Oil Issues: 1992 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse

While hearses are not the most common vehicles, it seems the ones that pop up for sale are either very old or very new. There aren’t many in between. However, this 1992 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse here on eBay appears to be an exception to the rule. I hardly ever see these come up for sale, and while this one has its share of issues, the relative rarity could make it a worthwhile project.

Truth be told, this is one of the more handsome hearse executions I have personally seen. It just looks “right” and not pieced together. This particular example has only 44,000 miles and served in regular hearse duties until 2015, when what is believed to be a bad oil pump caused it to be parked. Of course, the engine has developed some ominous noises which definitely deserve inspection.

The casket rollers have been stripped, so you’ll have some retrofitting work to do if you’re looking to put it back into service. So, back to the 4.9 V8 getting noisy: I did some research and oil pump issues are somewhat uncommon, but apparently the oil pressure relief valve within the pump can fail. Another common culprit of poor oil circulation is the oil galley plugs, which also have a tendency to fail. If the engine hasn’t been oil starved, it could be a simple fix.

There are some paint blisters on the rear door, but the Caddy is said to be rot-free. The transmission shifts well and it comes with four new tires. However, the windshield will need to be replaced, along with the passenger rear door glass. The price is only $2,250 and even if the engine needs replacing, I have to believe a junkyard motor is not hard to find. What do you think – is this Cadillac hearse headed for permanent retirement, or does it have a few more last rides left?


  1. CapNemo

    I miss my Hotrod hearse. License plate said TOETAG.

    • Dr. D

      Ha! A buddy in high school had a hot rod hearse with the license plate “MEATWGN”

  2. Levi7777

    Just dying to give it a spin.

  3. Trickie Dickie Member

    I have always wanted to open a funeral home for really economical funerals. Our slogan would be: You call We Haul That’s all This hearse will a small flathead V8 would fit in well. Slow but economical.

    • Tony Grazziano

      Trickie Dickie, you said I was wrong about ten thousand dollar funerals. If they can’t get you one merchandise their automatic service kicks in while the survivor’s shed their tears over the bill the funeral directors cry all the way to their banks (and banks are plural)

  4. Sanity Factor

    Passenger door glass is gonna be. A custom piece i believe…i had a 85 buick s&s and parts were unobtainium….

  5. daniel wright

    Funerals R Us……You stab em, we slab em.

  6. Stang1968

    It hearse so good.

  7. Ken Nelson Member

    Wow, what a great parts hauler – or sinbin…..

  8. Rocko

    Make a great station wagon, finally one of this era with a nice looking quaterpanel! Problem with these beast is the tight space with the sideways V8, and most jobs entail supporting the engine from above and removing the cradle for easy access by breaking the always corroded cradle support bolts! The 4.9 is good for 300,000 miles and the tranny 200,000. Did i mention the 2 grand to replace the shocks ?

  9. Pookie Jamie P

    It could make a perfect candidate for an evening at inspiration point… Lol. But seriously. Take all the weight out, and this would make a perfect sleeper for the drag races. Or replace the engine and put the car back into service and make it the hippest hearse someone would be proud to have their last ride in. Any motor head would say. ” honey? Hire them for my services”

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    My buddy has a trike hearse, on the back is written Bikers last ride. Glad he doesn’t ride it much.

  11. Barry

    In high school had a 67 caddy hearse, cut a slot in the top took off the back door and slid in a pickup camper. Opened it up to access into the hearse interior. Rolling hotel motel party on wheels. Good thing gas was cheap.

  12. mike d

    as stated, there should be an engine available at a parts yard.. or even find a wreck online ( ebay) Not sure about the glass.. what I would love, love to do is to put a stereo system in it loud enough to ” wake the dead” , I think it would make a good cruiser !!

  13. pursang

    Thanks, I’ll just lease mine the day I need it.

  14. Tony Grazziano

    Older hearses are not hard to find. Most have very low mileage and have regular maintenece performed. They aren’t driven hard the only problem comes when you get tired of it and want to sell it. Funeral directors want new and fancy vehicles so they can justify their $10,000 funerals.

    • Trickie Dickie Member

      As LIFE LONG 45 year funeral director in California, I STR
      ONGLY resent your reference to our having $10,000 funerals. I can’t recall any funerals I have ever had that were anywhere near that amount. Funeral costs are rapidly declining as more families opt for direct cremation with smaller memorial services. We never try to “sell” a funeral to any families.On many occasions we have provided funeral to families who cannot afford them at no cost or at least a very minimum cost. And, we have never charged any families for funerals of infants under 12 months. We don’t want new and fancy vehicles. Our entire current fleet is eight years old. Ours is one of the oldest and most respected professions in the USA.

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