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One Of None! 1972 Dodge Charger “Rallye Bee”


I can hear the purists already! What do you mean “one of none?” “I’ve never heard of a Rallye Bee before!” And they are right–there never was a “Rallye Bee” package, nor was there any “Bee” performance package for a 1972 Charger anyway! The “Super Bee” had been dropped, and the Rallye package was a poor imitation of previous ground-pounding Chargers. So where did this car come from? I can tell you where it is now–Center City, Minnesota, and where it’s up for sale: here on eBay, where bidding hasn’t met reserve.


Looks factory, doesn’t it? I’ll tell you, as a Mopar fan but not a fanatic, it sure would have fooled me. Basically, the current owner of the car wasn’t happy with just restoring the car; they decided to create a model that they felt should have existed at the time. To their credit, they did a masterful job, with graphics, emblems, and even added a factory set of gauges to the interior to complete this fictional Rallye Bee model.


I’ll bet at least some of you have real issues with this, but I should point out that the owner is not trying to pass it off as a genuine model and is very clear in the advertisement that this version is their creation. As they point out, “The car was finished late last year and only was able to attend one car show where it won the people’s choice award, and confused even the most hard core Mopar guys. It was a blast sitting there hearing guys ponder over the car and asking if it was the real deal. Ha ha, so I think it was pulled off with taste.”


The car has been repainted once, and sports a largely original interior. There is a Sure Grip rear axle under there and some springs to give it a little rake.


As you can see, the interior is in really nice shape. The rallye gauge pac was added during some recent work.


From this nice shot, you can tell that the cleanup work continued under the hood. I realize this isn’t a barn find, but I thought you folks might be interested in this “one of none.” Personally, I’m interested in your opinion as well–I once did a similar thing with a “bitsa” Triumph Spitfire, which I labeled using graphics based on a later car but with the nomenclature befitting an early car. People were puzzled at British car shows, too, but generally I got positive responses. What’s your response to this created model?



  1. Jeff

    The car looks great; nice representation of the era. It would be nice to see the turn signal indicators on the top of the front fenders added. These were the cars on the market as I started driving. Still the best on the road. We owned numerous Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth products in that time. Still miss them.

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    • Tim

      The car is gorgeous and would have been a good special if they’d have had the foresight. Remember, most divisional people had to fight like mad to make business cases, and a lot of great ideas were sadly ashcanned. I love this car’s treatment and if anyone doesn’t, they aren’t car people, and should stop revering car companies as gods.

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  2. Rando

    What was it really worth if left completely stock? Seems to me, if an owner wants to have a little fun and isn’t ruining a truly special car, why not go ahead and have some fun and make the car more enjoyable for the owner.

    There are way worse things on the local CL that have been done to nice cars that would be much better off if left original. But once a car has been messed with, may as well do something fun with it and this is certainly a nice make over for a car with not so much value. And way better than pro touring.

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  3. piper62j

    I’m not sure of it either.. but, where would you get the hood decal? There are some Mopar purists here, so they can chime in and enlighten us..
    This is a nice car and a very good find for Mopar fans.

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  4. Car39

    I changed the wheels on a Subaru WRX, added the factory gauge cluster, and put a “GT” emblem in the place of the “WRX” emblem. Had a nice young man tell me he had heard about the Impreza GT, but they were very rare. I didn’t tell him how rare.

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  5. Silas

    I like it. It would get me to stop and talk to the guy at a car show. Much more interesting than yet another Camaro.

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  6. Rock On Member

    Stroke that 400 to 512 cubic inches. Then you would really have a sweet ride!

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  7. maserati

    I like it !! ,

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  8. Mr. TKD

    It looks like a nice driver you can have some fun with. For me, that’s the most important thing.

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  9. JW

    As a modifier myself as long as it’s not a very rare car do what you want with it. I think it’s cool he created something he thought should have been offered by the factory back in the day. He also did a super nice job of it.

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    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      I think you mean he did a “rallye” nice job of it

      OK I’m going back to my room now

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  10. Chris A.

    Good looking package. Maybe Chrysler should have built “more” judging from the nice reaction to this “one of none”. Nicely done and not overdone. Fun car.

