No Reserve! Superb 1956 Continental Mark II

Now, this is a car! No, it’s not a barn find, the description is scant and the pictures are not complete, but what’s included shows off Big Red beautifully. Let’s examine this rare Lincoln more closely; it is located in Vancouver, Washington and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of  $20,600, seventeen bids tendered as of this writing.

The Mark II was a two-door hardtop built by the Continental (not Lincoln) Division of the Ford Motor Company. Only produced in 1956 and 1957, the mostly handbuilt Mark II was offered in just this single body style. Other body styles were planned but never came to fruition. With barely 3,000 copies produced, the $9,900 Mark II was discontinued at the end of the ’57 model year and the Continental Division was absorbed into Lincoln.

The Mark II is a big car at 218 inches (18 ft 2 in) in length, carrying a 5,000 lb. curb weight and riding on a 126-inch wheelbase – this is a two-door model that should have a usable backseat! It’s sad, and unfortunate, that there is no description or details regarding this car’s backstory, condition, operating prowess, strengths, weaknesses, etc. It is advertised as having 9K miles but there is no claim or documentation. The sheet metal is razor straight, the paint appears to be perfect, the chrome gleams, and the wire wheels, which I don’t think are original, are just spectacular. There were fourteen different colors available for the Mark II but there was only one red and it was listed as code 13, Dark Red, so this appears to be a non-original hue. Nevertheless, it all presents very well.

There are no detailed images of the interior, just this view through the windows, a bit of a misstep on the part of the seller. It is a bench seat environment with “vat-dyed” black leather seating surfaces. From what can be seen, and that’s not a lot, it shows to be in nice condition. Research indicates that there was only one option available for the Mark II and that was the $500+ A/C system; it is unknown if this example is so equipped.

Stock Image – not actual

Another place where we are lacking images and a description is in the motive power department, so I inserted a stock image for review. There was only a single engine available for the Mark II and that was a 285 HP, 368 CI, Lincoln “Y-Block” V8. In addition to the Mark II, this engine powered all ’56 and ’57 Lincolns, Mercury Montclairs, and Mercury Turnpike Cruiser models. After ’57, the 368 was discontinued, having been replaced by the Ford MEL series engines. A single, three-speed automatic transmission, known as “Turbo-Drive”, was the Mark II’s sole gearbox. As to how all of this Lincoln greatness operates, that remains a question for the seller.

There are two and a half-days to go in the bidding and the current bid is in very reasonable territory for what this car is and how well it shows. The slimness of the listing is troubling however, is this Lincoln Mark II too good to be true?


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  1. leiniedude leiniedude Member


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  2. Raoul-F Raoul-F Member

    The price and that there are no Fotos from the interior giving me doubts about this car. I found my car, which is on my garage two years ago here offered in another website for half the price.. although I didn’t do that. Somebody used the fotos of the original announcement, where from I bought the car, and listed it again.. some months after I bought it.

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  3. Fred W

    Ebay listing says the car has air. At first glance the seller doesn’t look like a typical scammer with few sales, and he has a clean feedback record with 238 listings. Not sure why anyone would list a car without interior photos. This car is a real beauty!

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    • CCFisher

      I do see what look like A/C components on the rear package shelf, but I do not see the air intakes in the quarter panels that were typical of A/C cars. Either those aren’t A/C components, or the system was modified to draw air from the door jambs or some other covert location.

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      • 4501 Safari Member

        That is correct. Any MKII I have seen with AC has the intake scoops forward of the trunk line on the rear fender top. I think the seller is fishing for interest.

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      • Bruce Ferguson

        My recollection is that only the early models of the MarkII had the rear quarter intake scoops. Seems there were issues with water getting in and not draining properly.

      • Bob K

        The trunk photo shows that the area over the axle is walled off. I’m assuming there’s some air conditioning equipment in there. That was a customary place around 55 -57

    • Patrick Curran

      I don’t see the A/C intakes on the quarters. Does it have aftermarket A/C?

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    • Barry Wolk

      The air intakes were eliminated from air conditioned cars early in 1956. They provided air to the trunk-mounted unit by a different means. The ducts were hidden so there’s nothing to see on the package shelf. So, it likely does have a/c.

  4. Steve Clinton

    Those Mark IIs were beautiful cars, and the red paint on this one is striking (However, I’m sure bright red was never a color offered for these Continentals!)

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  5. Dead_Garry

    Every time I see one of these I think how utterly classy! A proper gentleman’s ride from a begone era.

