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One Owner since 1971! 1962 Chevrolet Corvette Storage Find

This Tampa, Florida classic served its current owner since it was merely a pup back in 1971. Since then it has been driven and pampered and stored indoors. Now you can write the next chapter of its story by casting the final bid here on eBay where potential Corvette owners have driven the bidding beyond $28,000.

With its shiny red and white paint… from the twenty-foot mark… this final year of the first generation Corvette “C2” or second-generation Corvette catches the eye, and would surely draw a crowd at the local Booze ‘n’ Cruise,’ perhaps more than a completely restored and sterile specimen. “Is that cotton candy on your hands, kid? No problem; step right up!”

The owner states it needed interior and body work in ’71 and, unlike Christine, it did not enjoy a miraculous satanic self-restoration. In addition to these pictures the owner, Tom, has thoughtfully provided a host of undercarriage pictures that seem to support the car’s story of some rough early years followed by decades of use as a garaged occasional driver with minimal investment beyond the necessary.

Mechanically this ‘Vette “runs good and straight down the road.. the sweetest running 283 you will find.” In nearly all circumstances you’re better off buying a car that’s been driven regularly and needs cosmetic updates than to buy a nicer-looking car that sat for decades without use. Well done, Tom! I’ve never owned a Corvette, but I can picture myself cruising the Gulf Boulevard beaches in this never-restored ’62, hard top removed, mellow exhaust tone, shifting gently with no reason to hurry… perfection. What’s your daydream for this version of Chevrolet’s sports car?


  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    I wonder what happened to the 327 that would have originally rested between the frame rails..? My experience with working on Corvettes is that such swaps are usually a result of the car’s being severely thrashed, a fairly common occurrence way back when.

  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    I always thought the 327 was an option in ’62 and standard for ’63 and up. Regardless, this is my ultimate favorite Vette. If I won the lottery last weekend it would be on its way to my place. There are (2) Vettes I’d love to own: a ’53 because it’s the same age as I am, and a ’62 because that’s the one that appealed to me the most over the years. Of course I’d take anything between ’58 and ’66 but this one trumps the rest….

    • gbvette62

      The 283 was last used in the 61 Corvette. The base engine in 62 was the 327/250, with the 327/300, 327/340 and 327/360 (fuelie) all optional. A 3 speed was standard behind all 4 engines, with the 4 speed being optional with all 4 also, and the Powerglide available with the 250 and 300 horse engines.

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      • Ralph

        My 62, straight of High School in 66…was th3 327/250, 3 speed…..I sold the car and made some money in 70…to pay for my first wedding…lasted 40 urs…boy i miss that car.had a 67…still loved the Fawn Beige 62

    • 68custom

      no the 327 for 1962 was mandatory in the vette though I believe you could get one with as little as 250 horse power. seems like a lotta money for a car without original motor and needing a good freshening up?

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        OK. I stand corrected. I’ve had that discussion before, now that I think about it. Well, the 283 would provide all the push I would need anyway…

  3. Classic Steel

    Could be a nice Corvette with a 15k paint and fiber patch. The interior probably around 1200 and 800 top install too. The synchronizer can be repaired with a trans tear down for under 500 at shop .

    So 18300 and 40 on eBay will get you around 60 for NOM car 💰💰.


    Swap trans out and put your own top on it and drive it like you stole it every day! Vroooooom ……

  4. Steve R

    It reads like a straight forward ad for an honest car, the lack of reserve reinforces that. I hope the seller gets a good price for his car.

    Steve R

  5. Ronald G Bajorek jr

    i…like it!

  6. Patrick S newport pagnell Staff

    This would be really nice with an Edelbrock Performer Dual Quad(315hp) some Torque Thrusts and a fresh interior.

    • Scott Staff

      Man I miss the thumbs down button

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  7. Andre

    That would be a “C1”, not a “C2”.

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    • David J David J

      Last year of the C1, correct?

    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks, Andre – of course! ’62 is the last year of the C1.

  8. Joe Haska

    I just like it, and I believe the seller. I think this could be a great way to have a 62 Vette, and not break the bank, and enjoy the experience. I can see myself wrenching on this car trying to make it better, but knowing it is never getting, Bloomington Gold, or whatever that is, and not caring!

  9. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Last of the solid axel Vettes but there are questions with it. There is no serial # plate on it, but I have one ordered – are they saying there’s no vin plate on the car, no number on the block or what? Fix the body, fix the paint, fix the interior and fix the top and it would be a fun cruiser. I wouldn’t plan on making any big $$ off it if bought for reselling due to the fix-it costs associated with it. If on the other hand you can do the work yourself and want it for yourself, it could be a fun project.

    • justbob

      there is a serial number on the frame, by the drivers seat.

  10. Gary

    I like it. I can’t afford it even considering the rough shape but I still like it.

    I miss the days when most collector cars looked like this. We were all too poor to pour tons of money into our collector cars so we just drove them. A lot. Because that was fun. Now it seems like we just look at them because we don’t want to chip up an expensive paint job or mess up some expensive wheels.

    So I guess you know what I would do with this car if I had it……….drive it.

    • justbob

      i bought a 62 in the 90’s, restored it and sat there and looked at it, couldn’t drive it, insurance wouldn’t let you leave it anywhere, and as you said, scared to death you would scratch something. everybody that worked on it thought their time was worth twice anybody else’s. mine was a 327/300 auto, they only made like 250. the original carb. was a one year issue, paid 1,000 for one rebuilt. the numbers were stupid then, couldn’t imagine what they are now.

  11. olddavidp

    When I see these Nelson Riddle starts playing the “Route 66” theme and I want one so I can go cruising the country like George Maharis and Martin Milner.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      That’s one of the things on my bucket list: A trip down Route 66. Of course, making that trip in a Corvette like this one would be all the better…

  12. MIke

    I think you have gotten away from the “barn find” to any old car for sale

  13. Alfred

    I live in tampa. If anyone wants me to check it out

  14. Tyler

    Auction ended early!

    I’ve driven 1 C1 Vette, a 58 model & ive always said that broke me from ever wanting one. BUT, this is the car that could change my mind. Maintain it, keep it mechanically sound, fix the transmission, top, & seat covers, & drive it without fear of scratches.

    I’ve had a couple of trailer queens, but never again. I bet this car would get more looks than a meticulously restored one sitting next to it at any show.

  15. Matt

    $28,000 not a horrible price..I would want to drive it not restore to perfect

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