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  11. Tim

    Very tastefully done and they started with a car that wasn’t unusually rare or special. I especially like that the aim was to make it like the factory would have done it.
    I like it!

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  12. Barnfind Bill

    So many people want to turn their imagination and sense of artistry loose on a car. Unfortunately, as features on Barn finds has proven repeatedly, few people can do so without creating a Frankencar. Compliments to the owner for creating a curiosity that was different, “factory correct”, and met a high level of craftsmanship.

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  13. Vegas Vic

    I was just at Ligenfelters car show
    Ken has a GTO station wagon
    Green with judge stickers
    One of two created
    Very slick ! These “custom” rides are nifty , different and FUN!
    Car kudos to the diligent Dodge owner

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  14. Wayne

    I saw a sign on a car, at a car show once with a sign. ” I built this car to meet my approval, not yours”. How appropriate.

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  15. Frankie

    i like it, I’d drive it. great job.

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      I agree!

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      • AMX Brian

        That’s a common theme with AMC owners.

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  16. David

    I share the opinion of most everyone here. If the basis is not a special car, have at it! That’s why they are custom cars. My only reservation would be how the resulting car is represented.
    It must be great fun showing the Charger and listening to self appointed experts discuss how rare the car is.

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  17. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    I’m pleased at your responses, folks! Props to all, but I really like those of you that pointed out how nice and realistic the modifications were and Wayne, I could not agree more with that statement!

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  18. Mike

    “Please do NOT bid if you are a Hillary supporter!” Seriously? Because when I’m selling my car I really care about a person’s political preference. I hope Caitlyn Jenner buys it.

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  19. erikj

    I totality agree with all. He took a plain jane charger and made a very cool rendition of what dodge should have offered back in the day.The emblems can be made at lots of sign shops.

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  20. JW

    Please do NOT bid if you are a Hillary supporter! or not a serious bidder. As I cant deal with either. Well there is at least 9 non Hillary supports on ebay, if you want to sell a car this is not a good way to do it. When I sell a car I don’t care who you vote for as I won’t ask and I expect you to not tell me. I talk cars not politics.

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  21. skloon

    I always wonder what will happen when this is found 10 years from now and what sort of stories will be used to try and sell it, or will the interweb mess that all up

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  22. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Is the 400 motor part of the one of none theme? I know its not a hemi, but never knew there was a middle sibling between the 383 and 440.

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  23. Mike H. Mike H.

    The 400 engine was introduced in 1972 to replace the 383. Chrysler increased the bore size of the 383 to create the 400 (4.21″ for the 383 & 4.342″ for the 400). All parts except for the pistons were interchangeable between the 383 and 400.

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  24. Vince Habel

    Ebay ad says it is a 383.

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  25. HeadMaster1

    MANY of the “factory” packages we see on cars, even today are NOT from the factory at all, but many times from a regional distributor, or in rare cases from a dealer (re: Yenko)…….So while this is a homemade “package”, its kinda cool

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  26. C brand

    Shes a beauty! Very well done! wish i had the bread this would be in my garage

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  27. JHBell

    The Duster Twister of Chargers, I think I like It! Makes me wish that I had kept my ’72 440-powered Rallye thirty plus years ago…

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  28. Joe

    Looks very well done. If I did not know the background story, I would think it was either a rebadged, modified, or unique Canadian or Australian factory made car, like the Cadillac SLS, Plymouth Caravelle, or Ford Ka imported to the US.

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    • Chet

      Australian Chargers are similar in style but as they are only 3/4 the size of this one and none have hidden headlamps, I don’t think you could fool anyone into thinking it was Australian for long. The Canadian angle however…

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  29. John Newell

    This car is a great example of how even a little bit of imagination and application can completely change the perception of a car in the eyes of the beholder. It shows that it can be done without having a resident automotive genius on hand. I think the application of creativity to this Rallye Bee has added to its net worth. As a buyer, I’d pay more to own a unique take on an otherwise ordinary car.

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  30. Bobsmyuncle

    Upbadging is lame, honest tributes are fine, this is great!

    Very creative, and cleanly executed.

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  31. Strohman

    Cool ride! I once owned a 71 SE, 340 which was built and added by the previous owner. Loved that car,needed a place to live. Sold it to someone who totaled it inside of 2 weeks. Always wish I still had it.

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