30 Years Owned: 1987 Ferrari Testarossa

The seller of this 30,700 mile Bianco 1987 Ferrari Testarossa notes he purchased it from the longtime second owner who has owned it since 1990. Binaco, otherwise known as white, is a rare color for a Testarossa of any… more»

No Reserve Fastback Project: 1967 Ford Mustang

Here’s a 1967 Ford Mustang that we only get three sentences of information on from the seller, along with just nine photos from the actual car plus an additional picture of paperwork from when it was originally purchased on… more»

SS 454: 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle

When GM went to the colonnade body style, many enthusiasts were not happy with the huge bumpers and bulky looks. Flash forward 50 years and these cars are gaining interest. This example is particularly interesting because it is a… more»

Dennis Collins Featured: 1976 Pontiac Trans Am

The last year for the Pontiac Trans Am to be produced with the 455 cubic inch V8 engine was 1976. This project car is located in Belton, Texas south of Dallas. It is listed here on Craigslist for $7,500…. more»

Rare HO: 1980 International Scout CVI

Over 500,000 Scouts were produced from 1960 to 1980. It was one of the first SUVs with rugged looks and 4WD. This example is a 1980 International Harvester Scout II CVI. The “CVI” stands for Custom Vehicles Incorporated, a… more»

Long-Term Owner: 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

For a classic car to provide the best return as a long-term investment, it typically has to be an exceptionally well-preserved survivor or meticulously restored, utilizing as many original or genuine components as possible. That poses the question: How… more»

1985 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Station Wagon

Ford offered its two full-sized LTD-based station wagons in two flavors, a full-tilt LTD Country Squire wagon with woodgrain panels on the exterior, and a clean version known as the LTD Crown Victoria Wagon. That’s what’s on tap here,… more»

383/4-Speed! 1966 Dodge Coronet 500

Before the days of the Dodge Super Bee, and its cousin, the Plymouth Road Runner, Mopar offered similar performance options, as found in those two models, in such cars as today’s Mascot, Tennessee-domiciled 1966 Dodge Coronet 500. This one… more»

10,220 Miles! 1969 American Motors Rambler 440

Most of us know the Rambler American, a car that came in three generations with three distinctive designs. The last generation was a sleek car, at least when compared to the first two somewhat stodgy designs, and it had… more»

Forest Finds: Barn Find Collection in Louisiana

Project car owners must believe they will live forever, given how many listings we see like these each year for an assortment of vehicles that otherwise appear abandoned. The listing today comes from an area that can only be… more»

2 Owner Car: 1984 Toyota Celica GT

1980s Japanese sports coupes represent a demographic of vehicles many of us have a connection to, even if we never actually drove one. The number of friends in high school who drove a beater, or work colleagues who purchased… more»

Rumble Seat! 1939 Ford De Luxe Convertible

Ford’s De Luxe series arrived in 1938, expanding the selection of vehicles to suit buyers’ economic circumstances. Where once Henry offered mechanically identical Model As clothed in a multitude of body styles, now differentiation occurred under the skin too…. more»

Rare Redbird: 1978 Pontiac Firebird

Most car enthusiast are aware of Pontiac’s long history of performance cars. Older enthusiast remember the introduction of the GTO and other enthusiasts are fans of the Trans Am. Many are unaware that Pontiac offered the Firebird in a… more»

Nose Job: 1976/1977 Pontiac Firebird

Here is a two for one project. Located in Devine, Texas just south of San Antonio, are two Pontiac Firebirds, a 1976 and 1977 model. The white Firebird is a 1976 Pontiac Firebird with a 1970-1973 front end. The… more»

Two-Owner 37k-Mile 1973 AMC Javelin

While AMC never reached the success level to raise the number to a 4 in The Big 3, they did produce some fun offerings for the period even though a few of them were a bit on the quirky… more»

Garage-Kept Survivor: 1967 Pontiac Firebird

Many classics from the 1960s were modified during the 1970s and 1980s. This was understandable, as their plentiful numbers made them cheap to buy while bolting on bigger wheels or mechanical upgrades was made easy due to the availability… more»