. Matt Member

    I see one possibility, a dirt track car. There are many dirt tracks where i live, thus, many chassis and assorted parts and pieces. Buy a a stripped chassis, put the body on it and find a drive drain. This happens often around here, for a while there was a 68 chevelle, 69(?) camaro (i know the guy who build this, it started out like the car in this listing, but a little worse), and a 70 nova and a few others out on the tracks this year.

  20. Rodent

    Anybody but me think that it is a 64 or so 283 with one valve cover and the air cleaner from the 307?

  21. Tim

    Not original engine
    Early 69 camaros came with 327
    Then switched to the 307
    Neither were vented from the intake.
    Last year for that was 68.

  22. Keith

    Looks like it has a header on one side and an exhaust manifold on the other.

  23. steve

    New car buyers defy logic to me why would anyone buy a 307 powered anything other than a work truck?????????

  24. newfieldscarnut

    Junkyard / bar find .

  25. cudaman

    ’68 RS roller I got 4500.00 for a few years back…….

  26. hank

    Too Rough. 100.00 piece

  27. Anthony

    I would drive it as is !
    Love the way it looks.
    Perfect !!

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