Original 426 Street Wedge Four-Speed! 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

With a profile recalling a factory altered-wheelbase dragster, this 1964 Plymouth Belvedere in Roanoke, Illinois comes to market as a genuine four-speed 426 Street Wedge car. The listing here on eBay shows a never-restored and highly original coupe that maintains its factory engine and four-speed transmission. At press time the Plymouth awaits an opening bid of $9000. Considering this car’s condition and provenance compared to other muscular Mopars we’ve seen, that opening-bid challenge will be met.

Though less radical than the dual-carb 425 HP “Max Wedge” 426 (7.0L) V8, Chrysler’s Street Wedge made a potent 365 HP and 470 lb-ft of torque. Stored “since the ’90s,” this Belvedere runs and drives, a big plus when considering a somewhat rare muscle car. The engine compartment shows the original color. I vote Dark Turquoise, one of three flavors of Turquoise available in ’64.

Gear-heads identify these Belvederes from afar by their interesting C-pillar design. Only the two-door hardtop boasts this interesting feature. I’ve never driven one, but pinching the pillar’s base to a point should minimize your blind spot. That said, the power to pass someone, whether they want you to or not, makes a highly valuable safety feature. My friend Michael says “In certain situations, some people can only apply the brakes, where I can choose to hit the gas.” Buyers might have ordered a Street Wedge for trailer-towing, but Chrysler offered them to stand up against Pontiac’s new-for-’64 GTO and other hot drag-racing competitors, and for bragging rights in the everyday stoplight Gran Prix.

Once inside, there’s not much visual excitement. My ’66 Coronet had nearly the same upholstery and color. For many motor-heads, the thought of unleashing the Wedge motor with three pedals and that bent floor-shifter renders Viagra unnecessary. No way did this car live its entire life with no tachometer! There’s probably wear marks on the steering column from the aftermarket tach strap. Decades ago I favored the later ’60s muscle cars, but as I mature, these earlier and less-flamboyant bruisers really catch my eye. What would you give for this sweet early muscle-car?

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  1. JimmyJ

    Oh ya! This is what it’s all about😄

  2. Bud

    Barn Finds is hooking us up today . This and the 427 Impala are the best ones in awhile .

  3. Camaro Joe

    Dad bought Mom a 65 Dodge Coronet in 1968. 383 / Torqueflite, I “borrowed” it a lot and ran against 396/325 HP Chevelles and 400 GTO’s in the day. Fords weren’t a problem, I just beat them. I won more than I lost. But in those days the cars had 800 x 14 tires, so driver skill was a big part of it.

    That car went away in late 1969, but it was one of those “I’m gonn’a have another one some day.” I got a “never in salt” 65 Plymouth Belvedere I got from DAD in 1981. I still have it

    • Jost

      T hats a really nice find…joe , you’re lucky that you were able to keep the belvedere

  4. R Soul

    Brings back memories of my first car. A red on red 1964 318 Fury, with push botton automatic. My first tune up , I found out it was basically running on seven cylinders. It wasn’t much… But it beat walking.

  5. Snotty

    Love that 64-65 C pillar in 66, same C pillar but different rear glass.

  6. Snotty

    Love that 64-65 C pillar, in 66 same C pillar but different rear glass.

  7. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Runs and drives – matching motor and trans – and a pretty good loooking body -at an opening bid of $9000 this beats to hell a lot of contenders……..

  8. Troy s

    The Mo in Mopar! Wicked looking cars, I picture it with skinny tires up front on torque thrust wheels and black steelies in the back with cheater slicks, open full length headers crackling away causing the ears to ring, all that good old stuff! Nice!


      That’s is one heavy duty beast. Raw and brutal with no BS. that color is weird though.

    • Zorro

      “Cheater Slicks” Wow, I haven’t heard that term in forty years! LOL

  9. TimM

    This car is sick!!! What a sleeper!! No stripes, body emblems, skinny little tires and a look like grandmas car!!! Seems like a deal for 9k if it goes for that!!

  10. SMDA

    Buddy of mine had a 65 with a poly 318, great car, never longed for a big block. One of the nicer designs too.

  11. Howard A Member

    Cool car, but these people are watching too many auctions.

  12. FordGuy1972

    An absolutely fantastic car, one that should get every MOPAR fanatic’s heart racing! Love the color, I’d certainly re-paint it in it’s original hue. Give it the interior work it deserves and you’ll have a stunner, inside and out. Got to think this desirable car will bring serious money once the bidding gets going.

  13. jerry z

    Those three numbers, 426, makes any hot rodder happy! Doesn’t matter if it’s a street or max wedge, this engine hooked up to a 4 speed is a joy ride in the making! I want!

  14. Dave

    The 426 wedge gave way to the 440 once Chrysler developed the Hemi, but why the Hemi didn’t get bored out to 440 eluded me.
    I can’t recall the 426 showing up in any of the Chrysler luxury offerings of the few years the Street Wedge was offered. They stuck with the 413 until the 440 replaced it in 1965 or 1966.
    If I remember my old Chilton books the 413, 426, and 440 all share the same stroke, 3.75″?
    Most of these were wrecked or blown up, that’s why this survivor amazes me. I wouldn’t beat on it and would probably clean it up and just drive it. It doesn’t have a radical cam and if it doesn’t overheat would be a nice driver.

    And with no bids and one day left someone’s going to get a good deal or get sniped at the end.

    • Troy s

      Cubic inch limits in certain organized racing were maxed at 430, that’s why the Hemi was never any bigger., same with the 426 max wedge, 427 side oiler Ford and 427 SOHC, 427 Chevy and so forth.


    I had a 65 Satellite, that I wish I still had. Mine had the bb 361, gobs of torque, it loved to burn rubber. Pretty sure the 361, is the same block as the 383/440, but shorter stroke.
    Would love to have this Belvedere, and 9k seems like a good price… but located in Illinois, rust alarms, going off in my head. Pictures look great though. What a fun ride.

    • Terry Bowman

      Braktrcr, the 383(big block) and 440(raised big blocks) are not the same. 440 and up are, not including the 426 Hemi, that is also different.

  16. Seamus8491

    Just as TimM says above:

    S L E E P E R

  17. Kelly Mann

    This Mopar car dealer has always had used muscle cars; Vipers, Hellcats, etc.

  18. Del

    One sweet Mopar with rare factory drive train and she runs !!!

  19. Dave

    No bids and the auction ended.

  20. Del

    Maybe front clip replaced ?

    My appraiser said it needs to much work to bring back

  21. Paolo

    Always wanted one. When I was a kid some neighbors up the street had a black 64 Fury convertible and a white 64 Belvedere hardtop.


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