    Shame there isn’t more info on this particular example. Blows me away the lack of detail/pictures some listings have.

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  6. Mark Mitchell Member

    White Walls, Wide White Walls, Wire Wheels…. Thats a LOT of W’s!

    A very pathetic description for a fabulous car. Sellers need to invest a little more effort posting a complete set of photos and descriptions as probably 90% of these online purchases are done sight-unseen.

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  7. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Re-sell red. When buying and selling cars of this stature to many photos can be a downturn. You want to limit the market to high quality cash paying clients who will either have the car professionally inspected or personally checked over and documented. You can limit the number of lookie loos in this manner. I have bought and sold many cars over the years and have learned to much upfront information can be bad for business. The policy; be honest and present well to the market you wish to sell to.
    God bless America

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  8. MLM

    My favorite 1950s car hands down. They were beautiful then and they are beautiful now.Ford lost money on these but they outdid themselves in styling these gorgeous masterpieces.

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  9. DSteele

    This was the first and last Ford that was Designed and Engineered by the late great William Clay Ford (Late Detroit Lions Owner)
    After this, his older brother, Hank the Deuce told WCF you need something else in your life, a hobby (A nice and classy way of kicking him out of the family business) so Bill Ford Sr. bought Detroit Lions and quickly drove them into the ground
    Still a very nice looking car if you ask me

    R.I.P. WCF

    GO LIONS!!!!!

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    • Will Fox

      William Clay Ford is “credited” with the Mark II’s design, but he had little if any part in it. His family name is on the company is all.

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      • DSteele

        Good enough for me

        GO LIONS!!!

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    • E.G. Frizzell

      DSteel You must be a septuagenarian. That comment on WCF I had read in a Detroit News article a number of years ago. I had wished WCF had stayed with the cars. His football leadership went the way of the city. Shame. Shula, Knox and Belichick were all Lions at one point. And Russ Thomas knew what side of the bread to butter.

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      • DSteele

        Nope I’m 53

  10. Toinvent

    This looked like it could be a great deal on a classic car until I found it on the Internet as being recently sold by Gateway Classic Cars for $59,000. The photos on the eBay listing are from the old Gateway listing.
    The eBay seller has 238 positive purchases but has sold 0 items.
    I would be very careful that this is not a scam.

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    • Steve Clinton

      “238 positive purchases but has sold 0 items”?
      There are so many scams on BF, BAT, FB, and similar sites. It pays to investigate!

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      • Jajc

        Maybe just not an experienced seller.

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    • David Frank David Member

      There’s your answer. It’s certainly a scam. I wonder what would happen if one asked for more pictures? Silence or more pics from Gateway. Time to report it

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  11. EPO3

    I would like to strip down to my shorts and take a swim in that deep beautiful red paint.TO MUCH SORRY

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  12. Joe Haska

    I agree with all the comments and there are certainly some Red Flags, however on the surface, there is nothing not to like about this car.

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  13. JP

    I dunno… no engine or interior pics, no details on running status, nice color but probably not original, no word on miles, … probably explains the low bid price. If this car were all that, it should be going for twice the price. Suspicious…

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  14. Bob Mck Member

    I would love to buy this car, but there are no photos of the engine, interior or bottom of the car. This might be a bondo queen.
    I would need to see this one in person.

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  15. james r carlson

    was built at [the now defunct, and gone] wixom, mi assembly plant.

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  16. charlie Member

    One of the best designs of the Post WW II era. There is a lot to question about this one though. The red is wrong, at least in my opinon, having been 16 when they were new and very much into cars – I would go to showrooms and collect new car brochures “for my father”. (I had been taking books out of the adult part of the public library since I was 11 “for my father”, mostly science fiction and westerns, so I knew the drill.) The reported low milage and the repaint do not fit well. I think these had AC scoops on the rear quarters, but could be wrong.

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    I’m an automotive artist and I’m very picky abut automotive design. To me, the 56 Lincoln MKII is one of the cleanest and most beautiful American car designs of the fifties or, for that matter, the Post War Period. It gets my heart pumping. And, I like RED.

    In 1952, the company formed the Special Product Operations team (later Special Products Division).[5] Led by William Clay Ford, the team consisted of John Reinhart (chief stylist), Gordon Buehrig (chief body engineer; designer of the Cord 810), and Harley Copp (chief engineer).

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  18. David Frank

    Beautiful car, too bad it’s a scam. A shout out to Toinvent for catching this. An amusing thing about these Connies perhaps. A local fellow has a large collection of micro cars as well as a beautiful example of a Continental Mark II.
    He is well over 6 feet tall. What car do you suppose he has the most trouble getting into and out of? His Continental Mark II of course!

