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Original 360: 1977 Dodge Monaco Crestwood Wagon

Parting with a classic car can be difficult, especially when the decision is essentially forced upon the owner. That seems to be the case for the owner of this 1977 Dodge Monaco Crestwood Wagon. They are relocating interstate and realize they can’t take this classic with them. Therefore, they have listed it for sale here on eBay. The Dodge is located in Morrison, Tennessee, and while it may not be perfect, its condition has allowed it to attract eighteen bids. These have pushed the price to $3,050, although this is short of the reserve. Barn Finder Larry D has used his well-developed classics radar to spot this gem for us, so thank you for that, Larry.

The seller is a Mopar enthusiast who is forced to downsize their vast collection of classics. This Monaco is one of those cars, and while they admit it isn’t perfect, its condition is respectable for a survivor-grade vehicle. Its Eggshell White paint holds a decent shine, although a color mismatch between the nose and the rest of the wagon could suggest that this section of the vehicle has been the recipient of a repaint. There is also a mismatch with the bumper fillers, and the buyer will probably address this at some point to achieve a uniform appearance. The color remains consistent across the rest of the vehicle, while the faux woodgrain has no significant problems beyond a spot on the tailgate where it appears that a badge is missing. The panels are straight, and exterior rust seems confined to some which may be developing under the rear side windows. It doesn’t look bad, and catching it before it deteriorates further may prove a wise move. However, there is evidence of rust on areas like the door hinges, so an in-person inspection could be warranted. The underside shots reveal areas of scaly surface corrosion but no evidence of penetration. With the trim and glass in good order, it appears that it won’t take much time or money to lift this classic’s presentation to a higher level.

The Dodge’s interior presents well for a vehicle of this type and age, although it has a few shortcomings. There is a rip on the outer edge of the driver’s seat, but the remaining Blue vinyl upholstery looks okay. The carpet has moved under the driver’s feet and shows some wear and marks. Moving it back into position and performing a deep clean would potentially address those issues. There are enough dirty marks across other locations that would justify a few days in a home workshop with some high-quality cleaning products if the next owner wants the interior to sparkle. This is particularly true of the rear cargo area, which exhibits much of the wear and tear that is common for family station wagons. The carpet in that area is damaged, which could be enough to motivate the buyer to invest in a complete carpet set. Some of the “plastic-chrome” on the door trims is losing its chrome, and since this doesn’t usually respond to glue, the buyer will either face sourcing replacement pieces or peeling away the chrome entirely. There is no third-row seating, but the rear power window and two-way tailgate add to the Monaco’s versatility. It also features air conditioning that blows hot and a radio/cassette player that is a hit-or-miss proposition. As with the exterior, this aspect of the Dodge would appear to need more time than money to present at a decent level.

Lifting the hood reveals a 360ci V8, with the rest of this classic’s drivetrain including a three-speed TorqueFlite transmission, power steering, and power brakes. That V8 would have produced 155hp in its prime, which was enough to propel the wagon through the ¼ mile in 20.1 seconds. The seller upgraded this motor from its original 2-barrel form by adding a Holley 4-barrel. That will have unleashed a few additional ponies, which would be welcome in a vehicle tipping the scales at 4,330lbs. The seller says that this Monaco runs like a top, but they admit it has a few shortcomings. The tires have plenty of tread and look okay, although, with a date code of 1998, they are beyond their best and should go before the buyer attempts any longer journeys. The exhaust is like Swiss cheese, with the seller describing it as sounding like a pro-stock race car! A new exhaust will be on the shopping list, and, as the seller points out, it would be an ideal opportunity to swap to a dual system for a nice bass rumble. Otherwise, a thorough inspection may be all that is needed before this Dodge hits the road for some summer adventures.

While the bidding on this 1977 Dodge Monaco Crestwood Station Wagon has been respectable, it hasn’t been as intense as I would usually expect. Large station wagons remain popular in the classic market because manufacturers don’t offer new alternatives within their product range. This gentle giant isn’t perfect, but lifting its presentation to a higher level is something the next owner could achieve in a home workshop. It may not have reached the heights I would expect at this point, but I won’t be surprised if it crawls to $10,000 before the auction ends. If it sells for less, it could be a bargain buy.


  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    The exterior & engine bay shots look like two
    different cars.You’d think the seller would detail the
    engine compartment,or pay a shop to do it.

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  2. Troy

    Not bad for something that is just a driver not a showpiece, bidding is over $5k and still hasn’t hit the reserve wonder what day dream price is

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  3. Michael Berkemeier

    I bet the owner and their entire family are so broken up about having to sell this dreamboat of an automobile. Simply heartbreaking. The decision to part with this heirloom being forced upon the poor owner…utterly heartwrenching, I’m crying as I write this. Unbelieveable that a family should be so torn apart by having to go through such an awful, traumatic even by no choice of their own and have no control over such a thing.

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    • Pleease

      I assume it’s the Griswold family, right?

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    • Bick Banter

      Until they go to fill it up for the last time. Then they will happily jump up-and-down at the wisdom of their decision and go to Applebee’s for a celebratory dinner.

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  4. oldeconoline

    One of my favorite wagons to find in a wrecking yard back in the day. Why? We built custom vans and that slick wind deflector on the roof looked great on the roof of a van. I would love to find one now as I still build custom vans.

  5. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $6,100.

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