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Oddball Buggy: 1957 Bremen Citation

This 1957 Bremen Citation is yet another variety of dune buggy offered throughout the ’50s and ’60s with a VW chassis and mechanicals. There were a few different flavors of the Bremen, at least according to the owner’s imagination, as we’ve seen these hardtop-equipped buggies come with air-cooled engines from a Corvair, among other models. The hardtop really is the distinguishing feature, and I wouldn’t want to attempt to find one of these now if I owned a Bremen bug with no roof. The seller acquired this Bremen Citation not too long ago, according to an online records search, and it’s now offered here on craigslist in Tuscon for $9,500.

According to this record from the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale in 2019, the seller picked up this Bremen for $10,000. This is such a niche market of the vehicle that it’s hard to say whether he paid a fair price – and whether it’s reasonable for him to try and recoup most of his investment after using it for the past year-and-a-half. The Bremen is a very period-correct specimen, with lots of chrome and what looks like metallic paint over its original gel coat body. The seller looks to have enjoyed his time with the buggy, and also apparently lives in an awesome place to have one – not to mention it’s the perfect tow-behind on the RV.

The interior offers another dose of perspective in terms of why the Bremen is unique: it has a full backseat, which dare I say even looks remotely comfortable? The front bucket seats don’t offer much in the way of support, but that’s sort of the whole point of a dune buggy like this: it’s raw and not here to coddle you. The listing from craigslist and the previous auction report doesn’t provide any insight into whether the interior is original or whether that’s relatively new upholstery we’re looking at. The Bremen does appear to be in good shape cosmetically and it seems safe to say the original builder took the time to make this custom kit as finished as possible, judging by the interior and exterior finish.

I will never quite understand the dune buggy life, but that’s largely due to not living somewhere wherein a vehicle like this would be practical. The seller notes that the 1600cc VW engine has been serviced and that the Bremen has new tires. The dream is to buy a car, use it for a few years, and then sell it for a profit or at least not lose your shirt on it. The seller of this Bremen is likely trying to recoup most of his investment, less what he’s put in for maintenance. I suspect like all dune buggies, he will have to hope for another buyer who was as smitten as he was with the custom hardtop and paint job that this Bremen Citation proudly wears.


  1. Cadmanls Member

    Cool looking buggy, remember a guy in our neighborhood built a buggy, I was 14 maybe 15 rusty old bug trying to separate the body from the pan was insane. No torch, chisel hammer and bunch of neighborhood kids helping lift off the body. Him dragging the chassis to a welding shop for shorting and pans. About 4 months later had it running. Sold it soon after, this was Ohio not a practical vehicle.

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  2. nlpnt

    I had “1957? Aren’t buggies more of a ’60s/70s thing?” all typed out before realizing 1957 is probably the model year of the donor VW.

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  3. Michael K

    A fren had one of these back in the day, and yes the back seat is comfortable enough to pass out on. We drove that thing all over N/E Ohio and I think it was sold in Tennessee. His was purple medal flake, and I believe it was the color from the factory, It wasn’t painted. His has a dual port VW engine, it wasn’t fast, but was quite fun to tool around in. This brings back the memories, that’s for sure.

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  4. Frank D Member

    These buggies are in demand in Florida with prices climbing for an original Meyers

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  5. joenywf64

    Here 1 can actually ck from inside the car if the front blinkers are working!
    I wonder if someone still makes those front seats, possibly even with a headrest option.

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  6. t-bone BOB

    Located in Tucson, AZ

  7. Howie Mueler

    It looks good, not too many photos and not the best photos.

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  8. ed the welder

    If you’ve never driven or rode shotgun in a dune buggy then sure, you wouldn’t get it . But if you did , you know .

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    • Gelnat7

      That is so true. Had one in the mid 70’s. Only took it on the interstate once, too slow, but around town and on back roads it was a blast to drive. Made several day long trips in it. Still wish I had it.

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  9. Robert Eddins

    Compared to a Meyers it.s downright ugly.
    No thanks unless it could be cut up and fiberglass back together to at least resemble a Manx. A faux radiator…..hmmmm…

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