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  19. Bunky

    The car is correctly identified as a Continental, and then repeatedly referred to as a Lincoln. Continental- not a Lincoln. Beautiful car/obvious scam.

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  20. Patrick Curran

    Daniel Schmitt has a beautiful dark blue one in his showroom right now. Check it out.

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  21. Patrick Curran

    The aftermarket wire wheels don’t look too bad but I would prefer the original wheel covers. Not sure if they are included or not, but if not, they are expensive to replace.

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  22. PeterM Member

    In mid 1956 the scoops that brought in air were discontinued because they caught a lot of water and debris. The interior air dicots are in the ceiling, not through tubes like the 56 Lincolns had. Wire wheels were not a factory option. There were other no charge options, like seat belts and other things, but very few cars rolled out with those. Good write up. Glad to see you did your homework on this one. Prices vary on these cars and from what I can see, $32K is a nice price.

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  23. Michael T Freeman

    This isn’t an air car unless it’s an add-on. I have one of these and the factory air unit is in the trunk and feeds the roof outlets through clear tubes on the left and right running from the package tray to the ceiling. I’ve also got the quarter panel intakes mentioned but somewhere in late 56 they discontinued them. Many of them are low mileage, mines at 41,000 but 9,000 miles seems a bit light.

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    • PeterM Member

      I also have a 56 with factory air without the fender scoops. There are no clear plastic air tubes in my car unless they are hidden in the headliner and side panels, so this red car could have factory air.

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  24. Sam Dibitonto

    How does one expose a scam.?? No money asked for, location given, I am a potential Cash buyer… .

  25. C5 Corvette

    Scam or no scam, where ever it is, it is a Beautiful car.

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  26. berniebike

    the bidding went way up in the last 2 days.
    maybe from the exposure on here?.
    beautiful car great lines i prefer GM but alot to be said on old lincolns and t-birds.

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  27. chrlsful

    one of the top 10 cars historically? top 20 for sure. (my top 5 or 6).

    Justa lousy place to sell one, poorly marketed. An offer to see who’s looking deeper atja? Could B a ‘show’n go’ as a mrkt tester (ID price point). Not a scam but could certainly be…

    I C the above motor. Is not a reasonable facsimile (exhaust, VC, etc) of what was in these vehicle but is on the money for ‘era correct’. Love ford’s ‘families’ while chebby goes sm block, big block, model specific, etc.

  28. Bill Hall

    This car was so expensive to build that Ford lost a bunch of money on. This is probably true since they were hand built. Ford could do this back in the day as the family owned the majority of the company. Today if someone at Ford or GM even thought of a project that was neat but was going to loose or not make a BIG of GREEN their head would be on a platter.

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  29. vintagehotrods

    It was most definitely a scam because it’s been removed from Ebay. There are seven other 1956 Continentals on there, all above $50K.

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  30. Mike

    beautiful car!!!!

  31. Mike

    BEAUTIFUL CAR!!!…and ….it’s gone

  32. Kenn

    Still don’t understand what was being attempted here. ie: what kind of scam?
    Interesting that a 1956 Cadillac high-dollar vehicle is here, with a remark that, as expensive as it was new, the Lincoln MKII was 50% more costly. Now look at what’s going on. This is an interesting hobby!

  33. Derek

    The top photo puts me in mind of the Facel Vega. A bit less beautiful, but still a fine thing.

  34. Bob K

    Yes the red seems odd. The correct wheel discs had about 48 turbine blades with a pointed dish center. Knock off hubs are inappropriate on this kind of car.
    It set the style for Lincolns, Mercurys and a bunch of copies for three decades

  35. chrlsful

    31 pic @ my in-mail box when posting an inquiry to the site. No guarantee its legit but seeming more so as dig deeper…

  36. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Most definitely a scam that got reported and is now removed.
    For anyone who wants a closer look at this beauty anyway, Here is a video from when it was at Gateway:

  37. Bosstom

    Yes it’s a beautiful car, all comments seam to ay it could be or couldn’t be. But for that price the reserve if there is one is probably high.

  38. keith carson

    I remember seeing a new Robins egg blue / white interior Contintental on the showroom floor. My Dad was buying a New ’56 Mercury Pheaton at the time. He got mad when I couldn’t stop checking it out instead of his new Mercury. I was 14 and remember it like it was yesterday.

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