One-Owner Survivor? 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Update 2/23/20 – This Corvette was been relisted here on eBay with no reserve! We don’t know what it actually sold for or if it even did, but it’s now in Kosciusko, Mississippi. How high do you think it will go?

From 11/24/19 – While it might not provide its next owner with faultless presentation, what this 1962 Corvette does provide is incredible originality. It is a one-owner survivor that is set to head off to a new home. Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, you will find the Corvette listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $79,900, but there is an option available to make an offer.

The originality of the Corvette extends all the way to its Ermine White paint. It isn’t perfect, but as the owner emphasizes, it is original. There are plenty of minor chips and marks, but the fiberglass below that paint does appear to be free of any notable deterioration issues. As well as a hardtop, which appears to be in very nice condition, the Corvette also comes complete with the factory soft-top. All of the exterior chrome and trim is complete, and the majority of it appears to be in nice condition for a 57-year-old survivor. The passenger side rear bumper does sport a dent, but I think that this could probably be repaired and re-plated fairly easily. The owner doesn’t mention any issues with rust, so hopefully, all is okay in that regard.

Complimenting the Ermine White paint is the Corvette’s red leather interior trim. For me, the interior is something of a disappointment. I accept the flaws that are visible on the vehicle’s exterior and accept that they are part-and-parcel when you are dealing with a survivor of this age. However, the interior deterioration is far greater than I had anticipated. The seats are showing some seam separations, but these appear to be repairable. The seats, especially the driver’s seat, have also suffered some upholstery deterioration, but this is nothing when compared to the dash. The carpet is also badly faded, and while it would be nice to try to preserve as much of the Corvette’s originality as possible, I suspect that there might be some remedial work undertaken by the next owner. At least they will be commencing with an interior that does appear to be complete.

This is a numbers-matching car, with the 327ci V8 under the hood. This is where things get a touch confusing because the owner refers to this as the 325hp version of this engine, which wasn’t an option in 1962. Whichever version it is, it has been backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. The Corvette has received a fair raft of recent work to ensure that it is mechanically sound and ready for the road. This includes the replacement of the fuel filters and water pump, along with a suspension rebuild. That’s just the starting point, because according to the owner, he has spent somewhere around $20,000 getting the car to its current mechanical state. So, how does it drive? “Amazing.” That’s the simple, single-word answer that the owner supplies. He also claims that the Corvette has a genuine 9,500 miles on its odometer, but doesn’t indicate whether he holds any documentation to verify this.

If this Corvette is all that the owner claims, then it is a special car. There are a few things that don’t quite gel with me, especially when we’re talking about such a desirable classic. That the owner has stated that the engine is of a specification that was not available in 1962 is the first question. Add to this the inconsistent deterioration between the interior and exterior, and it all seems to be slightly strange to me. What do you think?


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  1. Chuckster

    Looks to me like it got caught in one of those storms with the top off. That dash pad doesn’t get that way from nothing

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  2. Classic Steel

    Beautiful but a lil my opinion…

    Who knows as the economy is good someone might take the plunge buying on the high to have a later low..

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  3. Joe Haska

    Would like to see it in person, but I agree something seems a little off !

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Not sure what it would take to get that gut back in shape, but for almost 80 large you would expect better. Anyhoo– you would need to get someone that know ‘vettes to give you an honest appraisal. Good luck to the new owner!

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  5. TimM

    I love the 327/4 speed combination!! To me it was the best for the early corvettes!! It made it lighter and handle better!!! Besides the damage to the interior the only thing I would do is paint the inserts red to match the interior and break up the all white look!!!

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  6. GuernseyPagoda Member

    Nice car, but no way that it only has 9,500 miles. Interior and dash wouldn’t look that worn with that few miles. JMO. Good luck to the new owner.

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    • PatrickM

      I totally agree. The interior suggests a lot more miles. Or the interior was a party den. Either way, it ain’t gonna be bought by me, not for $80K. Shame though, as ’62’s and ’63’s are my favorite ‘Vettes! don’t get me wrong, I love them all. It’s just that they are my favorites.

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  7. John B. Mc

    The stated engine horsepower is confusing; a 340 hp should have an aluminum intake. The picture seems to indicate a 300 hp, but the owner should know what he has. Regardless, it is a nice car-good luck to seller and buyer.

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  8. Fred Alexander

    20% over a realistic purchase price for this Vette – – – the repro interior ain’t going to be a cheap fix to start with – – then there;s the rest of the unknowns to deal with and pretty soon you have $100K into it – – way beyond realistic,
    Seller is a dreamer.
    Nuff Said

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  9. George Mattar

    Way too much money. BTW, leather not available in Corvette until 1963. And then only in saddle. For $79,000 I can find a near perfect 350 hp 67 conv.

