Last Driven in ’87: 1968 Datsun 1600 Roadster

Despite being found in a garage in Connecticut, this 1968 Datsun 1600 Roadster is supposedly solid and even still runs despite sitting since 1987. The Datsun “Fairlady” always seems to hover between being a collectible and an eminently available… more»

Fast Finds

426 Race Hemi: 1968 Dodge Charger

Parked in this workshop is a 1968 Dodge Charger that has a lot to offer its next owner. Every aspect of the vehicle presents beautifully, but it is what is hiding under the hood that sees this classic raise… more»

Final Year Knucklehead: 1947 Harley-Davidson Model F

If I were a betting man, I would be willing to wager that the person who eventually buys this 1947 Harley-Davidson Model F will do their utmost to preserve it as an original survivor. It is easy to see… more»

Fuel Injected 327: 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

This 1963 Corvette Convertible is a tidy survivor ready to be enjoyed by a lucky new owner. It might not be 100% original, but the right buyer might be able to return it to that state. The owner has… more»

Mom’s Turbo Barn Find: 1989 Ford Probe GT

The Ford Probe GT is a cheap classic that will likely continue to appreciate mildly as 80s hot hatches become both more desirable and harder to find. The Probe came in a few flavors, with the later models equipped… more»

7K Original Miles: 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

Lately, I find myself watching the chase scenes from the original version of The Blues Brothers, which then prompted me to research just how realistic the scenes were that depicted the Dodge Monaco edging past 100 miles per hour… more»

1987 Oldsmobile 442 With 7,000 Genuine Miles!

The 1987 model year marked the end of an era for American performance car enthusiasts. It would mark the final for production of the Oldsmobile 442 in rear-wheel-drive form. The company would revive the badge in 1990 and attach… more»

Supercharged Find: 1963 Volkswagen Beetle

This nice example of a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle has a little surprise waiting under the hood. The car is located in Chatham, Illinois, just south of the state capital in Springfield, and it’s up for auction here on eBay…. more»

All Original: 1948 Harley-Davidson EL Panhead

This 1948 Harley-Davidson EL has recently been liberated from a private collection, and the owner has returned it to a state where it runs and drives. The buyer will need to make a few choices. It appears that getting… more»

4X4 5-Speed! 1994 Jeep Cherokee

A Jeep Cherokee XJ, like this 1994 example is one of my favorite cars. I owned one for twenty-six years and drove it 325K miles – it never let me down! They’re primitive but functional vehicles. An everyday sight… more»

Supercharged V8: 1988 Ford Mustang LX

As the values of 1st Generation Mustangs continue to skyrocket, many enthusiasts have turned their attention towards the Fox-Body examples. These were a sales success when they were new, and good examples generate plenty of interest when they hit… more»

Off Road Project: 1969 International Harvester Scout 800A

This 1969 International Harvester Scout 800A is located in Paris, Kentucky. The 4×4 Scout is listed for auction here on eBay. It is currently bid to $3,750 and the reserve has not been met. The seller states that he… more»

428 V8 Project: 1969 Ford Torino Cobra

The Torino name was poised to replace the Fairlane, but it was a gradual phase in beginning in 1968. Things got hotter the next year with the introduction of the Cobra, in hardtop and “Sportsroof” body styles (the latter… more»

5,269 Miles: 1988 Mazda RX7 Turbo 10th Anniversary

One of the biggest automotive trends of the 1980s was to produce a limited-edition Japanese sports car (or family sedan) and paint it white, and then color-match everything. Monochromatic was the name of the game, and from the Mazda… more»

383/4-Speed: 1967 Plymouth Belvedere

For many classic car enthusiasts, one of the questions to answer when planning to restore a car is whether to make it show quality or driver quality. This car has received many upgrades to the mechanics and interior, but… more»

One of a Kind! 1957 Astro Sled Bubbletop

This is a one-off, professionally built hot rod done as a tribute to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and other 1960s vintage show rods. Roth was well-known to hot rod enthusiasts as the hobby’s “most extreme beatnik” who made numerous… more»