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Not The Real Deal: Homebuilt 1908 Ford Replica

When I saw this on the list, I was immediately interested but when I looked at the picture I was really puzzled. It certainly is no Ford, or even an antique car. Sellers sometimes use very creative lighting to make cars look like more than they are. This vehicle is listed on eBay as a 1908 Ford, but in 1908 Ford was building the Model T. The only tiller equipped vehicle Ford ever built was Henry’s first car, the “quadricycle” built in 1896. It was the only vehicle with bicycle style wheels and it looks nothing like this. In the dark in this picture it could almost look like an old car with a sort of Ford badge attached.

Even in this hazy photo this appears to be a sort of replica, basically made to look like a generic turn of the century car, more like a curved dash Oldsmobile perhaps. The engine would have been in the middle, under the seat of early Fords, Oldsmobiles and other cars of the era, not in the rear. This vehicle was likely built for parades and cobbled together with what was handy, like the engine, hardware store hvac engine exhaust grill, bicycle wheels and a Ford badge.

The engine and chain drive mechanism are obviously not very old and the square tubing frame is modern.

This view shows more clearly what this vehicle really is. It could have been built any time in the last 20 or 30 years. It could be used for parades or a display of some sort, but it’s not very convincing to even the most casual observer. It does run and drive, though. Do you think any buyer will be fooled by this vehicle?


  1. Mike

    looks neat though somebody took the time to build it!!
    Only in America!!!

  2. Fred W.

    They have a lot of nerve advertising this as a “1908 Ford” that has “at some point had a Honda engine installed”. Looks familiar, sometime in the past couple of years BF published another ad with the exact same situation. Would make a nice parade car but advertise it as what it is.

    • Bill

      Probably a typo.. meant to say 1908 Honda and it came out Ford. ummm… Still a neat little buggy, but not sure i’d pony up for it.

  3. Rob from Texas

    Maybe a Shriner’s parade car?

  4. Mark P

    I guess the plywood lid over the motor and the residential HVAC cold air return register screwed to it wouldn’t be enough of a give away.

  5. Moe G

    Can they legally mislead people like that? They are making it sound like a real piece of history

  6. Cory

    I like that they hid the $199 title fee in there even though there is no title

  7. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    The description makes me want to take a bath after reading.

    No way wouldi deal with this bag of air.

  8. Mickey Dorsey

    Apparently somebody (actually 2 somebodies) are fooled and have bid this pile of junk up to $3850. Half the pictures are not even of the same vehicle, not including the factory photo. What a shame. I can’t see $500 worth of parts, but it might appeal to a Shriner. Terrible advertising.

  9. JCW Jr. Member

    They should have included late model engine and disc brake conversion. Since noether the engine or disc brake would have been factory even if it was a real car from the era.

  10. Rustytech Member

    Anybody that would get fooled by this has no business behind the wheel ( ah tiller ). This isn’t even a good fake. Maybe cheap lawn art?

  11. St. Ramone de V8

    No Overdrive, so I guess Howard is out…..

  12. TBall

    POC. No way should this be advertised the way it is. The only 1908 Ford in this listing is the one old photo. Too many easily identified modern parts on this – and yet, 7 bids on it. Seller should loose his eBay account for that type of listing.

  13. Mickey Dorsey

    Anybody want to bet that the two guys bidding are related to the seller?

  14. TBall

    Interesting. I sent a question to the seller via ebay link and it was returned as undeliverable. As if we all didn’t think this was anything but a scam, looks as if it is…

  15. D. King

    I just sent a message. We’ll see what happens. I see that the seller did add information that some of the underside photos aren’t of this car.

    I agree with TBall–this doesn’t look legit and Ebay should investigate.

  16. Bill

    a 4hp Honda with dual exhaust? WTH???who includes photos of other cars in an ad?

  17. Dan

    He says in the add that some pictures were added by mistake of a different car

  18. Dan

    I brave enough to say I won the auction kerosene lights mohair seat like would have come on model A many people put cover over engines to protect from weather a lot of the pictures are wrong pictures, there of another car as he mention we have been talking for a week with the guys there is no title fee…. for 4200 I’d hate to miss a possible chance of it being real in some way I will fill you in later he may have hooked a fish but let’s hope for the best, Honda engine was added because old engine was bad …close up pictures of front end I just don’t see someone duplicating or putting on kerosene lights on it orig engine was center drive

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