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  10. Pat

    So is the seller the original owner?

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  11. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Personally I have to say the dash alone tells me it’s not a 9K car unless they left it out in the desert sun for years then why isn’t the paint gone too?
    I like 62’s but IMO this one is way overpriced for the condition it’s in. Maybe someone with deep pockets will pick it up, fix it up and drive Route 66 with it and play Martin Milner to boot.

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  12. ruxvette

    It’s the 525th car made that year. The tach suggests a 250 or 300HP motor but the finned valve covers say 340HP. The wiper switch has a button in the middle suggesting washers but I don’t see the reservoir. The dent in the rear bumper also damaged, at a minimum, the fglass at the corner. Perhaps more.
    9500 miles? In your dreams. The carpet is understandably faded but also worn. The driver seat bottom shows a LOT of wear…along with red duct tape. I’m blown away with the dash pad. It is also missing the trunk mat.
    “over $20k spent to make road worthy”? The shop overcharged horribly.
    It’s a good $60k car. Then put $20k into it and…oops, no longer a survivor.
    OK, I’m done.

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  13. Brad G

    $79,900 ??

    Is that pesos or American money?

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  14. moosie moosie

    Definitely not a sub 10 K mileage car unless the odometer’s rolled over, seats don’t get that way in 9500 miles , I can see the dash pad being that way on a Florida car but the paint suggests that its newer than 57 years old. Too expensive for too many things that aren’t logical. Someone will get shafted on this, too bad.

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  15. Bob McK Member

    I have a near perfect 66 that I am selling for a lot less and it has lots more goodies on it. I hope he gets it, then I can raise my price.

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  16. A-body Fan

    It can only be “one owner” for one person. It’s skewed representations like this that keep perspective buyers at bay because of sellers not beimg straight up. I’d bet many good cars are passed up because the seller is to hard to read.

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  17. Comet

    I can’t speak to the accuracy of the sellers description, but I think that an interior could get that beat up over the course of 58 years, given enough neglect and sunlight. I’m also guessing protection from UV rays wasn’t a thing back then. Seat foam can turn to dust if given enough time and heat without care. Nice car, but the seller wants all the money, especially when factoring in the huge cost to bring that interior back to acceptable condition. Hard pass anywhere near at his BIN price.

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  18. Russell Ashley

    I have some questions about this car also, but I’m not thinking of buying it so my questions don’t really matter. That interior is a big letdown but I will say this. I had a 64 Corvette with no a/c, and it was the hottest car I have ever had. I had only the convertible top and you couldn’t get out of the sun when you were driving it. I think the hard top might have been worse since it had more glass area. This 62 is a southern car so I’ll give it the benefit of a doubt that the sun and high temp inside might account for the burned up interior. I like it and I would take it, but not for that price.

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  19. MBorst

    No sweat has ever wore that badly with under 10g miles ! More like 109g. Check they pedals out they will tell the story. Nice looking for that old but not a $79,000 car. I’d find a super been or road runner or GTX first for that.

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  20. Major Thom

    Sold for $45,100?

  21. George Mattar

    Far more mileage than 9,500. Maybe so, but too much interior wear. And $80 large for a 62 Corvette with few options, no way. But truth be told, these 58 to 62 Corvettes are rising in value and for some unknown reason, 63 to 67s, are holding their own or dropping and not increasing as they have for the last 30 years. Probably due to all the fakes and smashed cars put together with one piece front ends and restamped engines. Paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork. Remember, document the documentation.

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  22. Jack Quantrill

    Didn’t this year/ motor have water pump problems?

  23. bob

    do you really think somebody that owned an original 9,500 mile car would let it get in that shape.

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  24. Alleycat11766

    …the most I offer is “a dollar two ninety…..

  25. Johnny

    . He might find himself like the gentleman in Ohio. Who tried to pass off the SPECIAL 64 CHEVELLE–in hot water facing jail time. For lieing about a car. Some Corvette expert will catch wind of this and they can tell right away. Since the paint is so nice–being original–it had to have been kept inside and the dash would also be in alot better shape then this. A non-original dash padding would make it alot better looking. Then the crap on it–even if it was not original. I myself would rather have that. I rememeber I was stationed at Ft Gordon ,Georgia and we had a drill instructor who had one. I took his picture in it. His was medium blue and white. Beautiful car. That was back in Feburary 1969

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